Do you wish to see a sense of pride, creativity, action and adventure among youth, dynamic projects at school, and that youth do projects with good impact on lives and land, connected with good people near and far?

Then make it happen.

We are delighted

to be so welcome in Bosnia-Herzegovina, since connecting Western and Eastern Europe for collaboration on youth leadership and rocking grand projects for people and planet is very dear to us. And what a spectacular, special place and people it is!

The VALUE for European schools, YL folks and youth teams is enormous and multi-faceted.

We can imagine to not only connect schools and youth for cooperation, but to organize our summer camps and coach trainings here and make it a YL Headquarter.

We work with youth, language schools, living museums, libraries, cafe etc. space owners entrepreneurs, embassies, politicians, organizations, hos/tels, citizen groups, yoga etc coaches, nature guides and more.

Do you wish to see youth inspired, enabled, equipped and supported to evoke diverse positive changes? Do you consider yourself, your resources and relations valuable for positive change? Connect and participate in ways that fits you, aligned with your focus and benefits.


YL Coaches Eric | NEIRA




NOV until 9 DECEMBER 2021

YL's Captain ERIC is in town

with a bucketful of tools, workshops, inspiration and on fire to add Sarajevo to the YL Map – also for WARRIOR SUMMER CAMPS for European youth.

This is the optimal chance to

  • learn of the NEW phenomenon of Youth Leadership
  • countless ways to be part and make changes
  • bring in one’s ideas, passion, initiatives
  • get training to activate various allies
  • hear magical stories

and to plan REAL BIG STUFF FAST for next year.











Our LearnPlanet Map features

  • YL Coaches
  • Magical Coaches
  • Changemakers
  • LearnSpaces
  • places of interest
  • LearnScapes


To seed stories

We need to reach many people – through books, flyers, poster exhibits, also online, in newsletters and media. It’s simple, fun and each inspired youth or adult can take activities sending ripple effects in their community.


for visual presence of hero*ines and action opportunities through YOUNG HERO*INES POSTER EXHIBITS, WORKSHOPS etc. This can be cafes, libraries, public squares, museums, offices, schools, riverfronts, parks, fests. These exhibits are excellent opportunity to invite all generations, specific user groups, add film and music, add stands, have conversations, add action calls, FUNdraisers for your favorite Project Partners and more. Seize the opportunity and get creative. We are here to help.

First Schools

We need schools that pick their favorites from stories / forming clubs / actions / projects / video-meeting hero*ines / form global partnerships, SDG School Challenge … Once their stories spread, more schools will join. At every school exist 3 teachers, students, parents that love this. There are international schools that embrace purpose, meaning, creative thinking, social entrepreneurship, Global Learning, sustainability, active citizenship, school partnerships and more. They can take it to a new level in contact with today’s young hero*ines and YL’s resources to enable youth to self-organize projects and learning journeys at school and beyond with rich benefits for their peers, school and greater communities. Please connect us with good teachers, youth, parents … all of them can get this started, like it’s being done at thousands of schools on Earth.

First Youth Teams

The first youth age 8 to 18 to take actions, give presentations, organize hero*ine video-meets, make impact and show up in news media will have wicked fun and look back at how they started a mass movement in Bosnia-Herzegovina connected with Europe and beyond – by doing what they love – aligned with your talent, favorite causes, passion, activities. We are with ya. Start on a little adventure, and if you love it, keep going and live like legends! 

Mayors and Councillors

Your overview of what works, your communication channels, your status as trusted moral authority and access to partners – in particular to schools and responsible entrepreneurs are key to promoting the vision to activate changemaker student clubs and teen hero*ines like in North America, since everybody peaceful youth, healthy hearts, uplifiting public spaces, creative, dynamic people and able active caring citizens that love their land, solve past and coming problems with quality global relations … let us work towards every good governor’s dream.


These stories, calls and opportunities make positive news, nurture mental health, active citizenry, reader involvement, action, citizen and youth journalism, collaborations and add sense of purpose among your staff. Connect with us, our partners, our emerging stream of stories and set a new standard in your country.

Program Partners.

We need able partners and spaces to anchor and cultivate youth leadership and very micro, short-term, targeted funds to seed stories, media sets, create visible presence through exhibits and possibly equip inspired youth teams for first activities. This can be embassies, but also living museums, culture centres, public libraries etc that have youth-, leadership-, citizenship-, ESD- and SDG- oriented programs and seek to see more relevant impact on youth, lives and land. You know your resources, plans, what your funding programs focus on and you know what you would love to see happen to better achieve your societal purpose and professional aspirations.


We can align with your priorities

… with specific topics, causes, times of the year, occasions, regions … since we know from 100s of hero*ine interviews that the true power of changemaking lies in combining our idealism with what we subjectively love doing.

This is when we powerfully stand in our truth, WANT things to happen and keep driving it bigger because we ENJOY every step. 

The lack of that is the reason why so many funded activities are lukewarm, short-lived, not adopted by people and lack tangible impact on lives and land. We consider those useless. So, decide what you truly care for and want to see – and then we rock hard towards it. #bemoreawesome

A Partner NGO, Mayor, Institution

that wish to see youth leadership, partnerships and a Positive News Magazine for BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA thrive and want Eric to stay in Sarajevo to initiate this from December until February 2022

by hiring* Eric as consultant and partner and arrange a permit  to stay. No payment required.


to print and distribute stories in diverse format to spread the spirit and to facilitate some encounters, coachings and visits to rural places of interest


We are in Sarajevo until Eric’s 90 day tourist stay expires on 7 December.

So why not work in more BALKAN countries?

Invite us to your country. All we need is a decent room, warmth, internet and people that support our dear vision!

Take Part!

A. BE PART. Connect with YL and follow what’s going on, discover step by step what many opportunities you have in the global network

B. CONTRIBUTE swift and easy. Surveys. Feedback. Mapping. Ideas on potentials.



Do Something.

Organize activities that make an impact. Pick your favorites!

Are you on fire

to see true change in your region and see real high impact youth, student clubs and worthy allies appear?

Then let the passion flow for some weeks or months and observe what comes out as you use a mix of simple tools, your ideas, our suggestions and what appears on the way. Scout. Pioneer. Pilot. Every step makes a relevant difference for people you meet and our global network. If you care, you cannot fail. All that you do is the best that can happen NOW. So do it.