Hiya! We involve all caring adults to support youth leadership. One can do a lot as individual, at one’s workplace, and as YL Volunteer. 

Then, there’s key professions that all share the virtuous core purpose of “empowering an able active, caring citizenry” : teachers, public librarians, journalists, city councillors and civil society organizations. We all meet at the intersection of “boosting youth leadership at school, and beyond”

You notice that these professions have remarkable reach, priviledge and access. That’s precious, and yet, their potentials for boosting youth leadership are entirely untapped, and more needs to be done for an active adult citizenry, too.  

We show you how us caring adults can activate these key professions, taking simple, and robust steps towards achieving their aspirations. We show how to facilitate cooperation between these professions – with young changemakers at the centre, in the driver’s seat.

As a youth and caring citizen, make sure to study these key professions’ role, and do your part to inform and activate them, so that they live their societal duty in these critical times.


Please browse this page to understand how to activate key professionals near you.

Whatever your status – boss, employee or unemployed – you can reach 1,000s and unlock powerful change. Find out here. It’s super simple.

Once that youth are activated, key professionals can elegantly collaborate without effort, since in youth leadership, the teens do the work, just like a garden grows by itself. Key Adults simply add water, sunlight, protective shade, call in the fairies, and keep out the monsters.

But, since your region’s youth are still sitting idle, like their parent generations, you first have to seed the spirit of youth leadership.

This is where your reach, purpose and duty come into play. So, no time to wait. Activate yourself, your colleagues and get doing!

So, get a drink, sit back, read and dream

Your future looks bright. 

Our aim is to activate not a few but dozens or hundreds of changemakers in your region, badasses as you see in our publications. 

We also offer to go big with city-wide campaigns, and annual programs, or to address specific problems of your region, like peace, food, harassment, climate emergency.

View quick steps for each profession on this page. Follow links for more. It’s simple, some steps take only minutes, and it all comes with instant win-win benefits. Enjoy!

City, media, schools, organizations, funders

can easily reach 1,000s, even all youth, repeatedly throughout the year. They can also 


This is done IN SERVICE to youth

not to influence, harness, form or mislead them (like dictatorships, dirty and dark digital industries do); our brochures explain the proper mindset and methods. 

1. Inspire youth

for youth leadership

inspire colleagues

to support hero*ines and local youth


2. Spread good news

on inspired actions

to many people

3. Support inspired youth

with donations, in-kind, and by teaming up for

  • telling their stories
  • co-creating films
  • supporting their campaigns
  • designing and running projects together


4. Gather people

applying your moderator and communication skills

for conversations, at school, events, markets, in public 

to share ideas, concerns, feelings, passions, ideals, visions, to

  • take local youth crews’ ventures to the next level
  • activate the citizenry
  • re-dream your region’,
  • ‘create the city we all love to live in’

We love to help.



You are the young generations biggest ally. You decide whether youth can learn how to create a good world for all, or not.  

You host a well equipped infrastructure where all young people gather daily for their 10+ forming years.

Wow, if the world’s Gandhis and Einsteins had that at their disposal! Well, with you, they do, and it’s your job to connect your students to grow up learning with today’s great minds. Rejoice! 

View example activities
  • Use our multimedia hero*ine role model and solution story resources as add-ons in subjects to bring global issues alive.
  • Use the LEVEL UP! crash course to spark a changemaker student club that self-organizes activities and acts as coaches for their peers, year-round. They are “changemaking” athletes that will connect also with other schools and collaborate with you.
  • The club will create year-round presence through FUNdraising stands, exhibits, evolving into a club HQ and LearnScape serving the entire school community; observe and support!
  • Collaborate with the club for presentations in class, projects, fest and extracurricular activities
  • Use occasions like UN Days, project days and weeks to organize special activities and make youth leadership omni-present.
  • Use school and town fests for activities, and to connect with parents, the community, civil society and media.
  • The club’s media crew vividly documents activities to create presence in news media, public spaces and YL media. 
  • Use our positive news programs, for creative writing, media education, music; contribute and get published.  
  • Meet YL Speakers, establish Field Partnerships with hero*ines  around the globe and take their initiatives to the next level.
  • Meet colleagues around the globe.
  • Team up with other key professions like public libraries, city councillors, journalists, organizations – view their pages to understand how they can help, and where your work intersects!

