to boost the local changemaking climate across age groups.

to inspire and empower the young generation – especially in their daily high potential gathering spot : schools – as agents of change in their communities, with impact at home and abroad

to boost people with inspiration, big picture vision and hope for taking action, for youth leadership and also your initiatives.

to provide your members, followers and the greater public with tools, learning and support for ampliyfing youth leadership and active citizenry around them, for impact at home and abroad.

to boost your regional impact.

to better reach to the young generation, especially at school, offering / providing / using our tools – presentations, media packs, exhibits – for “neutrally / universally” informing them about youth leadership for their lives and learning culture.

as well as informing about your initiatives and services as local changemaker and partner.

to learn about model solutions in your and related fields, apply them, and support their implementation.


to boost your reach and support network.

to have your story told in our media, and spread those media via your channels, and as part of our media packs and teaching tools.

to interact with our global network of partners – organizations, journalists, schools etc using our toos and methods.

to become a Field Partner, Focus Region, Major Campaign, Partner Medium … for tailored collaboration.

to join our network of Skype Speakers.


Aye – wouldn’t that be useful?

Partners usually begin by exploring…


"This Young Generation"

Our free e-Book introduction to youth leadership


Our Program Architecture

how it serves young people, schools, citizens and organizations


Newsletter & Social Media

to connect and learn more over time


Our Features

Tools, services, campaigns, field partners (among many)


Our Partners

and our forms of collaboration


Our Outreach Strategy

our steps to inform, inspire, involve and empower youth and schools as YL Messengers

resulting in quick instant actions


Share on Newsletters

sending the free “This Young Generation” ebook to members and followers, who are all concerned citizens, parents, know teachers…


Share on Social Media

“This Young Generation” and fav heroIne videos, calling on people to get involved for mobilizing their communities

Download & Order Copies

of our booklets, calendars, poster sets for starting a conversation in their organization on boosting youth leadership for win-win benefits

These simple steps can already spark ideas and momentum in a civil society community or professional environment.

Learn more about our scope of tools and strategy, create gentle omni-presence for the spirit to take root, spark ideas, ripple effects and supportive community.

Depending on your field and ecosystem of relations, the following are typical follow-up actions with considerable potential.

Explore Our Messengers' Strategy

for building positive worldview, inspiring, involving and empowering people.

Select Media for Long-term Presence

in offices, staff rooms, canteens, cafes, waiting rooms and community


  • use youth and solution stories widely
  • as a column, aligned with UN Days
  • add calls for action for involving your audience
  • and report visually on their actions, experience and impact
  • partner with us for more
  • learn from us about positive news / positive change media culture


  • Create an Exhibit as a long-term present space, frame and “energetic field”
  • for gathering your member base and interested public for an action-oriented conversation
  • on boosting youth leadership at different levels, settings and frames of your community, organization, schools and upcoming events
  • use videos, music, local youth voices, as well as an inspirational instant action to contribute to
  • such as a book drive, dvd drive, lego drive, fundraiser for our heroInes
  • thereby opening the scope beyond your common focus and inspire many different ideas for local actions
  • as well as how this new climate, reach, approach and community can take your focus cause to new heights
  • ask us about ideas, projects, good practices in your field
  • connect your youth chapters to Change Generation Rising


  • add a digital copy of “This Young Generation” to your newsletter and social media
  • add a call to action for a fundraiser for a field partner abroad or to seed media to local schools
  • add print copies in Waiting Rooms (booklets) and Areas (posters)
  • plus create an Exhibit for long-term presence
  • to inspire, inform, gather and involve staff, employees and clients
  • for a conversation on youth leadership, community projects, campaigns
  • that they consider precious for the planet and their regional community
  • for monthly fundraisers for our field partners
  • seeing success unfold online and with update print-outs
  • developing project ideas for more, on both sides (talk to us)
  • even visiting for boosting the experience, bond and campaign
  • plus take a responsible role locally based on your entrepreneurial skills
  • adopt-a-school, district, city or country for seeding media to all classrooms
  • adding campaign calls for youth leadership, with good prizes
  • awarding youth teams achievements in Change Generation Rising
  • plus support us in-kind


