Common Aspirations

Conscious journalists seek to fulfill their societal purpose to contribute to the upliftment of citizens and society. In times of crisis, this means to communicate solutions and – since 80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously, this also works via media – to tell stories of people that achieve to change lives, land, learning, laws and industries for the better … and not a little bit, but BIG like news media report on music and sports stars, not amateurs. It means to include guidance to To-Do, where to learn more, get tools and help. They seek to

  • tell of solutions near and far
  • on UN Days raise awareness on global issues
  • reduce suffering, crime and corruption
  • harmonize urban and rural living

and seek to nurture

  • a positive image of humans and youth
  • positive outlook on life, the future
  • mental health and family well-being
  • vibrant city life
  • active citizenship
  • good governance
  • north-south & west-east collaboration

and love

  • to involve audiences
  • to tell stories of readers’ actions taken
  • photos of happy youth, adults in action
  • to include vivid testimonials
  • to meet changemakers
  • to produce docus on + with hero*ines
  • to host conversations with a purpose


  • a touch of FUN, beauty, magic
  • shining faces, strong voices, awesome music

Common Difficulties

Journalists are trained to ask what, where, who, when, the best try to ask why, but close to no one asks what next? This makes most of them infobots, others investigative unveilers of evil-doers, but very few have changemaker spirit. Those on fire to fulfill their professional aspirations experience lack of

  • backing of like-minded journalists
  • people-powered high impact solutions
  • teen and adult hero*ine protagonists
  • vivid audio-visual resources
  • coaching on positive change media culture
  • conviction, confidence, arguments that positive news gain more views, comments and shares (they do, by now!!)
  • on UN Days, they report on sad data, but better is big + youth-powered solutions with vivid visuals and ways to get involved 
  • unfolding adventures to report on again
  • info what hero*ines need, to add action calls to reach milestones, create follow-up articles

They also lack

  • local teenage changemakers to report on
  • with shining, enthusiastic faces
  • with action calls for audiences to take part
  • means to activate local youth + schools
  • relevant reason to access youth, schools


  • demand from hero*ines tell their stories, to help them with photos, videos, to team up for productions or accompany campaigns
  • info when hero*ines cross their region
  • like-minded journalists all over Earth
  • partners with a heartset that doesn’t care about money and what people will say

How Youth Leadership helps

Youth Leadership – “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years, which is why there exist thousands of amazing teenage changemakers as you get to discover in our Online Exhibit and Crash Course.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP means fired up brilliant youth with big hearts doing projects as their favorite sport with fierce passion, grit and full-time like athletes! These 12 to 17 year olds have wit, heart, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborate with good-hearted people in all strata of society. Their straightforward activities change lives and land for the better. They are wholeheartedly embraced across generations, booked as speakers by schools, showered with society’s highest awards and are journalists’ darlings. 

They are perfect Protagonists … of stories to be told, to work with and to compose new chapters with.

View what your young generation can do once they learn of their hero*ine peers. 

How YL helps

Journalists are 1 of 5 Key Professionals that share our core purpose “to enable Able Active Caring Citizens of peaceful, libertarian, collaborative, thriving, regenerative societies in a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations” – shared by teachers, public librarians, councillors and civil society. Few get it, and those conscious, caring ones we consider family and help them achieve their noble aspirations.

We are easy-going folks working at the intersection of youth leadership, education, sustainability and regenerative sciences, positive news media and cultures. We are not boring and stiff. We have magic and so do our hero*ines. That’s why the kids love us.

We provide finest hero*ine stories with vivid photos, film and their amazing music. Our work is framed in ways that fit education, SDGs and collaboration with civil society, business and news media. We can help you combine stories with action – since all these protagonists exist in real life and many are accessible for conversations, to coach others that wish to wield their solutions locally and to work together to boost their initiatives to help people overcome crisis in for example India, Africa and Eastern Europe. You can also pay visits. 

Journalists can spark action and momentum, but need not run and implement the “development work”. Inspired youth, schools and citizens can use YL’s instrumentarium and community for that.