There’s more. These activities strongly enrich your teaching practice, and your daily life as a creative professional with the purpose of activating able, active, caring citizens. Go for it!

Public Librarians

You manage the only public co-learning space in town, and as you continue to transform libraries into Community Learning Centres, they can also become co-creative Citizen Co-working Hubs.

Your public purpose to serve education and an active citizenry, combined with your universal scope, open-mindedness and selflessness without a specific agenda of theme or finance make you a unique Adult Ally for young changemakers.

Youth and their allies need to learn about it, and you need to know how to serve youth leadership and local youth teams. Simple steps – a dedicated section, poster exhibits, interactive elements, offers for schools – are perfectly aligned with your common activities.

Activated local youth teams wielding their choice of 400+ actions have an enormous lot of content, spirit and coaching services to offer to your user community. Think of youth, parents, children, schools, holiday programs, workshops, exhibits …   

View example activities
  • set up a section on Youth Leadership using our recommended books, films, music/al and teaching tools
  • use flyers to inform your team on how to guide teachers, youth and parents to the section
  • activate your team – learn about youth leadership, to spark ideas, motivation and common vision for cultivating it
  • set up a hero*ines poster exhibit
  • add interactive elements to spark conversations with caring citizens; inform them, equip them with resources to activate their schools
  • document vividly, report to media, libraries, city council

Activated crew

  • provide presentations, crash courses for school classes
  • provide holiday programs

When youth team are activated

  • invite them to exchange views, ideas, plans
  • offer to set up Afternoon HQ at your library, to meet other youth teams and adults
  • team up for projects like exhibits, campaigns involving your users, and holiday activities

There’s more.


You manage a communication space that unites all your region’s citizens, beyond special interest group echo chambers.

As our society’s macro communication tool, your mass medium serves the purpose of uplifting society, and in times of crisis, to provide solutions and empowerment. And the world is ready! 

Today, most clicks, likes and shares are given to positive, inspirational solution stories. We provide you hero*ine stories galore, and ways to spark local hero*ines as your protagonists for local, interactive positive change stories for years to come.  

View example activities
  • tell our teen hero*ine stories
  • use positive news style, vivid, inspirational, conveying how it works, and how to contribute
  • align them with UN Days; to-date you could only raise awareness for crisis facts on forests, water, oceans … now you have solutions, teen and adult hero*ines, vivid visuals … also on youth skills, teachers, habitat … use it weekly!
  • observe key professions, team up, learn of their activities, and tell inspired youth teams stories (they will come to you, too, so make sure to inform your phone hotline to pay special attention to young callers; no more ridiculing them!)

When youth teams have formed

  • go visit changemaker clubs, learn from their thinking, hear their passionate testimonials, detect action moments that enrich the story and visuals, from boots in the mud, shining eyes, hugs to focussed planning and tears.
  • report on their FUNdraiser stands, harvest the magical moments and scenes, conversations with citizens …
  • BE PART as HUMAN BEINGS : support global hero*ines and local youth teams with your own FUNdraising campaigns, go visit hero*ines in the field, report vividly, call your audience to join in
  • add face 2 face communication; team up with youth teams to organize public conversations, act as moderator (unless the youth do it)
  • add interactive elements, such as : citizens shall submit feedback, ideas, reports on their actions taken inspired by your stories; invite active folks for a face2face meet-up, also with key professionals and youth for hi5’s and what’s next 

There’s more.

City Councils

You have a unique overview of your region’s needs, assets, resources, upcoming focus investments. You also know the who is who of your science, business, education, civil, public and social services community.

You are used to think big, and for years ahead. You have trusted status. You have access to resouces, funds, media, public spaces, public services like trams, television, bus stops, fests … enormous resources for cultivating youth leadership and active citizenship.

Virtuous teen hero*ines, implementing solutions for peace, joy and abundance do not attack or demand miracles from you. They ask for liberty, permission and gentle help to wield proven miracles. 

Their likes, youth teams at schools, and their caring Adult Allies are your dream come true for overcoming the challenges of eroding peace, prosperity and political culture. Wield our magic wands to bring the spirit of youth leadership into your city, observe reactions, and meet up with those inspired to stay in the loop.

