Dear friends,

meet your new allies and the participants of our first meeting between La Foundation Aisha, Youth-Leader members and the Red Brigade Trust for our common quest to

boost water, peace, active citizenry, education, peace for girls and women, vision for boys, healthy food abundance, youth leadership in local and global collaboration among youth, citizens, schools and changemakers

This monday, we meet for 2 hours in order to give space for hearing of the Red Brigade’s successful work and for much open conversation tuned to each group’s setting. The two hours will be very dense. This is a high potential meeting with intent for practical follow-up in weeks and months to come.

To make the most of our encounter, please take a few minutes to get a good impression of everyone involved. This will deepen our bond, understanding of initiatives, skills, opportunities and more, shorten our need for introductions and make the meeting more efficient. Please keep this link among close allies for now.

Angelique Rodriguez, USA

Angelique Rodriguez is what some would call a seeker. She has a diverse history of lenses when it comes to her love of Water.

Angelique has been creative in how she has shared and expressed this love. One of these ways is through which offers NASA-Certified, Nano-fiber Water filtration technology.

She has a strong history of supporting our First Nations relatives around the globe.

In addition to the state of the art Nano-fiber technology and devotion to serve, Angelique’s personal offering is her heartfelt desire to share Waters messages of how we, through our remembrance we can bring back into balance the Divine Feminine within us all.

With an understanding of our co-creative birthright and ability to be the change by embracing our internal Waters.

Restoring the lines of communication that open to us the divine blueprint of all creation, frequency embedded into Water, from compassionate love.

Angelique carries a warriors spirit and a strong conviction that, We are the change we have been waiting for, and it is time to embrace all our relatives, to take their hands and close back the circle that was once broken.

You can find Angelique at or check out her Youtube Channel at

Elizabeth Herald, USA

The Pure Water flowing in the beautiful lakes and rivers of the High Sierra have been a haven for Elizabeth since early childhood.

For over thirty years, Elizabeth Herald has worked in many aspects of film and video production.

She understands storytelling to be a powerful way humans communicate their life experiences.

Being nourished by one of the Sacred Water Hearts of the World, Da ow ga (Lake Tahoe) guides her life journey and has come to believe that Pure Water is an essential covenant and blessing for All Life.

She offers the Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept as an emerging whole systems model for connecting, organizing and mentoring local Water Stewards in implementing solutions moving towards a thriving regenerative human culture on Earth.

As a faithful Water Advocate she invites us to reconsider our relationship within Water as the Source of all life ~ whole, sacred and essential; cherishing Water as if our existence depends on it, because undeniably … it does!

Mamoudou Condé, USA Guinea

has had a lifelong interest in the arts. 

His love of the arts was sparked at a very young age, after taking part in “La Nuit de L’école Guinéenne”, a country wide cultural event organized by President Ahmed Sékou Touré. Following the work of his relative, Keita Fodeba, founder of the world renowned dance company Les Ballets Africains, Condé understood that his future would revolve around the arts.

Condé traveled to the United States in the mid-1980’s where he created World Music Productions in 1994 to promote the traditional musical arts of his birth country. The organization tours the world to preserves the traditional and contemporary heritage of African culture and history through dance and music utilizing technology, live performances, films, the Internet, radio and television.

In 1998, Condé became the managing director and producer of Guinea’s national dance and music ensembles Les Percussions De Guinée, Les Ballets Africains and Ballet National Djoliba. 

That same year, Mamoudou Condé made history when he broke a taboo to create NIMBAYA!, the first women master percussion group in Africa to perform on traditional instruments historically reserved to male players only.

Additionally, Mamoudouhas worked with tens of thousands of children in schools across the United States and abroad, sharing with them the beauty of Africa’s rich cultural heritage.  Condé’s dedication to the preservation of the musical traditions of Africa has earned him respect and recognition worldwide.

His hope is that younger generations, whether in Africa or elsewhere in the world, will benefit from the values of discipline, courage, determination, respect, and teamwork needed to become the best of the best, not only as traditional drummers and dancers but in all areas of life.

As Mamoudou Conde works to preserve, promote and spread Africa’s rich cultural legacy through music, drums, dance and storytelling, he continues to fight for social justice for all people.

Nanfadima Magassouba, Guinea
    • Députée à l’Assemblée Nationale

    • Présidente du Comité de pilotage du projet d’Appui de renforcement des capacités des organisations membres du Collège des Acteurs pour la Réduction de la Pauvreté (CARP) 

    • Présidente du comité de pilotage du projet d’observation des élections en République de Guinée

    • Membre de la commission nationale de lutte contre le trafic des personnes.

