“(Training) Young people as agents of change in their communities” 

has been part of civic education in North America for 40 years, present at school, in public and media. In action, it means changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture, often at record scale and outperforming adult organizations.

It’s exactly what the world needs, what makes our hearts sing, and trains an entire young generation as able, active, caring citizens of the emerging collaborative society. Rejoice, learn more about it and be part, activate  youth around you.

We make it simple, swift, enjoyable and rewarding!

If my generation is to face the great challenges we are about to inherit, service needs to be a bigger part of our education.
Madi, 10, LemonAID Warriors

§1 The Purpose of Schooling

The purpose of schooling is to unfold all of students’ precious talents, and to nurture an excellent degree of faculty of judgement, sound knowledge and skills.

The goal has to be the education of personalities that are able to strongly resist the ideology of nazism and all political ideologies aiming at a rule of force, and to form societal life on the basis of democracy, peace, liberty, human dignity, gender equality, and in harmony with nature and environment.

These personalities must be aware of their responsibility towards the general public, and their demeanor must be defined by the recognition of equal rights for all people, the respect of all honest conviction, and the recognition of the necessity for continuous development of societal conditions, and the peaceful agreements between peoples.

Education Law, State of Berlin, Germany


How are adult generations doing ... after 70 years of 'subject teaching'?

Are you ready for the answer?



The solutions exist. Even the support networks are in place. The problem is, the people don’t know.

Ashoka CEO, Taellberg Forum 2009

Can you imagine that students grow up in real-time cooperation with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores?

The gamechanger are Changemaker Student Clubs that implement high impact solutions, change lives, laws, industry and learning culture at record pace – like their hero*ine peers around the planet – and with them.

Today’s young generation is different.

The idea is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been.

Adora, age 14

Emma and Julia have raised 500,000 books for 49 aboriginal fly-in communities that had no books but high rates of depression and suicide,

From age 13-18

Robyn has made 27 city councils declare their city a ‘Blue Community’ : water is public, a human right, bottled water is banned.

At age 13

Neha raises a monthly average of $15,000 to provide orphans in India with safe homes, friends, health, education, training.

Since age 9

Craig has action teams at 22,000 schools, healing local communities, raising millions for partner villages abroad, building fair trade bridges. It began with a 3 min talk in class, asking who will help, and 12 hands went up.

Since age 12

Xiuhtezcatl radiates Change Generation spirit through music, stops fracking, bans pesticides, sparks teams globally, trains peers, with special focus on indigenous and youth of color.

Since age 6

Babar started a school at age  9 to teach peers in poverty what he had learned in the morning. At age 18, he had 1,000 students. Today, his first students are teachers at his newly built school.

Since age 9

Rachel is Monsanto’s worst nightmare. Her epic talkshow battle slaying GMO backers has 11 mio views, ministers were forced to acknowledge studies on birth defects in soy cultivation regions, and that no government agency is in charge of GMO consumer safety.

Since age 13

At School, teens act as Changemaker Student Clubs

Gabrielle’s 4,000 volunteers have raised free, fresh food for the needy 10-fold in San Diego
started at age 12

Cassandra’s Turn-Grease-Into-Fuel turns used oils of 200 restaurants into biofuel, donates $200,000 of profits to social causes
started at age 10

Ana’s Watershed Warriors teach grade 5 biology units at 5 schools to restore a local river, from research to field trip
started at age 12

Meghana 3-D prints protheses for rural children in India for just $25 a piece and gets schools’ STEM courses involved
started at age 15

Sophie has built 27 gardens at pre-schools, to educate the children and feed their canteens
started at age 15

Alisha organizes creative arts and play sessions for children at homeless shelters, for skill development and shaping dreams
started at age 13

Role Models

form 80% of human behavior. They are your greatest asset in trans-formational learning.

Did you know?
Are you using it?

What happens when all youth at school grow up for 10 years with the stories of more than 100 hero*ines, and support or join their initiatives, and implement them locally? Can you imagine their skills and vision?
“Teachers and students agree. The exhibit was the best of the project day.”

“The most inspirational videos I have ever seen. They make me feel I want to get up and do something, too.”

“This should exist at every school.”

High Impact Student Clubs

… are no lame obligatory clubs “where you chill”.

Changemaker Students Clubs are formed with the intention to change lives, laws and industries. They unite youth on fire to do good for people and planet, set ambitious goals, and act with passion like “athletes”. Typical is a wide scope of causes, activities, partners, media work and FUN!

They are not for everybody. This is a special “sport”.

