Youth Leadership means “youth self-organizing projects to change lives, land, learning, laws and industries,” and this is precisely what YL is designed to help you do. 

Our main approach is to show you what other teens are successfully doing to better the world. This means you can do like them on your favorite causes.

We feature 100s of hero*ines, hence you’ll for sure find  favorite causes and activities for yourself – and for youth and adults around you – making it easy to grow your team, impact, fun and opportunities.

You are also equipped with their immense scope of tools, tricks, videos, teaching tools, and you can meet hero*ines and coaches face2face – for inspiration, guidance and to work together.

You won’t find this anywhere else.

We bundle all those solutions, tools, support and community
in a youth leadership training program open to all youth

to make changemaking their sport and unfold their hero*ine skills to



You are not joining an organization. You operate entirely free. It feels like a gaming community. There is a uniting set of rules and code of honor. You learn a few basic moves, like in any sport or music. Then you use them for real, refine them, improvize, freestyle, create your own, jam and team up with others – also with the world’s greatest hero*ines. Pure epic!

Together, we change real lives, and your ventures and achievements are shared publicly to involve, inspire and empower all of us to #bemoreawesome  

You act pretty much like in adventure games. You  select hero*ines, shift into their skin, interpret it in your own way and wield multiple skills that you naturally master through practice. Acting on your own or in teams, you learn peer-to-peer, involve allies on your local and global playing fields, and as you chronicle your victories and complete missions, you can score badges, patches, honor shirts and ascend warrior ranks – just like in games – for the fun and because it extremely boosts collaboration and your real world CV! 

Let’s have a look how it’s being “played.”

#bemoreawesome is FOR EVERYBODY

On tv, you are only shown eloquent speakers, many of them angry and waiting for people in politics to fix things. That’s not for most of us, attracts trolls, leads to nothing and it’s boring. You don’t even find it here. Media also shows you inventors of tech gadgets. That’s also relevant for only very few of us.

The interesting stuff is found in the countless youth

  • fundraising, building, planting, organizing, reporting …
  • silent and gentle, loud and badass types
  • intro– and extroverts
  • merry, not angry, addressing solutions not problems
  • no interest in age, gender or skin pigment
  • successfully activating entire schools and cities

proving that it’s for everybody. It’s For You.

View the scope of types and youth actions.

Also a total newbie recognizes these types, and that you have several of them in yourself. You are also confident that you can awaken other types in you and their evolve skills.


fire up our virtuous spirit to protect what we love  and boldly walk into boss battles with a laugh


may be silent and gentle but do the real work giving their most precious – their lifetime


get things done. With patient determination they restore Paradise.

Animal Angels

restore our bond with beings that bring harmony to our restless souls and teach us to be wildly alive and kind


vividly document and publish our unfolding adventure tales to boost reach, community, fun, impact and our CVs


awaken hero*ine spirit in our hearts and crowds


uplift spirit, ambience, flair, generate funds with auctions


create stuff that makes life more awesome, spread a sense of experiment and possibilty

Party Wizards

put FUN into fundraising with Philanthro-Parties, crowds, memorable moments, big results, plenty of photos


upgrade stands with blissful vibes that make money for good and build community


add merry magic to our often serious world of changemaking for ultimate FUN


remind us what we are fighting for and show us how to dive best into the marvellous Queendom of Nature


are badass skillers that teach us to go beyond limits just for FUN! Be spectacular, amaze and #bemoreawesome

Secret Agents

are nondescript, wear camouflage look like the boring masse, and make surprise contributions

So many types, and all common sense.

You know that you can join many of these activities and make small or big contributions. You also know that you can launch some by yourself. You also know youth specialized in others, so they might get inspired to get active, by themselves, or by helping you. And it looks like a lot of fun – because it is!

This means that High Impact Youth Leadership,
changing lives and land like your generation’s hero*ine peers
is totally in your nature, reach and hands. Like any “sport”.

You also know that this feels like fun. YL IS FOR YOU.


It’s also perfectly realistic to include it in your life, at school and in town, and beyond.

Now imagine a large crew uniting all those types of youth, each doing their thing, but also working together and helping each other out.

Imagine such crews at every school on the planet.

Imagine your circle of like-hearted friends and allies all over the planet. Imagine the impact we make together, the fun, your holidays, the rich life – and the future we will create together as we shift into positions of influence in society over our next 70 years.

That is what it means to #bemoreawesome

Taking part is easy.

Like in any online game, you select your preferred pace of action.
Casual, regular or full-time, as you like.
FREE, with many options.

Let’s look at another practical aspect.

Making School Days Awesome

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