  • Think broad and universal for boosting youth leadership in general
  • forget your core initiative for a moment and put your powers and skills to service
  • for cultivating a general changemaking climate across city and schools
  • through our multi-media presentations and exhibits as our Messengers do
  • Opening to a greater public, with favorite causes for everybody has effects on important causes we all care about
  • including many that you cannot serve yourself
  • and generates broader demand by schools, organizations and events
  • With you being present, people will naturally learn about your initiative and get involved

It’s best to first get in touch with us. We may have some cool ideas, additional media, recommended videos, latest news for optimizing performance, impact, and weaving in your initiative/s.

Partner Superpowers

Aye, media, organizations, enterprises, municipal administration are quite different from another, but they all have superpowers in common.

  • access to large member community via newsletter, gatherings
  • access to large user, fan, reader, viewer, listener, supporter, client base via newsletter, print, online media
  • who are all also caring citizens, parents wishing to make a change
  • loving to receive positive media, action opportunities
  • potential yl clients, teachers, messengers, volunteers
  • access to media, knowledge of journalists
  • access to influential people in administration etc
  • resources, vehicles, infrastructure
  • professional skills and experience
  • professional interest in innovative projects, campaigns
  • interest in connecting with the young generation and into schools
  • interest in mentoring inspired youth teams
  • events, galas, gatherings where YL can be added
  • finance – for seeding media to schools
  • volunteers – for giving presentations
  • staff – for mentoring inspired youth teams
  • campaigns, projects, actions – for inspired youth to join

In fact, you can

  • design considerable projects with us
  • columns, campaigns, … aligning it with your “core business”
  • unlike others who can only integrate youth leadership sporadically
  • while benefitting from offering a novel, attractive “offer / service / product”

Further, you have precious characteristics. You care about

  • sharing your wisdom, skills, access priviledges face2face
  • adding meaning, impact, fulfilment to your work scope
  • fascinating projects for staff, trainees beyond your “focus and routine”
  • good public presence
  • public attention and interaction
  • innovation

These are particular superpowers in your hands.

The Change Generation needs you to wield them now. YL, Teachers, Citizens, Parents, Youth have other mega superpowers. A holistic ecosystem supporting Change Generation NEEDS YOU to add your superpowers.

The future of all species alive and generations to come depends on the people alive right now. There is no more time to sit idle now.

Our approach helps you overcome a handicap to-date experienced by many business and organizations.

  • Overcome the way of corporate thinking for only “my” biz, “my” organization, “my” focus causes and activities, “my” benefits.
  • Share our common approach in this chapter of history of “serving the greater purpose” of sparking Youth Leadership for empowering the Change Generation.

It naturally comes with plenty of direct and indirect win win benefits for you and your priorities, staff, members, clients, fans, followers…

Let’s talk, start small or big, tailored to your situation!


  • YOU FACE CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS by your core role, perception by the public, your resources, skills and time. These are overcome by the superpowers of youth at school, by parents, citizens and teachers, all of which are mobilized by YL and CG RISING to play their role to the fullest. Check out their superpowers to better understand and work together!

Meet Your Allies

A lot of new doors and allies will appear as you open your scope of causes and activities to greater audiences inspired and benefitting from youth-powered solutions for peace, joy and abundance.

An important asset that you can offer is your service of informing, empowering, consulting and mentoring others – taking a step back, keeping your focus passion out of the picture for these moments. This builds changemakers, friends and potential for alliances later on.

Explore a few major groups and how they benefit. This will help you best serve them and then exerience surprise benefits in return as they get mobilized, become friends and allies for what is ahead.


use our media, methods and live support services for taking action on favorite causes, establish youth leadership at school and evoke impact like their famous peers.

Adults - Citizens

Spread, boost, facilitate and support youth leadership as part of our global team, with ample opportunity for self-responsible activities aligned with your passion, interests, even benefts for your professional path.


Team up for boosting the game-changing phenomenon of youth leadership with your capacity, skill and priviledge – and lift humanity to the next level of civilization, with rich benefits for your aspirations.