Popular YL Programs for Journalists + MediaMakers

Hero*ines Stories + Exhibit

on teen hero*ines, posters, music, films + exhibit to keep staff alert for youth action

Change Generation Music

Amazing NEW uplifting sound and songs by teen activists 

Authentic films

of teen hero*ines, interviews etc., snippets for filmmakers 

Positive Media Culture Training

on youth leadership, spirit, adding action, win-wins

UN Days Column

Use hero*ine solutions stories for 50 UN Days, almost 1/week to boost youth, citizen action

Team up with (local) (Young) Hero*ines

to inspire and involve the public and to generate article series on their unfolding adventures

Local Hero*ines

ACTIVATE young people with YL Crash Course, form student clubs, report on their actions

Host Conversations

Unite fired up youth and adult allies to detect problems and solve them with global back-up

Co-create a YL Magazine Issue

on local changemakers, great places, problems, potentials, with action calls as YL Medium

and continue to collaborate with these youth crews!

Involve your Audiences in Adventure Challenges

to help your favorite hero*ines reach milestones that change 1,000s of lives
e.g. women self-defense crews in India, acid attack survivor cafes, Serengeti rangers, youth leadership centres in rural South Africa, permaculture trainings for poor farmers in hunger affected Malawi … how about you do one each year?  

Boost Hero*ine Project Partners

in low income regions where money makes 20x impact to experience one’s power

Use Philanthro-Parties + 48h Sponsor Runs

like teens who score $40,000€

Activate Schools + Citizenry

You are media messengers after all #bemoreawesome

Pay a Visit

as journalist, family or volunteer – open to the public! 

Participate in Activities

Become part of the Adventure!

Report on the Experience

+ call people to action + write the next chapter together!

Beautify your Production Spaces with uplifting, youthful Spirit

to stay connected to the new Operating System and not get sucked back into the dull ocean of lukewarm blah and madness


YL LearnSpaces use XXL Posters that create ambience, flair and intention for positive change.

They help you make positive change present year-round, so that your staff and customers have time to discover it at their right time or plan ahead.

They fit in staff rooms, canteens, cafes, … and remind you that you have these posters, goals and spirit in common with youth and adult allies in town … and to rock something together, on pinnacle occasions like Earth Day, Peace Week, Christmas season … but also year-round.

Action + Hero*ines

since role models shape 80% of human behavior


since positive change is about recultivating Paradise, inside AND outside

Keep in mind – the power is in ART in SERVICE.

How can your magical skills help this luminous young generation unfold their hero*ine powers and make massive tangible changes for people, animals and plants?

That’s what matters now. This new purpose and benchmark unlocks new dimensions #bemoreawesome

Join YL’s Media Creatives Community !

Tell our stories. Publish in YL Magazine. Learn, create and team up with like-hearted journalists + media makers on Earth

We unite caring journalists and mediamakers in the YL Community to serve them with

  • bundles of stories, photos, films, music
  • interview opportunities
  • positive change media training and co-learning
  • flow of new people-powered good practice solutions with lovely hero*ines and magical coaches
  • info when hero*ines cross their region, tips on story gold + how to help them   
  • opportunity to team up with hero*ines, mediamakers for media productions
  • YL Crash Course on Youth Leadership, YL, how to spark it and young hero*ine protagonists in your region + how to team up with fired up youth, adult allies, schools and more, for articles, media production, roundtable conversations, events, unfolding adventures …
  • ideas how to team up with caring citizens in education, business, council, civil society to take on causes you all care for and shape your region’s GOOD future together, with qualified youth teams and global expert partners galore

In this community, you also find YL Staff, Magical Coaches, Hero*ines …  

Are you joining?

Take these brochures home to browse youth leadership and YL Programs with ease.


We provide online and onsite trainings for individual and groups, on Youth Leadership Essentials and YL For You, also with focus on your context, focus topics and goals. Trainings enable self-organized follow-up action, use of YL Resources and Partners. We offer Certification as YL Coach, competence partner of RCE Ruhr, United Nations University (ESD, SDGs) and of LearnSpaces as National Youth Leadership Learning Centre.