YL’s Change Generation Rising program is the most comprehensive youth leadership program, with a vast lot of tools, methods, services and community far beyond any other, – but this doesn’t mean we keep members from joining others. On the contrary! We partner win-win with others, support their campaigns, promote their offers, services, events, and integrate their best practices for empowering young people everywhere.

Organizations usually don’t do this, right? They keep to themselves, re-inventing wheels, just for themselves. We consider that a grave weakness, limiting our aspirations, efficiency, actually betraying our values. We believe in living one’s creativity while also taking master wheels, learning master magic to make impact Speedrun style. Check out how it can help you – for FREE.

We encourage YL Warriors, Youth Teams, Clubs

  • to join other organizations
  • boost their reach and impact
  • immerse themselves in their spirit
  • learn and wield their superpowers
  • and bring in their own multi-level skills

We do

  • join events
  • take action for others’ causes and campaigns

Every organization naturally has a focus.

For dynamic youth, there can be moments that you feel

  • I’d like to act on other causes
  • I want to act, but feel empty-handed
  • We should run way more funky campaigns
  • Do I have to ask for permission every time?
  • I raise awareness, but I want to see real change
  • We have a message to youth, but are not present at schools
  • I’d like to do the epic stuff they do in city XYZ, but don’t know how
  • We are a dozen awesome youth, but we need cool adults to help us
  • Students are inspired, but how can I train them to develop projects?
  • My teacher invites my contributions, but I don’t know how
  • We have an ace student club, but are invisible at school
  • We need money. How do others raise so much?
  • It would be cool to get mentors, but how do we get to them?
  • I know more people would support, if they just knew. How do I get into media?
  • My parents bug me. How can my activism boost my CV?

And that’s okay, since as a human with a vision and drive to create a better world, you are more than ‘a member’. This should not have to lead to quit an organization, but instead – how can we live all our passions, experience several “sports”, “music”, upgrade ourselves, and bring in my killer skills to different teams?

The table below shows CG Rising features next to the focus programs of the world’s finest organizations led by true world champions in terms of inspiring, involving and empowering millions. Together, they have almost 20,000 crews globally. Maybe you are a member?

The list shows foci, strenghts, and where you could strenghten your presence and performance, using tools and services of CG RISING.

You can tell that major areas are

  • number of hero role models / mentors
  • accessibility, Live meetings
  • scope of causes
  • transformational solutions
  • high impact on lives, laws, industries, learning culture
  • tools, packages, services
  • involve adults, teachers
  • access to schools
  • presence in schools
  • own media presence
  • level of self/organization
  • level of liberty to bring in own initiatives
  • status as charity to receive donations

and these are the critical ones for evoking real changes in society – or not. Well, that’s why YL and CGRISING have been designed for empowering the young generation and their adult allies. Did we mention – It’s Free.