Common Aspirations

They like

  • to do good, give back for society
  • to see ripple effects
  • to see empowered sovereign recipients
  • dynamic, flexible social entrepreneurs
  • positive media presence
  • intrapreneurship
  • creative, positive customer relations
  • a mentally healthy workforce
  • uplifting ambience in the workplace
  • doing good for people in poor regions
  • doing good in the local neighborhood

They enjoy

  • a creative challenge
  • helping with more than money – also in-kind, with competence, know-how, skills, services
  • multiplex projects, options, milestones
  • meeting recipients
  • good, unusual team-building activities
  • interdisciplinary, intersectorial, international ventures
  • working with networks
  • creating win-win benefits
  • youth entrepreneurship
  • helping gifted youth unfold their talents
  • funding good school projects
  • involve their own children

Common Difficulties

Find uncomplicated opportunities to

  • connect with hero*ines
  • have a conversation with changemakers
  • bring in own ideas
  • make real impact on lives and land
  • concrete to-do’s, goals and milestones
  • contribute in-kind
  • swift results
  • vividly document, visible online
  • vivid photos, films, stories to tell
  • stable internet, quick communication
  • visit changemakers, for fun & adventure!
  • do exciting philanthropic events

all of which is needed to inspire staff, donors, customers, media and to close the loop for a rewarding experience for donors so they love what they did and enjoy asking “what’s next”.

Opportunities to 

  • boost local youth leadership
  • find able activated local youth
  • gain friendly, trusted access to schools
  • do non-formal temporary projects
  • combine projects and learning
  • collaborate with student clubs
  • do something exciting, impactful on SDGs
  • self-acquire skills with tutorials
  • gain materials, coaching, partners

and win trophies!

How Youth Leadership helps

Youth Leadership – “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years, which is why there exist thousands of amazing teenage changemakers as you get to discover in our Online Exhibit and Crash Course.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP means fired up brilliant youth with big hearts doing projects as their favorite sport with fierce passion, grit and full-time like athletes! These 12 to 17 year olds have wit, heart, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborate with good-hearted people in all strata of society. 

Their straightforward activities change lives and land for the better, and are embraced by all citizens. The concrete goals and liberty from clique, class, party affiliation and agendas is a blessing for everyone involved and opens up unusual opportunity for people in business to contribute their resources, skills and relations to creating the peace, joy and abundance near and far – by helping youth achieve their good aspirations – without interfering.


View what your young generation can do once they learn of their hero*ine peers. 

How YL helps

Whether you are a small business, a fashion boutique, market stand or organic grocery store, a big business with 100 employees or a luxury jet or cruise company … we help you add purpose and vocation to your professional life aligned with your creative entrepreneurial spirit, a dose of fun challenge, magic, adventure and options to ever think bigger and make waves in society. Life is not supposed to be boring, is it? Honorable small and big entrepreneurs’ dynamic entrepreneurial spirit is needed for positive change and we see you as family.

We offer you outstanding hero*ine stories with high impact solutions that impact many lives and shape futures of entire regions in formats to use in your business spaces as placemats (in cafes, canteens…), as brochures, as poster exhibits, stands, flyers, donation boxes, with films and music for ambience, to do donation drives and Philanthro-Parties, also aligned with occasions like UN Theme Days (water, girls, youth skills, radio, teachers and 45 more). You can support these hero*ines to reach next milestones through funds but also your knowhow, in-kind resources and relations. You can activate staff, customers, business partners, media, public and schools. These hero*ines are social entrepreneurs, which means they are creative, eloquent, flexible, versatile, able to respond to your ideas and capacities. They vividly document online providing you stories to become part of and share with your relations.

You can even go visit, participate in the project, interact with the real local people, and together we can evolve this bridge into your city’s personal purpose-driven eco-cultural holiday destination. If – inspired by this experience of changing thousands of lives – you seek to also tackle local problems, we can team you up with changemakers that have solutions, and once again with opportunity to activate local schools, media etc. Are you ready?

Every business is different. Explore YL Programs, let us know of your ideas and we’ll do something together. 


Popular YL Programs for Business People

Hero*ines Exhibit

on teenage changemakers, posters, music, films, optional stands, activities … in canteens, corridors, halls, newsletters

Crash Course

to introduce groups of adults to youth leadership, YL Programs + enable self-organized action

SDG Challenge

Take 1 action on all 17 SDGs, Pick from 200 actions of 50 hero*ines, win a Trophy!

YL LearnSpaces use XXL Posters that create ambience, flair and intention for positive change.

They fit in nicely in canteens, cafes, grocery stores … especially on occasions like UN Days, Earth Day, Peace Week, Christmas season …  to make positive change present year-round, so that staff and customers whose focus in your space is on work or shopping have time to discover it in their own time and plan ahead.

Action + Hero*ines

since role models shape 80% of human behavior


since positive change is about recultivating Paradise, inside AND outside

Boost Young Hero*ines

with funds, in-kind, see progress unfold

Project Partners

Team up with hero*ines to reach big milestones

Meet via Video

to celebrate achievements, gain insights, hear anecdotes, form bonds, plan what’s next

Pay Visits

to hero*ines as boss, family or staff work visit, view results, form bonds, plan what’s next, document, activate your relations!

Task Staff or Trainees

to develop campaigns to reach milestones or help in-kind

Involve crew families+customers

in Philanthro-Parties + reach to their children + their schools

Adopt a School

in your district or beyond. Gift media pack, guide a Crash Course, support on demand

Team up with a Youth Team

Help in-kind with resources, space, relations + join their activities, sponsor runs etc.

Sponsor Youth to attend YL Camp

or to visit Project Partners

The modules listed on this page are almost the same for CIVIL SOCIETY to take part – small groups or big organizations working to do good for girls, urban environment, your region’s lakes and forests, butterflies and migrating wildlife … ending violence, poverty, suffering, prostitution, organized crime …

How about you find like-hearted citizens near you activate in that field, get together and team up for what you care for – youth leadership and good impact on lives and land? 

Take these brochures home to browse youth leadership and YL Programs with ease.


We provide online and onsite trainings for individual and groups, on Youth Leadership Essentials and YL For You, also with focus on your context, focus topics and goals. Trainings enable self-organized follow-up action, use of YL Resources and Partners. We offer Certification as YL Coach, competence partner of RCE Ruhr, United Nations University (ESD, SDGs) and of LearnSpaces as National Youth Leadership Learning Centre.