to upgrade lessons and units with high quality multi-media, multi-lingual, offline and web based, solution stories, real life role models, teen and adult heroInes, various activities of societal relevance with tangible impact, projects and field partners, tremendously boosting students’ intrinsic motivation and empowering them to follow up with study and activities in and beyond school context. Open and closed programs with official badges and visual documentation illustrating student’s learning process, progress and achievements.

enabling student-powered contributions, activities, clubs, learning environments, projects, mentoring, also for younger peers, at other schools, in public, in media – boosting your daily life with an educator’s dream come true : crews of youth growing into “assistant teachers” on global issues and youth leadership. Speakers, Skype sessions, teachers community, field partners for long-term collaboration, consultation, even for developing entire schools’ curricula.

Does this make your educator’s heart jump and smile? We have designed YL for you!

Teachers usually begin by exploring…


"This Young Generation"

Our free e-Book, to understand the phenomenon of youth leadership, and how it connects with schools


Our Store

of educational media


Newsletter & Social Media

to connect and learn more over time


Our Program Architecture

and which elements provide new value to education, learning and extracurricular activities


Our Educational Programs

add-ons for subjects, complete programs, curricula, field partners, speakers, Skype in the Classroom, consultation


Our Features

Tools, services, campaigns, field partners (among many)

resulting in quick instant actions


Share with Family & Friends

digital and print media, observing their reactions and ideas

Use Stories in Class

to bring a global issue to life, introduce students to youth leadership, opening demand and space “for more”

Get Copies of This Young Generation

for their class, school, library and friends

These media and steps give you a good impression of how positively young people react.

After browsing our stories, topics and possible activities, teachers take first practical steps.

Inform & Involve Colleagues

… to learn, upgrade worldview on youth and what’s going on, share dreams, ideas, plans, team up for introducing your students in class, form a club across classes and grades, decide on a program, pinnacle event …

Create Omni-Presence of Youth Leadership

in school, staff and classrooms, at home … using calendars, cardgames, booklets, poster exhibits … to raise awareness, ideas, build community


Join the Conversation

Share feedback on our work, tell us about your regional situation, needs, potentials and where you are ready to responsibility.


Explore how Others Use Youth Leadership at School

for subjects, projects, school fests, clubs, life skill training…

Teacher Superpowers
  • For Youth Leadership, teachers’ priority role is TO INSPIRE, PERMIT AND SUPPORT ON-DEMAND.

You and your colleagues are in a unique position. No other adult on the planet has this. And youth need you as ally.

  • you reach all youth
  • you have them for months and years
  • they are ‘forced’ to listen to you, and
  • they enjoy youth leadership videos, stories, activities
    (since it’s the best thing that could ever happen at school)
  • you can introduce it from multiple angles
  • as add-on, from foreign languages to music lessons
  • as creative project, as optional choice, for higher intrinsic motivation
  • they have to do it, and discover unexpected cool things about it
  • so they study solutions to global issues deeply as homework
  • your setting supports discipline, project-orientation
  • you can arrange individual, team work, in projects
  • you have pinnacle occasions, like school fests, Christmas
  • you have a school community of hundreds or thousands including parents
  • you have ‘work motivation’ for grades, production, presentations, results
  • you have infrastructure for creating videos, exhibits, learning environments, teaching and mentoring younger peers, …
  • you can make bake sale fundraising part of daily life in breaks
  • you have and can attract resources for field partnerships, excursions, projects
  • you can involve and collaborate with civil society, administration, media…
  • you can combine idealist projects with professional benefits like grades, credits, and now also our “badges”!
  • you also can virally reach, inform, upgrade dozens of teacher colleagues by making youth leadership omni-present at school, in classrooms, staff rooms – using our media, exhibits, calendars, the student actions…
  • you can reach thousands of parents via newsletters
  • you can reach to all schools of your district for collaborations they will love!
  • you can create pilot projects backed by ‘city officials’
  • you can attract media, they love youth / school / positive / vibrant / impact / value
  • you can easily generate 1,000s of dollars for heroIne field partners in low income regions
  • you can use the school space for gatherings on evenings and weekends; yes you can
  • this list goes on…

and of course you have character traits of a teacher, “trainer”

