YL LearnSpace Pack

Where can youth can gather to learn solutions, plan and realize projects with relevant impact on people and planet?

Nowhere? Then you can never have an active citizenry. 

This pack equips you to set up a fulminant space to inspire, form teams, set up HQs, take action, coach, create presence in public

  • XXL Poster Exhibit on Teen Hero*ines and Youth Leadership Essentials, 100 pieces
  • 20 A1 XXL Ambience Posters
  • #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course Pack, 1,000 pieces
  • books, brochures, manuals, flyers

Perfect for Crew HQs and Schools

Perfect locations are intersections with the public

  • where fired up youth of the district’s schools can non-formally gather
  • at times when changemaking happens most – after school and office hours, in evenings, on week-ends and holiday periods
  • in sovereign manner, with win-wins for host spaces, such as

public libraries, living museums, community centres …

Also think of orphanages, survivor homes, prisons, refugee camps, crisis regions …

View our 150 page manual on optimal LearnSpace location, flair, design, equipment, activities, crew, partners


as Inter/national Youth Leadership Learning Centre