Common Aspirations

  • societal value
  • evolution to a Creative Community Centre
  • involve youth audiences
  • involve adult audiences
  • connect and collaborate with schools
  • be a hub of positive innovation and change
  • boost local changemakers
  • offer an exciting program
  • vivid week-end and holiday programs
  • be a space where youth love to meet and create
  • where kids in challenging conditions feel safe, heal and grow
  • collaborate with conscious youth
  • enable self-organized activities
  • skills learned enrich their lives

Common Difficulties

  • attract, bond with, collaborate with youth
  • connect with schools, do projects with relevant impact on lives and land
  • get recognition of society, schools, city, civil society, citizenry 
  • get funds for extra special activities

Lack of

  • teenage changemakers in town
  • youth leadership, hero*ine resources, books, music, films
  • uplifting ambience for action
  • action opportunities
  • coaches and project partners
  • support and coaching
  • tools to equip youth for action
  • visible presence in public and media
  • youth leadership competence in staff
  • support and safety in the community

How Youth Leadership helps

Youth Leadership – “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years, which is why there exist thousands of amazing teenage changemakers as you get to discover in our Online Exhibit and Crash Course.

YOUTH LEADERSHIP is the most fascinating phenomenon of the 21st Century and a game changer for society with win-win benefits for many, from parents to teachers, councillors, journalists, youth themselves – and place hosts that seek to offer something fresh, inspiring and that bridges to immediate action and opportunity to live one’s dreams for people and planet – with other lovely like-hearted people that get magnetically attracted to this space (like many got attracted to #fridays protests, but here for PROJECTS, which speaks to a much greater part of youth and society). This topic adds sparkle, action and endless creative opportunities to your work with SPACES and YOUTH and ADULTS. 

We know it’s new for you, but it’s all common sense and we have amply equipment, partners and support for you. Hence, we give you rapid introductions (online or face2face) to how you can use it and how it clicks with youth, schools, how they can form teams, also in your PLACE and organize 100s of activities, made easy through our action guides and hero*ine partners so that your youth can contribute to already rolling projects and start with flying banners.

View what your young generation can do once they learn of their hero*ine peers. 

Public Librarian Superpowers

“Teachers are our young generation’s biggest ally. They decide if we get a chance to learn how to create a good world or not.” Craig Kielburger, Free The Children, with teams at 22,000 schools

This is well understood, but we see further key allies that share our core purpose to enable Able Active Caring Citizens. We call them Key Professionals and Librarians are one of them. All “Place Hosts” mentioned on this page share most of these superpowers.


Your superpowers include:

  • pleasant space
  • intersection with the public
  • intergenerational
  • activity program
  • public service purpose
  • public status
  • funds
  • communication with city and other public services like schools
  • liberty in creative design

This makes you a mighty important person for your young generation to learn to unfold their skills to create good lives and a good future for everyone in your region for the next seventy years. It also means mighty responsibility. We are here to help.

We highly appreciate your competences and seek to activate them to the max to boost youth leadership throughout your region, perfectly aligned with your societal purpose and with win-win benefits for everybody involved.

Also : 

We actively seek to help you achieve your noble professional aspirations.

How YL helps

We help make High Impact Youth Leadership* visible to your audiences.

* For clarification, this means changing lives and land, learning, laws and industries by implementing humanity’s finest solutions in their home region, like their famous hero*ine peers do – and also with them – since with YL, you and users connect with the people in the stories, for real.

We provide tools, methods, coaches, partners, (self-) training, platforms and a global community of practitioners, newbies and global experts

  • to make YOUNG HERO*INES and ACTION OPPORTUNITIES visible in your space
  • to inspire audiences to get involved
  • to offer workshops and interactions for various user groups
  • to enable user self-organization using YL materials
  • to connect with schools
  • to grant space as HQ for a Youth Team formed of fired up youth from schools in your district
  • to enjoy their presence and involve them in offering programs during the week, on week-ends and holidays
  • to connect with local Magical Coaches (that teach peactical skills for positive change) to co-create programs
  • to connect with civil society
  • to for partnerships with changemakers all over the planet

on the full spectrum of positive change

  • also on local problems
  • harnessing local potentials
  • adding global expertise and coaching

always aiming for tangible changes for people and planet.