  • you can study and digest information fast
  • you understand how to design a learning process
  • and to improvize
  • you have an educator’s idealism priorizing youth aka empowerment
  • you want mental evolution
  • you want behavior upgrade
  • you want tangible results
  • seeing youth leadership crews at school are your dream come true
  • these “assistant teachers” turn teaching into bliss

Actually, like youth activists

  • you can use loads of our tools all the time
  • in your routine practice, unlike e.g. journalists who have to create something “new”
  • you can be like a kid, select, add, experiment, enjoy, observe

Further … the following inner drives make you … an extraordinary “activist”

  • you desire to add meaning to your teaching
  • you suffer from knowing schooling should be better
  • your heart wishes for more fulfilling work days (yes, it does)


Now, on a word of making the step of living your superpowers.

Craig Kielburger once said that “teachers are our young generation’s greatest allies”, because they decide whether they make creating a good world available to children and youth, and permit them to live and learn it. You see? We are creating a new school and learning culture, together. THIS IS BIG.

Look, all us other adults or youth… we can only reach your students for one session. We cannot reach ALL young people EVERY day at RELEVANT DEPTH over 10 years empowering them to LIVE changemaking TOGETHER.

Only YOU can make this possible. You are the key and gatekeeper. YOU YOU YOU.

Never in history has the teacher’s profession been this important. This defining of the future.

If you learn the magic tricks, you can uplift a generation to evoke the same as their brightest shining peers. If you do not, … this generation can only stay like their parent generations – no matter how good willing and smiling, as a collective unsustainable, incompetent of changing anything, seeing escalation unfold, our societies erode and Earth’s ecosystems dissolve. That is fact and the unstopped trend of the past forty years.

This puts school and teachers in an ultimate role of responsibility.

Conventional formal frameworks are no longer a limitation or excuse. Because youth leadership can florish through informal steps powered by youth. The kids are ready and open. But they have to see the NEW and have time, authorization and support to discover, practice and live it.

YOUR SUPERPOWERS make all the difference, for a generation, and the future of all species yet alive today and generations to come.

What you NEED(ed) are

  • high quality tools
  • simple magic methods
  • quality support services from outer school partners
  • as well as a little boost by the right views, perspectives, arguments and study results for
  • recalibrating and anchoring your ORIGINAL EDUCATOR’S PROFESSIONAL IDEALISM and CONVICTIONS and WISDOM for smoothly communicating what matters to stakeholders : students, colleagues, parents…

You’ve got this now.


We are here to help and evolve all this together.

  • YOU FACE CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS that you may more or less be aware of, by your profession, time, experience. These are overcome by the superpowers of youth at school, by parents, citizens and partners, all of which are mobilized by YL and CG RISING to play their role to the fullest. Check out their superpowers to better understand and work together!

Deepen Your Knowledge

Study our programs and guides. You can evoke tremendous changes, reaching and moblizing thousands of people around you, using our high impact media, taking simple steps, as well as bringing our super attractive world-premiere offers to powerful multipliers like caring teachers and journalists.

All it takes is to explore our tools, tricks, partners – and getting started. You will learn more on-the-go, and from public LIVE ON SKYPE meetings with our staff and global tribe.

Test Stories in Class

Use videos, stories, posters, cardgame as add-on to bring a global issue to life, to discuss youth power, youth image, youth culture, citizenship, or simply for foreign language learning – “it’s been the most energized lesson ever.”

Study the "Essentials of Youth Leadership"

to understand the most important and precious phenomenon of our time. It also introduces you to our story and video highlights, and the modular stages of a 1st Presentation.

Learn about the Superpowers of Youth at School

to best support young people to become the Change Generation and best role models you can ever think of.

Study Our Programs

View what YL Messengers do, our leadership program Change Generation for youth … to know tactics and opportunities.

Be Creative . Weave it into Learning Culture

First steps usually spark strong inspiration and motivation among students.

This should must* be instantly responded with relevant activities, responsible contributions to units, school activities, and – forming student clubs,

The best way to do so is a 1st Session on “The Essentials of Youth Leadership”, followed by student-powered actions.


Ok, now we have to get serious.

(This is a longer note. I suggest you first browse the webpage and come back here later)

This is Eric, imagine us having this conversation in a small circle of dedicated teachers. You have my full attention. Please give me yours, let’s lock eyes.

