Common Aspirations

Cultural Creatives understand themselves as driver of social life and innovation, also of personal healing. Today, in order to activate citizens to take their lives, city and future into their own hands, they seek to shift

  • from protests to projects
  • from healing myself to healing society
  • from expressing myself to help others express
  • from releasing pain and anger to feeling and expressing love
  • from the intangible realm inside to the tangible realm outside
  • from art being sufficient in itself to Art in Service to the great needs of our times and the Earth

and to weave the practice, the worldview, the deeper wisdom of culture and art into active citizenship, education, youth work, media, protection and restoration of cultural and natural heritage, identity, oneness with Earth, to make gatherings more FUN, enjoyable and memorable for all generations …

Common Difficulties

Culture-driven co-shaping of society has for 2,500 years to a great part focussed on ridiculing violent rulers to dissolve the people’s fear and admiration and erode the ruler’s power – with  satire, sarcasm, cynicism, blunt critique, smear attacks … with focus on the problem and evil doer as main agent of change (tweak rules, grant breadcrumbs). Today, change requires shift on the solution and citizens as agents of change who learn to wield genius solutions to heal themselves, the people and the land. Many Cultural Creatives yet face 

Lack of

  • understanding what does (not) work
  • people-powered model solutions
  • role models (musicians, artists, hero*ines)
  • methods with groups and communities
  • being seen by schools, civil society
  • being perceived as partners by youth
  • getting booked as partner in campaigns and projects of all sorts
  • partners that understand the role that arts and culture can play in internal and external change processes

in order to 

  • reach into schools
  • inspire youth – tip: teen hero*ine role models, their authentic films, music 
  • collaborate with youth


  • provide exciting ways to step into action
  • achieve swift relevant results
  • live SDGs in ACTION! changing lives and land
  • enable youth to self-organize follow-up activities after the cultural experience
  • contribute to local and global changes

How Youth Leadership helps

Youth Leadership – “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years, which is why there exist thousands of amazing teenage changemakers as you get to discover in our Online Exhibit and Crash Course.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP means fired up brilliant youth with big hearts doing projects as their favorite sport with fierce passion, grit and full-time like athletes! These 12 to 17 year olds have wit, heart, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborate with good-hearted people in all strata of society. Their straightforward activities change lives and land for the better, and are embraced by all citizens. 

Teenage hero*ines that do PROJECTS not protests masterfully embody Able Active Caring Citizenship with clarity of mind, fierce passion, grit, wit and genius with a good dose of silly … free from masks, political ideologies (all of which have failed) and dysfunctional trenchees that adults are trapped in – such as nature loving civil society VS business, finance and mafia … which helps Cultural Creatives see the New Human Model that succeeds in creating peace, bliss and abundance for others and has naturally integrated it in themselves already. They are perfect Protagonists … of stories to be told, to work with and to compose new chapters with.

View what your young generation can do once they learn of their hero*ine peers. 

How YL helps

We are easy-going folks working at the intersection of youth leadership, education, sustainability and regenerative sciences, positive news media and cultures. We are not boring and stiff. We have magic and so do our hero*ines. That’s why the kids love us.

We provide finest hero*ine stories with vivid photos, film and their amazing music. Our work is framed in ways that fit education, SDGs and collaboration with civil society, business and news media. We can help you combine stories with action – since all these protagonists exist in real life and many are accessible for conversations, to coach others that wish to wield their solutions locally and to work together to boost their initiatives to help people overcome crisis in for example India, Africa and Eastern Europe. You can also pay visits. 

With this scope of content, methods and partners, we can also help enrich your local projects, and to upgrade international youth partnerships and exchange programs from awareness blabla with no relevant results to be project-oriented ventures with true, tangible impact on lives and land that enable participants to self-organize follow-up to continue this venture and strengthen their new friendly bonds or to use their new-found knowhow and competence and networks to launch other projects. 

Cultural Creatives can spark action and momentum, but need not run and implement the “development work”. Inspired youth, schools and citizens can use YL’s instrumentarium and community for that.

Popular YL Programs for Arts & Culture

Hero*ines Exhibit

on teenage changemakers, posters, music, films, optional stands, activities … in public, museums, schools, parks …

Change Generation Music

Amazing NEW uplifting sound and song by teen activists 

Hero Theatre

Tell real hero*ines’ stories, mix in imaginary ones solving local problems, spark local action

Art in Service

helping changemakers grow reach and impact

Shape Public Space

implement model solutions packaged in art

Positive Change Media Culture

YL Magazine, radio, films

Imagine a positive Change Festival Week or Month

A Spring of Sustainability (with kids in school), a Regenerative Summer (with kids on holiday break)

Handmade Activities

colors, cosmetics from plants, upcycling, deodorant, vegan desserts, upcycle furniture …


Activities for use at home + in the community + to take into schools via students, parents

Invite Speakers

Young hero*ines with solutions that you highlight and push for your region 

Social Experiments

in public + lifestyle challenges + vivid inspirational film docu


for fav’ hero*iines with book drives etc with touch of FUN, magic and adventure

UN Theme Days

as occasion to connect with school, media, civil society, for theme + action focus, 50/year

+ Activate the Community

Projects in Public Spaces

sidewalk food forests, seed libraries, FUNdraisers …

Holistic SDG Challenge

1 tangible action on all 17 SDGs picked from 200 model solutions of 50 hero*ines

Invite Coaches

that teach practical skills that make life more awesome

Add the International Dimension

with a taste of adventure!

Project Partners

in poor rural regions where money makes 20x impact to experience one’s power

Visits + 1/2-way Youth Exchanges

with schools and hero*ines youth crews to do projects

Pan-European Partnership with Fairy Trails

Schools partner for projects + families travel, youth-led tours, hosting, app on social, natural cultural highlights

Create uplifting spaces for people to gather

so that you and they see each other more often – since this is what build positive change


YL LearnSpaces use XXL Posters that create ambience, flair and intention for positive change.

They help you make positive change present year-round, so that your staff and customers have time to discover it at their right time or plan ahead… since their focus in your space is on work or shopping.

They fit in nicely in canteens, cafes, grocery stores … especially on occasions like UN Days, Earth Day week, Peace Week, Chrismas season … 

Action + Hero*ines

since role models shape 80% of human behavior


since positive change is about recultivating Paradise, inside AND outside

The funding program savvy Cultural Creative sees a lot of genius quality innovation, strong brand logos, pedagogical value, active youth and citizen involvement, vivid presence in public spaces, visual documentation, win-win for city, civil society, schools … and we are here to help – as partner, facilitator, coach. GO FOT IT!

P.S. YL for BUSINESS shows almost identical activities as YL for CIVIL SOCIETY. Check out if you find some new friends you missed out on. Youth Leadership works new miracles. 

Keep in mind – the power is in ART in SERVICE.

How can your magical skills help this luminous young generation unfold their hero*ine powers and make massive tangible changes for people, animals and plants?

That’s what matters now. this new purpose and benchmark unlocks new dimensions #bemoreawesome

Take these brochures home to browse youth leadership and YL Programs with ease.


We provide online and onsite trainings for individual and groups, on Youth Leadership Essentials and YL For You, also with focus on your context, focus topics and goals. Trainings enable self-organized follow-up action, use of YL Resources and Partners. We offer Certification as YL Coach, competence partner of RCE Ruhr, United Nations University (ESD, SDGs) and of LearnSpaces as National Youth Leadership Learning Centre.