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and take action attuned to your lifestyle; a little, on occasion or full-time.


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Big world change. Claro. That’s more than a christmas cookie sale.

Kicking off and sustaining a year-round stream of multifaceted action requires causes, solutions, tools, tricks and support. This naturally builds community, allies, skills, media presence, a snowball effect.

Passion is the foundation, the changemaker’s engine. But empty-handed, nothing much happens. Like in sports and music, you need turfs, balls, instruments to play, matchdates, partners and audience. Today’s HeroInes obviously demonstrate feasible, high impact ballplay. That’s why we collect their tools, tricks, tactics for you and say : simply do what they do. Then, mix their magics, add your freestyle moves. Evoke fireworks of change. You cannot fail.

Here’s our big, fat magic trick. We align with UN Theme Days of the month to structure the vast scope of causes and use the occasion to connect with local allies (teachers, organizations, media) for greater reach and impact. Makes sense, right? For each day’s topic, there’s outstanding heroInes which defines the common sense priority mission : support, replicate and adapt their model solutions. Makes sense, right? We meet them live, too, for epic fun, celebrations and planning what’s next. Vivid documentation of your activities for our, social and news media naturally grows the movement. It’s simple. Now let’s just do it. Join the party!



  • Festival celebration at school
  • and for younger kids elsewhere
  • add fundraiser for Pooja’s micro school
  • Raabia Hawa – Walk With Rangers : fundraiser, excursion
  • Avalon Theisen – Protect Ecosystems : mini-habitats, excursions
  • One More Generation – Stop Sucking, ban straws
  • Bye Bye Plastic Bags – Clean up, change laws
  • Nellie Shute – Ban Ivory
  • John Griffith – iNaturalist Excursion
  • Ocean Ramsey & Riley Elliot – Save Our Sharks
  • Poster Exhibit : Save Our Sharks
  • Lifestyle Challenge : Plant-based Diet
  • Lifestyle Challenge : A Month Without Plastic


  • Chrissie Fire Mane – Liberated Feminine
  • Holly Kearl – Stop Street Harassment
  • Peace With Our Bodies – Looks, Moontime, Sensuality
  • Nidhi Ghauran – SHE
  • Raumati – Sacred Motherhood
  • Social Experiment : Uplifting Our Sisters, Daughters of the Divine
  • Acro Yoga


  • Molly Burke – No Bullying
  • Nick Vujicic – No Worries
  • Jen Rubino – Cards for Hospitalized Kids
  • Adora Svitak – Re-define Youth
  • Lactatia – Be free, wild, creative
  • Kid President – Stop Being Boring, Be More Awesome
  • Lifestyle Challenge : No Cussing Day
  • Lifestyle Challenge : Drop Fashion Conventions
  • Social Experiment : Say Something Nice
  • Free Hugs – in public space
  • Robyn Hamlyn – Blue Community Resolution at City Level
  • Blue School – Water Fountain, Ban Plastic Bottles, Exhibit
  • River Clean-up
  • Autumn Peltier – Sacred Water Ceremonies
  • Water Pollution – Fire Up Lifestyle Change! Filmfest (cosmetics, pesticides, pill…)
  • Poster Exhibit : The (Battle of) Bentley Blockade Roadmap (No Fracking)
  • Music : Holley Somerville-Know “CSG No Way” & Earth Guardians Music “What The Frack”


  • Traditional Celebrations
  • Dream Up and Perform Sacred Celebration of Harmony of 2


  • Abbie Barnes – Spend Time In The Wild – Overnight Film Documentary
  • Project Orangs – Campaign against Palm Oil
  • Fundraise for Health in Harmony
  • Grandpa Oyster – Forests and Rivers : clean-up, campaign, reforest
  • Coralganics – Create Show Video on Harmful Ingredients
  • Lifestyle Challenge : Month Without Palm Oil
  • Social Experiment : Mystery Day Out (Swamps)
  • Incredible Edible – Create Edible Landscapes and Food Forests

A WEEK in the life of a YL Club with 2 members per class = 50 members, teaming up for favorite causes


Poster Exhibit : Save Our Sharks

Multimedia Exhibit – involve students in week’s actions

Ocean Ramsey & Riley Elliot
One More Generation
Bye Bye Plastic Bags
Lifestyle Challenge : Month Without Plastics


Bake & Lemonaid Sale
Avalon Theisen
Lifestyle Challenge : Plant-Based Diet
Raabia Hawa
Video Meet : Raabia Hawa

UN Day Livestream with schools across timezones; join Q&A, surprise with $500 donation and photos of Big Wildlife mural


Bake & Lemonaid Sale
HOLI Festival Celebration


Bake & Lemonaid Sale

at farmer’s market, stand with info materials

  • invite local organizations
  • host micro-round table on local wildlife
  • media interview : local challenges
FUNDRAISER : Boost! Raabia's Walk With Rangers
  • team 1 : at farmers market
    + livestream Round Table meeting
  • team 2 : pedestrian zone
    + add FREE HUGS


Philanthro-Party : Prepare for Holi
Media @ Flashmob : Month Without Plastics

Flashmob in town, Theatre Walk-Acts Plastic Trash Costumes designed last week from troop’s month-long plastic consumption

Nellie Shute

Club : Study, research regional status, plan action

Radio Interview : HOLI Family Fest for Kids
Acro Yoga Jam

prep for trainers for upcoming Women’s Week

Philanthro-Party : HOLI for Kids
FUNDRAISER : Boost! Pooja's Micro School
Radio Interview : Raabia Hawa Fundraiser
Weekly District Clubs & Clans Meeting

@ Kater Holtzig Beachfront 17h00-20h00 

  • 50% OFF drinks
  • FREE treat baskets by Glutenfree Bakery, Merrygarden and KonsumKolletiv
  • costumes welcome

tickets eventbrite : 182 confirmed

FUNDRAISER : Boost! Raabia's Walk With Rangers
  • team 3 : globetrotter shop
    + propose YL Wildlife HeroInes Poster Exhibit
    + propose Boost! Club Sales Point
John Griffith : iNaturalist Excursion

track migrating bird species at nearby river wetlands

John Griffith : BioBlitz Dance!
  • unleash your dance moves in nature
    + Ruby brings pro camera for recording
    + Tyan brings boombox
Avalon Theisen : Build Micro Backyard Habitat

for Frogs and Butterflies

  • Kayulah’s family home
  • resources are onsite


Video Meet : Nellie Shute

detail questions

Sleep-Over Philanthro-Party at Kayulah's House
  • celebrating Micro Backyard Habitat


  • books
  • games
  • toys
  • puppets, teddy bears…

for HAPPINESS DAY donations in Week 4