I assume that you have an idea of the groundbreaking Youth Leadership phenomenon, of ordinary kids and teens changing lives, laws and industries at unprecedented scale, signalling that we – especially at schools – can nurture an entire generation empowered to live as changemakers, able citizens co-creating a peaceful, thriving and sustainable civilization, at local and global level, simply by giving space for student-club-powered, project-oriented activities on global issues, as is already happening at twelve thousand schools with tremendously positive benefits for learning culture … by having flipped through “This Young Generation” booklet or “The Essentials of Youth Leadership” under the menu tab “Youth Leadership”.

If you haven’t please do. If you are already aware of how awesome teens are today and that we now want to “conspire”, work together for making this happen at every school on Earth, including yours … let’s get started, to make sure we share a specific, fundamental understanding that is the basis for everything concerning “your students without fear and doubt living their love and care for people and planet”.

This topic now is earnest, because this is about the future of youth leadership at your school, about achieving or failing to empower the students to become the Change generation, of making your school a better place, a true haven to be.

Earnest, because anybody joining a young changemaker team, a high impact student club, giving their most precious – TIME, spirit, creativity – people spending their spare time studying positive news, boosting petitions, planing projects, giving presentations in class, running exhibits, spending entire week-ends on fundraising, organizing youth eco film festivals, ending harassment etc – are taking this very serious.

They are connected to their passion, their hope, their virtues of LIVING justice, love, good knowledge etc FOR REAL.

It is a profound commitment we all like to wish for teens, to not be superficial and detached … and we may not be used to seeing it, to LIVING IT WITH THEM. Hence, here is a little reminder, since

  • especially as teacher, we are in a position
  • of emotional detachment – don’t get angry, etc
  • of being stressed out – but staying a giver
  • of being on top of the situation – not in it


  • authentic, caring, our heart showing up!

It’s not for everybody, but obviously, not all teachers are aware of the priority of making their students able active citizens, on fire to empower them for actions shaping their lives and world. The fact that you are reading this means you are one of them. Not an info robot, but an educator, that which world champion Finland’s Matti Meri calls A GOOD TEACHER.

Still, I have to remind you that we are dealing with something NEW, UNUSUAL, SPECIAL here, and it involves

  • feelings – this makes all the difference!
  • Why? Because everybody knows the harsh facts, but hardly anyone acts
  • Our teen heroInes do, because they have felt the pain of a broken world
  • The difference is intangible, in spirit, in inspiration, in “spirit transfer”
  • That’s what the heroIne videos, the heroIne role models do
  • And then, this spirit flame is ablaze in your students’ hearts

NOW in that moment : do the right thing:

  • to empower them to keep that fire up as TEAM
  • to gently support cultivating that flame in SUBJECTS
  • because you would hurt their HEARTS
  • because their HEARTS are now open! for a moment
  • and this moment can pass, can be crushed
  • closing the hearts again, forever

I am looking serious at you, now I’m smiling. See, it is super important for us to achieve, to get through this narrow door.

This very moment – First Times Are Magic – is an entirely new test for you to qualify for 21st century school. You need not teach them youth leadership. You only have to get this very tipping point moment right. Then, once they have passed this point, to feeling and living their passion – it’s a smooth roll! Then – let them do their things, while weaving role model solution stories into your practice as you please.

Youth leadership is not a common, factual, information-based matter. It inspires. It has spirit. This makes the difference in intrinsic motivation. It involves care, empathy! Feelings. Authenticity. Lived values. Lived cardinal virtues. It requires the pertaining atmosphere and conversation.

Like Craig’s experience, this empathy involves affirming a broken world, feeling its pain resonate in one’s heart, the pain of children, trees, whales, populations, our own dreams, species, future generations. It opens our hearts. It is a sensitive moment, intimate, at the heart of our being. It is what differs “awakened, enlightened” (set alight) changemakers from ordinary passive people.

When students’ hearts open, eyes shine with genuine care, hope, vision and excitement … but teachers do not give it pertaining priority for people, planet, students’ lives and skills for tackling challenges, teachers not only act as worst possible “role model” of inhabitants of an unsustainable society, creating a gulf between the youth (who know what’s good) and adults (embodied by the teacher, or by indifferent adult presenters, parents) … or making this gulf visible … but it can even quench and suffocate the flame that opened in students’ hearts. And, betrayed, disappointed, they will not open up with enthusiasm again. Because the teacher / adult proved that they are not serious. Not profound. Do not really care.