In North America, student clubs mean action! #MakeSchoolAwesome


Student Companies,
or Entrepreneurial Clubs,

as they are called in Scandinavia, are much appreciated by teachers and politicians. However, options to run relevant business ventures are rather limited, and little inspirational for many youth. In contrast, Social Business und Social Entrepreneurship offer a practically unlimited scope of causes, activities, partner constellations, use of art and creativity. And the experience of progress and impact is pure bliss!

NAMASTE NEPAL run holistic develop-ment programs for Gati, in the Himalaya, with schools, reforestation, health camp, new crops, and annual work visit. After an earthquake, only the school remained intact, as an icon of hope for the entire valley. NN are building schools in all 7 villages now, and call on you to join the adventure!


Youth / at school team up with adults

to take their solutions to inter/national scale.

Field Partners

We can help Raabia and rangers protect the Serengeti, support development programs, and ex-perience progress and success.


  • fundraising, activate partners
  • live meet-ups
  • bring in own ideas
  • achieve milestones
  • guest and volunteer visits



collaborate in real-time with youth and schools to wield their superpowers, spirit and TIME.

Youth benefit from superb skills, new friends, real adventures and living dreams.
  • Mary “Top 10 landscape designer of all time” boosts biodiversity with simple steps
  • Holly leads the global Stop Street Harassment campaign
  • Ocean plays with White Sharks and unites us to protect them
  • John restores devastated ecosystems
  • Polly and Jojo make Ecocide a Crime Against Peace
And youth love being part!

78% of Teachers

in WE Schools programs feel more fulfilled.

82% discover new leadership skills in their students.

89% of students experience higher self-confidence.

91% take action for their favorite causes.

“I would not be the person that I am today. My confidence, my relations with friends and family, my communication skills have dramatically improved.”
Cassandra Lin

T-G-I-F, President’s Environmental Youth Award


Such youth are rare on the planet. But whoever sees it loves it, and wishes to see it in their own city. All of us can learn from 40 years of know-how from North America, ace role models, ressources, methods and partners from 10 years of UNESCO’s World Decade Of Education For Sustainable Development.

Gettings started is simple

like with a new sport or music. One learns to feel the spirit, to use the instruments, wield basic moves. You practice playing humanity’s finest master pieces, and enjoy progress and achievements. One shares, inspires thousands via media, jams with others, freestyles, composes own projects and realizes them, supported by the inspired public #trythisathome



Stories, films, music, action!

“I knew that youth are doing stuff, but this is sensational!”


Newbies age 8+ can experience all essentials of youth leadership in an 8-step session series. Inspired youth can self-organize follow-up, equipped with 400+ actions and global changemaker community.

#1 inspiration
#2 instant actions
#3 project development
#4 inspire online
#5 inspire locally
#6 high impact starter actions
#7 positive news publication
#8 documentation
= scores a YL Course Badge
Over 90% of participants agree that Youth Leadership of this scale and spectrum is

  • new to them
  • highly inspirational
  • important for their generation
  • should exist at their school

An ONLINE TUTORIAL enables to guide the course

5+% are willing to join a team, for constant action

1 per class = 20-100 at a school

75+% are willing to get involved on occasion



for doing good for people and planet, of respect for hero*ines, shared priorities for life and our future, and willingness to contribute forms positive worldview and sparks a Changemaker Student Club respected by teachers and students. No longer will peers call caring youth eco-sluts or teachers tell them there was no time for this at school! Instead, the vast majority will join FUNdraisers, lifestyle challenges, and their favorite activities.


GIFT ONE to a school, a public library, a crisis region, refugee camp, community organizer in Africa, India …


Start with Flying Banners!
& Better World LearnSpaces

equips teachers, classes and student clubs with all they need to get inspired and inspire others for youth leadership, take instant actions and unfold a year-round stream of multi-faceted activities, with local allies and exciting partners all over the planet.

#BEMOREAWESOME Crash Course, exhibit poster set, LEARNSPACE XXL ambience posters, books, cardgames, speakers, project partners, Global SDG School Challenge manual & more

Play this music so you know what it feels like!

We unite all fired up youth and adults

to empower the Change Generation in their ways

aligned with their passion, profession and lifestyle


as friends crews, student clubs, warrior clans


from all walks of life, at home, workplace, public


teachers, journalists, public librarians, city councillors, civil society


spread the spirit locally


co-create our media as writers, translators, artists, coordinators


foundations, organizations, business, governments, publishers, institutions

The young generation is yearning for ways to make robust impact, and for help, hope, meaning, allies, opportunity to be awesome, protect and heal people and planet.

You now have resources and support to evoke cascading changes – backed by the world’s finest changemakers – and can activate 1,000s of people with simple steps.

Don’t wait. Activate yourself. We have a planet to save!