View example activities
  • learn about Youth Leadership in our Online Exhibit … to get a real understanding of what young people can be – when free to live their care for people and planet – and what such a generation can become like as an adult society
  • seed YL brochures 1+2 at the workplace + sit down with colleagues – decide who wants it, and get started
  • seed the spirit through authentic hero*ine stories via various communication channels, forms and methods
  • inform, equip, collaborate with key professionals, at schools and public libraries, in news media
  • run a Campaign to ACTIVATE YOUR CITY with LEVEL UP! Crash Courses at all schools. In large cities, it can start with a set of schools, and activated student clubs will spread the campaign to dozens more schools

When youth teams have formed

  • visit changemaker student clubs, learn their spirit, and hear how you can help
  • take photos together, share; in service to youth, not for your self-promotion
  • follow changemaker clubs, stay in the loop, it uplifts your spirit, vision and give soptions for cooperation

Later, let advanced youth teams take over your council.


You have an enormous lot of crew to spread the good news on Youth Leadership to all your members’ homes, workplaces, and into schools, media and city councils.

Your members’ role is to act as “caring citizens” in service to universal positive change, and to youth leadership on the full spectrum of eco-socio-economical causes. Their role is to inform and inspire through teen hero*ine role models. 

Our LEVEL UP! Crash Course showing “how young people are changing lives, laws, learning culture and industries around the planet” is an excellent tool and method to inspire youth at school and empower self-organized follow-up activities, year-round.

Activated youth will naturally learn about local changemakers, and eventually your organization. You can also offer in-kind support like “an overview on XY topic, key stakeholders and challenges in your region”, spaces for workshops, learning journeys … etc.

Your members will feel strongly empowered as parents, professionals and citizens.

View example activities
  • learn about Youth Leadership in our Online Exhibit, and how this phenomenon manifests your dream of activated youth turning love for people and planet into action
  • set up a Hero*ine Poster Exhibit in your headquarter to make it omni-present, nurture conversations and ideas
  • meet up and unite the ones agreeing that boosting youth leadership is a worthy cause
  • seed the spirit to workplaces, schools, news media, your members and partners etc using the steps  shown in the personal Crash Course for Adults
  • tell youth teams’ stories via your newsletters, magazines, events

There will be more once youth teams are activated and connect with you.

You can all wonderfully work together!

You all share idealist aspirations for local people and nature, with youth leadership (which you love) at the centre.

Citizen (YL) Volunteers present, run courses at schools.

Teachers inspire with stories, run courses, offer programs, collaborate with clubs, share stories with journalists, libraries, organizations, YL Volunteers and Staff.

Librarians inspire with stories, offer programs, collaborate with youth teams, share stories with journalists, communicate with teachers, city, YL Volunteers and Staff.

Journalists inspire with stories, involve their audience, guide them to libraries and events, tell local stories generated by youth, teachers, librarians, volunteers, team up for communication projects and events.

City Councillors inspire with stories, support youth teams, run campaigns, team up with librarians and school boards, join youth activities, share their views, steps and stories with journalists.

We all meet up at fests, projects, and together with youth and allies to hear what’s new, celebrate achievements, ponder and plan what’s next.

Your local youth

inspired by global hero*ine stories, 

  • will do like them
  • will activate peers, parents and public
  • will implement dozens of proven projects
  • will solve problems and stuck stalemates
  • will boost positive spirit at schools, kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages, parks, fests, events, in media …

which makes them ace role models, protagonists, coaches and partners for your professional ventures and communities.

1 or a few colleagues in each institution

are enough to cultivate casual collaboration by staying in touch with friendly communications, so youth leadership be omni-present, vividly conveyed, and kindly supported.

At each school, news media, NGO exist people that love youth leadership and being involved. It will be a pleasure for them to meet ‘family’, also beyond working hours. 

Start with steps 1 and 2

the rest will evolve organically once inspired youth teams take action.

They will connect with you. They will inform you about their deeds, offer to boost youth leadership in your spaces, and invite your support.


Check out YL Master Classes

We help you navigate the steps of activating your city’s and region’s stakeholders.


Talk to us

We care a lot for those wishing to restore peace among our people and the living planet. Don’t be shy to contact us for advice via video-meeting.

The YL Tutorial

is the perfect training for you to get started. . 

The personal Level Up! Crash Course

guides you through swift steps to experience the essentials of cultivating youth leadership – as an adult, and with a roadmap for your specific profession.