If this appears exaggerated to you, it is important that you listen to me. I have the experience.

The enthusiasm in youth leadership, felt by millions of teens, setting records in changing lives, laws and industries, is driven by inspiration. Spirit. It is unknown to most, maybe or probably to you, or you would not be studying this. I any case, you haven’t mastered it yet, and the world needs you to. I know the essentials of youth leadership, the energies at work in young people’s hearts – what sets them alight, connects them with their core values to a point of feeling their dreams and mission and committing to giving their lifetime with courage … for people and planet. Scoring all the greatest medals and awards our societies have to offer. It is what the world needs.

You also appreciate this phenomenon of youth leadership. It has been beyond your skill. But now the flint is in your hands. So listen what science goes with it.


  • you lacked the videos and stories for inspiring youth.
  • you lacked the tools to equip inspired students to LIVE youth leadership.
    That’s okay, you are a teacher, not trainer or leader.
  • you lacked the partner to back inspired youth, as sports and music clubs support your gifted athletes and musicians


  • you have the tools to inspire them; the “balls”, the “music”
  • you have an outer school partner, … YL, its heroInes and global community of citizen chapters and partner organizations
  • a year-round flow of “balls, music, events, courts, tournaments”… Change Generation Rising
  • and local and regional partners that “young changemaker teams” will connect with

What’s needed is that

  • you encourage youth to found their required structure
  • a student club / after school club
  • with the same that us teachers grant to gifted athletes, arts and musical talents:
  • time, space, opportunity and on-demand support for practicing their skills
  • and performing their skills for the benefit of the school community
  • also performing in public space, uplifting the greater community
  • and making headlines
  • making you proud like your music, arts and sports champions
  • boosting the school’s profile
  • uplifting learning culture


  • use the media
  • by expressing your personal care, empathy, passion, support
  • by building the bridge to long-term, student-organized action
  • expressing this spirit “I love youth leadership, I hope for your generation to be able to become the change generation. I understand that you need to be able to live this at schools, as this is the only place where you can all come together and have supportive tools. I know this is new for our schools, but it was new to the thousands of schools that have already started on it. I know this cannot be carried by teachers, but only by youth. Teachers’ role is to give genuine, benevolent support, and integrating young changemakers’ contributions in class, projects, learning and school culture. I HAVE TO RETURN TO SUBJECT TEACHING, but IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUTH LEADERSHIP AT Y/OUR SCHOOL, you have access to the necessary tools and community with Youth-Leader. All you need to do is study their materials, campaigns, tools and use them here in our community and region. If you feel inspired by what you’ve seen in the videos and stories, in your exchange today, and things that you have kept inside, for yourself, and wish to start on that project adventure, I will support you in founding a student club, YL Team. You can then see, step by step how it goes, and we have good reason to believe that if kids and youth teams in twelve thousand schools are able to do that, you will be able to do the same.”
  • and encouraging your students to spread the spirit to the entire school by enabling to others the same experience they just went through – “discovering youth leadership”.

The best way to do so is a 1st Session on “The Essentials of Youth Leadership”, followed by student-powered actions.

Your best way to prepare is to go through that very presentation in our online seminar, with feedback forms for reflection and report cards to share with us. It’s a wonderful, highly entertaining training giving you a wonderful view of the world, and an incredible “advantage of knowledge, insights and stories to share” – at school, with friends, in conversations on the bus…

Thank you for caring.

Now let’s do this. Never before in human history have teachers been so important. As Craig says : “You are our young generation’s most important ally”, because you decide whether you inform our young generation of their opportunity to change all the ills into good, and you permit them to LIVE it. It’s a big deal. It is the big responsibility we all have to share as an adult generation, as teachers in particular. It is actually the purpose of schooling. I have gathered all the tools and support for you to live it.

Take the online seminar as your personal immersion and training, to prepare for the 1st Session and you’ll evolve the feeling, stories, passion, understanding for successfully navigating that first great moment for your students.

Rewards will come in abundance.

May we all do our part well.