    • Chef service documentation et analyse documentaire au CENDID ;

    • Conseillère du Premier Ministre, chargée d’études au bureau de stratégies à la primature ;

    • Ministre de la Solidarité Nationale, de la Promotion Féminine et de l’Enfance ;

    • Membre du Réseau des médiatrices de la CEDEAO ;

    • Députée, présidente du forum des femmes parlementaires de Guinée (FOFPAG) ;

    • Présidente de la commission des délégations à l’Assemblée Nationale.

  • Formation à l’Education aux Droits de la personne

  • en développement des mutuelles de santé

  • techniques de plaidoyer et de lobbying

  • sur l’évaluation des programmes et projets de lutte contre la pauvreté

  • l’évaluation des Stratégies de Réduction de la Pauvreté

  • en planification stratégique, techniques de montage des projets et mobilisation des ressources

  • genre, égalité des sexes et la budgétisation

  • en techniques de médiation et de gestion des conflits

  • en leadership pour l’impact stratégique

Sekou Tepaka Lunda Conde, USA, Guinea

respected worldwide as a performer, educator, historian, folklorist, percussionist, recording artist and business owner.

Throughout his life, he has placed himself as a relentless student of traditional Malinke culture, history, values and folklore.

His studies are steeped in apprenticeships with many of the greats of his homeland Africa and America.

Starting with Muntu Dance Theatre in 1978, with intense training in the art of West African drumming and culture.

His West African drumming education placed him at the feet of many masters, beginning with Babu Atiba and Moshe Milon of Muntu Dance Theatre, on to Grand Master teachers as Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate, Abdoul Doumbiya, Moussa Traore, Laurent Camara and Babara Bangoura.

Sekou draws off of the power and teachings of them all.In 2006 Sekou toured with Legends of West Africa, a tour created by his uncle Mammoudou Conde, Laura Rich and Matthew Mueller (RIP). After returning from tour Sekou created Seneke West African Percussion Ensemble, composed of many of Chicago’s most skilled artists.

In 2007 Conde toured Canada with NIMBAYA! Formerly known as Amazones Women Master Drummers, founded and managed by his uncle Mamoudou Conde.

NIMBAYA being the first all African Women drum and dance company of Guinea West Africa.In 2013 Conde launched “Kafolike School of Percussion” a 501c3 non-for profit organization in Chicago and Kansas City KS to educate children and adults in the culture, history, folklore , technique and ethics of West African music.

Sekou’s dedication to the arts and education served the community with programs that enriched the educational and artistic vitality of thousands of children.

In 2015 Sekou became Program manager for Muntu’s ACE (Arts for Community Empowerment) in-school and after-school programming. His reach extended to over 3000 children a year creating a vast educational component that to this day still impacts the lives of the Chicago land community at large.

Sekou became the Muntu Dance Theatre’s Executive Director in 2017, a position he proudly holds today. On this humble journey of a cultural ambassador to African culture, Conde, has become assistant manager of Guinee West Africa’s famed Les Ballets Africians, Nimbaya Women Master Drummers and Guinee Percussions.

Additionally, he serves as Executive Director of La Foundation Aicha, a non-for profit organization whose mission is to assist with the world’s needs of humanity and pure water.

The intrinsic discipline and vast knowledge Conde has gained over the years has taken his abilities to new heights, increasing his cultural devotion to community and traditional African values.

John Ssentamu, Uganda

I am John Ssentamu. I am a teacher by profession. I am the Founder of

  • Good Shepherd Primary School


  • Busubi Empowered Communities Learning Centre

I am a fish farmer.

I am also a President of Rural Teachers Association. I am working with 15 institutions and we need to cover over 20 villages.

Early marriage and pregnancy is high.

Abdoul Karim Camara, Guinea

I am trained as English teacher in the French speaking country of Guinea, West Africa.

Young Men’s Evolution is an idea I had in 2014, a way of ideologically helping young people to regain strength and hope in a world that needs it so much.

I am the youngest of 15 children in my family and have experienced a life like many disadvantaged children in my country.

Very early in life, after having spent a difficult childhood far from my two biological parents, I quickly understood that it was very dangerous to abandon a child and let him understand life alone while growing up in the face of the obstacles of compete.

For some time now as I was practically losing my strength as a result of the abuse I suffered away from the safe hands of Mom and Dad, I realized that the best security guards for a child are only their father and mother.

Society must also understand that protecting a child so that they grow up in a free and fulfilled world must be hard work for all.

