Common Aspirations

Fired up by the wish to see improvement of people’s and nature’s well-being, civil society organization members wish for

  • that citizens to care and wield solutions
  • that youth to care and wield solutions
  • that news media report on positive change and engage their audiences
  • that positive action happens at schools
  • that people come to them

and they seek to

  • share their knowhow
  • teach practical skills
  • develop a love for natural-cultural heritage
  • develop a sense of stewardhip

and they love to help

  • fired up youth
  • caring parents, teachers, …
  • people in crisis / development conditions 

true to YES! slogan “giving all that we have and all we are on behalf of everything we love.”

Common Difficulties

  • reach into schools
  • inspire youth – tip: teen hero*ine role models, their authentic films, music 
  • collaborate with youth
  • exciting ways to step into action
  • swift relevant results
  • live the SDGs in action!

and become present

  • in public space
  • in news media
  • in schools

and the big ones

  • enable youth to self-organize actions
  • that change lives, land, laws, industries
  • create spectacular highlights – like hero*ine speakers meetings, summer camps

and connect “poor” with “rich, skilled” peers

  • twin local poor + rich youth teams / schools
  • establish partnership with schools “abroad”
  • organize 1- or 2-way youth exchanges

to create a learning pipeline for youth

How Youth Leadership helps

Youth Leadership – “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years, which is why there exist thousands of amazing teenage changemakers as you get to discover in our Online Exhibit and Crash Course.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP means fired up brilliant youth with big hearts doing projects as their favorite sport with fierce passion, grit and full-time like athletes! These 12 to 17 year olds have wit, heart, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborate with good-hearted people in all strata of society. Their straightforward activities change lives and land for the better, and are embraced by all citizens. And – they need no adult or NGO guidance, no permission or board meetings or millions of dollars.

There exist tools, tricks and 50 years of experience used at 20,000+ schools to awaken youth to live their innate noble values and unfold them to the max. The experience of achieving good and seeing children’s and animal’s eyes light up makes them incredibly positive, loving and joyful, which radiates on their peers, into mics and cameras.

Youth leadership in town boosts positive ambience and culture of active citizenship, in schools, public spaces and media. It also weaves bonds between youth at school and beyond with civil society since those youth sympathize with many causes and find NGO offices, knowhow and activities interesting to learn from and particpate in charitable and volunteer activities.

The role of adults

is to

1. inspire (BEST is through role model stories showing them what teens are rocking, letting them *feel* into it without talk talk talk of crisis and data)

2. to offer support on demand (infos, knowhow, contacts, in-kind) without interfering or telling them how to do better EVER

3. to offer training in practical activities for youth to wield; view YL’s Corona Academy and Magical Coaches for examples.

Many civil society organizations yet have to learn this passive supportive role … which is why there is no youth leadership in their regions!

These youth are *not* your members.

You SERVE them the best that humanity has to offer.

If you seek to awaken, enable, equip and support luminous young people to live their noble aspirations for people and planet while SERVING them, we love to help you achieve. 

View what your young generation can do once they learn of their hero*ine peers. 

How YL helps

We equip you with finest teen and adult hero*ine role models, each of which stands for a replicable high impact model solution, with 100s of proposed activities + options for support, coaching and partners. Posters, film and music clips help run inspirational presentations, enable inspired youth to self-organize as crew or student club connected with a global community of changemakers, set up poster exhibits and evolve them into LearnSpaces for youth to use as HeadQuarter to plan and realize projects. We also train citizens in youth leadership essentials and YL Programs with a YL Coach Certificate with status as competence partner of RCE Ruhr, United Nations University, a range of programs for use for Education for Sustainable Development ESD and the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, which creates common ground with schools and city, and we team up for projects with you.

Popular YL Programs for Civil Society

Hero*ines Exhibit

on teenage changemakers, posters, music, films, optional stands, activities … in public, museums, schools, parks …

Crash Course

to introduce groups of youth or adults to youth leadership, YL Programs + enable self-organized action

SDG Challenge

Take 1 action on all 17 SDGs, Pick from 200 actions of 50 hero*ines, win a Trophy!

Offer activated youth opportunity to learn more and do projects.

YL LearnSpaces use XXL Posters that create ambience, flair and intention for positive change.

They help you make positive change present year-round, so that your staff and customers have time to discover it at their right time or plan ahead… since their focus in your space is on work or shopping.

They fit in nicely in canteens, cafes, grocery stores … especially on occasions like UN Days, Earth Day week, Peace Week, Chrismas season … 

Action + Hero*ines

since role models shape 80% of human behavior


since positive change is about recultivating Paradise, inside AND outside

As civil society in a poor region

use YL tools and status to find allies that will help you reach your regional goals.

Team up with a middle class school

in your country’s cities, Europe, North America to fund your work, do projects, pay visits

Inspire youth and adults to use model solutions

used by hero*ines abroad

Meet hero*ines on video

that solve problems that exist in your region

As civil society in an affluent region

Interact with genius, wildly successful hero*ines and use their model solutions in your region.

Inspire youth and adults to use model solutions

used by hero*ines

Do projects in the community

such as edible community trees, clean-ups

Involve crew families+customers

in Philanthro-Parties + reach to their children + their schools

Project Partners

Team up with hero*ines and help them reach milestones

Meet via Video

to celebrate achievements, gain insights, hear anecdotes, form bonds, plan what’s next

Pay Visits

to hero*ines in Africa, India, view results, form bonds, plan what’s next, document, activate your relations!

Adopt a School

in your district or beyond. Gift media pack, guide a Crash Course, support on demand

Teach Youth Practical Skills

To source colors from plants, bee-keeping, vegan delights, photography …

Sponsor Youth to attend YL Camp

or to visit Project Partners

This makes impact abroad, shapes the future of regions.

This helps connect with local schools, citizens, creates media presence.

The experience of making big impact on many lives inspires your members and everybody involved to dream up big local goals, too, and realize them through action with FUN as you see in the shining faces of hero*ines on this page. All of this is new. Use it.

The modules listed on this page are almost the same for small and big BUSINESS to take part – from market stands, boutiques, grocery stores and family cafes to big companies.

How about you find like-hearted citizens near you activate in that field, get together and team up for what you care for – youth leadership and good impact on lives and land? 

Take these brochures home to browse youth leadership and YL Programs with ease.


We provide online and onsite trainings for individual and groups, on Youth Leadership Essentials and YL For You, also with focus on your context, focus topics and goals. Trainings enable self-organized follow-up action, use of YL Resources and Partners. We offer Certification as YL Coach, competence partner of RCE Ruhr, United Nations University (ESD, SDGs) and of LearnSpaces as National Youth Leadership Learning Centre.