Eric Schneider

YL Founder

Organize a 1st Session : on Youth Leadership

using our Presentation Kit, for 1-3 hours in class

Encourage Spreading the Message

turning their new-found inspiration to other classes, using precisely the tools and methods they experienced in the 1st Session

Encourage Founding a Student Club

emphasizing your active support, show it by scoring them a superb public spot as Headquarter, with tables, exhibit and year-round actions

Organize a 2nd Session : on Taking Action

responding to students’ impulse “how can we get involved?”

Work with the Student Club / YL Team

Plan and collaborate for presentations, exhibits, activities at school fests, theme weeks and UN Days, accompany them to events

Connect with Change Generation Rising

Student clubs / YL Teams interact with our full scope of campaigns, projects, methods, lifestyle challenges, live meetings, … making them fantastic “assistant teachers”, and the program also offers field partners, “teaching tools”, “modules” and “badges” to use across the curriculum.

YL expands your possibilities beyond your imagination. Spend some time exploring and follow our newsletter for discovering more ideas, teacher feedback and join our Teachers’ Circle for exchange, support and co-designing programs.

Always keep in mind your dream partner – a YL High Impact Student Club!

Boost a YL Field Partner

of our Boost Club for an entire year, playing all cards, from all angles, for a major shift. Geez, what an experience, meeting them live, even on site?

Organize a Skype Session

with a group, school, company, for an event, choosing from our rich range of speakers.

Invite a YL Speaker

to a major conference, event, gala, your school, company … and combine with big support for their cause and youth leadership in your city.


as occasions for presentations, exhibits, theme weeks and activities on global issues, with a focus on solutions, youth leadership, adding speakers, public and media presence

Run a HeroInes of the Month Mini-Exhibit

in class, to shape worldview, enable study, embed in learning culture

Run a YL Education Program

such as Peace Tree Connexion, for stronger ntegration in school life, culture and create a Learnscape around a Peace Tree, reaching into the local community and media

Implement the Informal YL Curriculum

for making sustainability solutions & youth leadership omni-present in formal teaching by simply making each teacher of a class use 1 or 2 media / modules / club contributions per school year

Support & Use the ISLE

The space serving as club Headquarter / Hub / Exhibit / Fundraising table etc is a formidable Informal Sustainability Learning Environment ISLE, powered by passionate able students. Use it!

Use School Fests & Youth Action Days

to build up momentum, collective action, involving the greater community of parents, organizations and donors, create vivid images for invited journalists

Use Arts & Ethics & Virtues

with our 7 Cardinal Virtues collection on youth embodying the virtues to the max in their personality and work

Use Change Generation Music & Musical

to take music and theatre class to a new level, and inspiring audiences in unprecedented ways

Organize Lifestyle Challenges

with the student club on dimensions of Sustainable Lifestyle, using our Challenges and Social Experiments

Turn Stories into Comics & Cartoons

using our storyboards, involving your students in exciting projects creating real media to be used by a global audience of peers, parents and teachers

Translate, Subtitle & Read Our Stories

making our posters and videos available to a greater audience in your language

You see, it’s such a beautiful abundance. And there is many times more.

It’s for all teachers

Here’s why we think you should sign up

Your Benefits

“Global issues used to create feelings of powerlessness like a dark cloud above the classroom. Your solution stories have changed everything. Students are full of hope, curious to learn and motivated to do something.”

“It’s been the most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet ones had something to say. Students are inspired and ask how they can get involved.”


You enrich your work day

with inspired students, exciting learning culture and professional satisfaction


You lead learning innovation

at and beyond your school, rippling across your region


It makes you happy

+ you make others happy, with every share


You change lives

from the first moment; you boost projects that can change nations, shape history. Seriously.

You feel your impact

just days or weeks after your contribution. That’s rare and fun. Try it!

You experience agency

… and so do your students (!) – that you can influence lives, the world, the future. That’s the most important for mental health, and caring active citizenry.

You learn on-the-go

… about solutions etc, and will be able to share them on many occasions

You will find value for YOURSELF

… family and friends

GOOD for your Professional Life

boosting your days, adding excitement, purpose, activities, teamwork, even new avenues

GOOD for your Idealist Life

we are all aware, and it feels good to do good stuff

GOOD for your Personal Life

magical moments, memories, friendships galore

GOOD for People & Planet

for many people, since our actions are tuned for massive ripple effects. And you’ll feel it.