We also

  • provide training + certification of YL Coaches and of LearnSpaces
  • add Learnspaces and local Magical Coaches to our YL LearnPlanet Map to get found and find partners
  • listen to you and design tailored projects, campaigns and programs for your focus topics and regions, and we accompany projects

Popular YL Programs for Places

Hero*ines Exhibit

on teenage changemakers, posters, music, films, optional stands, activities … in public, museums, schools, parks …

Crash Courses

to introduce groups of youth (or adults) to high impact youth leadership + enable self-organized action


for youth to meet, learn, plan, realize projects

YL LearnSpaces use XXL Posters that create ambience, flair and intention for positive change 

Action + Hero*ines

since role models shape 80% of human behavior


since positive change is about recultivating Paradise, inside AND outside

We also contribute value on important issues, such as

  • ecosystem restoration
  • food and nutrition
  •  creating Paradise City
  • positive news media culture
  • the youth leadership phenomenon
  • living SDGs IN ACTION

… and this >>> 


make out over 70% of high impact changemakers 

Change Generation Music

Amazing new music composed by activist teens


for positive change, such as UN Days, Project Weeks,, SDG Fests, Philanthro-Parties …

SDG Challenge

Take 1 tangible action on all 17 SDGs, pick from 200 model actions of 50 hero*ines 

Project Partners

Boost hero*ines’ development initiatives, involve schools and citizenry, organize 1- or 2-way visits


Young hero*ines, grand changemakers, YL Coaches …

LearnPlanet Map

We map LearnSpaces, connect with schools, partners


as National Youth Leadership Learning Centre

For Crisis Regions, Refugee Camps, Orphanages …

Our role model posters, stories, films and music help raise spirits, strength, hope and concrete vision that there is a better future and that young people have the power to create it right here right now – also 12 year olds! Kids and early teens often live in the NOW, which can be a protective bubble that eclipses the problems that exist in the heads of adults. Of course, there can be trauma, but in any case, hero*ine role models are precious.

Very important unique aspects :

  • Stories connect with action guides to replicate and adapt hero*ines’ initiatives
  • Our line-up includes youth that have run enormous national campaigns in civil war setting
  • Projects will immediately make impact on lines and land, generate positive response from adults and also support!
  • Their activities get features as stories in YL Magazine, which reaches adults, youth and educators
  • Once they form a youth team, they become highly interesting partners for Global Learning, ESD, SDGs etc for teachers and students all over the planet. YL serves such user groups and facilitates connections as Speakers, as Project Partners and even for Youth Exchanges funded by foreign aid agencies
  • Once there is an activated YL Youth Team, we can place them, your LearnSpace and yourself as Coach in the LearnPlanet Map and make you known in the network
  • This can rapidly lead to many forms of supportive interaction with partners in peaceful, functional and affluent regions with many emotional, psychological and learning benefits that can form supportive bonds

We always think all the way, so that no gaps or walls limit the dreaming and cause frustration. Hence, we offer so many interconnecting programs.

We wish to make such dreams true, because the solutions exist, the caring people exist, we only need to connect them and awaken them to their powers, since what their hero*ine teenage peers do in one place, teenagers everywhere can do! And the suffering kids deserve nothing less. So let’s do this! #bemoreawesome

“Banish the terms hopeless and impossible from your vocabulary. We can change the world. Our teams at thousands of schools are proving it every single day.” – Craig Kielburger, WE Day 2012

Take these brochures home to browse youth leadership and YL Programs with ease.


We provide online and onsite trainings for individual and groups, on Youth Leadership Essentials and YL For You, also with focus on your context, focus topics and goals. Trainings enable self-organized follow-up action, use of YL Resources and Partners. We offer Certification as YL Coach, competence partner of RCE Ruhr, United Nations University (ESD, SDGs) and of LearnSpaces as National Youth Leadership Learning Centre.