Never in human history have teachers been more important.

Sign up. It’s free.

Curious about Your Impact?

Living Your Educator’s Dream

In 2 hours, you can ...
  • inspire a group to make youth leadership part of their life – using the Presentation Kit
  • reach 100’s – by spreading digital media on social media, and newsletters of companies and NGOs
  • reach 1000’s – by distributing our media to your district’s schools, cafes and waiting rooms
  • organize an exhibit on young heroInes at school, libraries, events, building community and impact – using the Pop-Up Exhibit
  • do a fundraiser, exhibit or presentation at school or work – for instant support of teen heroInes around the planet
  • enable a group to design massive campaigns and projects – following the footsteps of wildly successful youth, using the Project & Campaign Roadmap

and lots more


and here is what your students can do, simply doing like their peers

In 1 week they can
  • establish a partnership with a school
  • mobilize friends, family, community to do act together
  • found vegan clubs at schools, like Chloe at age 14
  • create a viral video on yukky food ingredients, like Coral at age 7
  • learn change generation music, inspiring peers for action, like Xiuhtezcatl at age 13
  • organize a book drive scoring 1,000 books for kids in need, like Emma and Julia at age 13
  • make water a human right, keep it public and ban bottled water in your city – like Robyn at age 13
  • make $100-1,000 simply by selling cake, cookies and lemonade, or $2,000 a day – like Lulu at age 12
  • establish a grease-recycling venture making $1,000-5,000 a month, taking a weekly walk – like Cassandra at age 10
  • launch a campaign for ending the hurtful palm oil industry, like Madi and Rhiannon at age 12
  • create backyard habitats for frogs, toads and butterflies, like Avalon at age 9
  • create a school or vertical garden, like Alicia at age 6

and lots more.

Then … there’s the adult changemakers to work with, shaping history. Yes, epic.

This makes you this young generation’s greatest ally.

The No.1 Goal

Inspire and support your students to live like their dynamic peers. At the heart of this process is the experience of heroIne role models, and their long-term presence in life at school, embodied by passionate young changemakers self-organizing a year-round stream of action as student club / YL Team using our media, methods, services, using a tables & laptop & poster exhibit public space at school as club headquarter, co-working hub and informal learning environment serving the entire school community.

Get a complete understanding of the tools and approach and energies at work in “The Essentials Of Youth Leadership”, our “Messengers” program, and youth teams connect with the framework of our leadership program “Change Generation Rising” with Badges etc for documenting and crediting student action.

Change Generation Rising

is an unprecedented leadership program, enabling youth / at school to grow up taking action with humanity’s greatest changemakers!

Imagine seeing your students on fire, becoming the role models and positive centre of attention in your city and country, because you opened their eyes to youth leadership…

Promote Summer Camps

so teen activists have a chance to meet their awesome peers

Enable Summer Camps

in your country, scouting locations and a supportive network

Meet Your Allies

You and us know that motivated teachers are already buzy with school work. This is why WE design YL in a way that YOU simply introduce it, and encourage and support student-led activities. WE take the role of outer school partners, like sports clubs and music schools are. WE give your inspired students balls, tunes and courts to play.


In your Landscape of Learning – the city and region – are allies and learnscapes (like environmental education centres) that you know, and others to discover. As you know now, youth leadership is a dream come true for youth, parents, civil society, and also professionals – journalists, entrepreneurs – as well as donors and funders. View how they use YL to best connect and collaborate with them. Also, explore how to live YL as a citizen and parent.

Adults - Citizens

Spread, boost, facilitate and support youth leadership as part of our global team, with ample opportunity for self-responsible activities aligned with your passion, interests, even benefts for your professional path.


use our media, methods and live support services for taking action on favorite causes, establish youth leadership at school and evoke impact like their famous peers. They are the engine and drivers at the heart of year-round youth powered change, … as our rich documentation on our website and media proves exhaustively. Now, … awaken that potential.

Adults - Partners

Team up for boosting the game-changing phenomenon of youth leadership with your capacity, skill and priviledge – and lift humanity to the next level of civilization, with rich benefits for your aspirations.