No child should undergo treatments which transform his heart and cause it to become a being contrary to that of his mission.

Meeting an American woman named Elizabeth Rogers marked a big change in my life, and also made me realize that no matter what can happen to us in life, the right people still exist.

I would say here that WATER continues to change my life.

Sumaili Nyange, Kenya

I am Congolese by nationality.

In 2010, the persecution in my country reached a boiling point and I and my family forced from my country.

I fled to East Africa and landed in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya.

There I took a look in my surroundings, I saw people just like me who needed help. So I decided that change would start with me. I began a refugee initiative group that works to improve the condition of life in refugee camp.

I empower women, widows, disabled, and youths.

I’m working in different projects like

  • Permaculture Education
  • Film making course
  • Perma Girls club
  • Soap making
  • Poetry farming
  • Tailoring

I’m working with my community as the members of this organisation, and crew member we are 35 people.

We have established farming skills around two camps which gives us pride.

To give girls voice in the society its our major plans.

Eric Schneider, Europe

is founder, a global platform committed to help global youth and their adult allies cultivate youth leadership 

training youth to self-organize projects changing lives, lad, learning, laws and industries 

at school and beyond, as has been done in the US and Canada for 50 years.

Eric works via video globally and tours Europe to train people to activate youth leadership en masse, equipping them with diverse resources, partners, support and status.

His flagship programs are

  • a global community of young and adult changemakers with high impact initiatives replicable by youth
  • available as speakers, coaches and project partners for schools, companies etc
  • to team up with schools, citizens, cities etc.
  • a wide range of tools, methods and support to inspire people and create enabling environments using stories, exhibits, music, films and hundreds of activities sourced from hero*ines
  • team headquarters and LearnSpaces for youth to gather, find inspriation, learn solutions, plan and realize projects
  • YL Magazine, now also National Issues, with focus on hero*ines and solutions with adventurous flair for youth, adults, education and to turn readers into active users

Eric is also founder of RCE, Regional Centre of Expertise for Education for Sustainable Development ESD and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. RCE Berlin has a focus on Youth Leadership and accompanies people and groups in taking steps to activate Pilot Regions where youth-led projects are inexistent or rare. 

As certified sevengardens dialoger (RCE-Ruhr, UN University), he gives playful and creative workshops on sourcing colors from plants – for wonder, play, art, education, cosmetics and more.

Eric has trained several sevengardens dialogers, also with focus on Education for Sustainable Development ESD and UN SDGs. 

He has been honored with the Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award for media of world benefit, led two teams to win the UN Online Volunteering Award, scored Pacesetter status in Ashoka’s re:imagine learning Challenge, gained 4 time status with UNESCO as Official Project of the UN Decade of ESD, membership with UNESCO Round Table for Implementation of the Decade of ESD and most of all

he is trusted by today’s young hero*ines as a precious ally.

Last not least, Eric is initiated to sacred traditions of North, Central and South America, India and Europe, the sacred feminine, and he knows there is no death.

Skhumbuzo Dlamini, South Africa

Skhubuzo grew up in challenging conditions in rural Apartheid South Africa without schools or even culture and community centres.

Skhumbuzo is spiritually initiated with strong relation to water.

He has turned his love for people into devotion to helping young people grow up with richer opportunities through

  • traditional culture and values
  • dance
  • theatre 

also with international

  • exchange visits
  • video-workshops
  • school partnerships

and seeks to develop his land and buildings into a community centre

  • with youth leadership
  • library
  • permaculture
  • connected with schools

and to learn with a global family of spiritually conscious community organizers and partners.

Michaela Ostermann, Germany

is founder and CEO of Kalima Design, a one woman powered 100% ethical Fair Fashion company.

Based in Bavaria, Germany, Michaela works with Indian

  • cotton farmers
  • traditional stampmakers
  • natural color dyers (from plants)
  • small tailor families

on a mix of Bavarian-German and Indian designs that she sells on markets, in her online shop and to boutiques in Germany.

Michaela is passionate about helping women in challenging circumstances, such as poverty or löss of husbands or injustice and looks forward to add

  • tailor training centres
  • partnerships
  • work with Fair Fashion student clubs (trade, design, school tunikas etc)
  • travel visits

to her range of activities.

As certified sevengardens dialoger (RCE-Ruhr, UN University), she gives playful and creative workshops on sourcing colors from plants – for wonder, play, art, education, cosmetics and more.

Red Brigade Trust, in 7 cities incl. Lucknow and Varanasi, State of Uttar Pradesh, North-West India

They have the flair of a rockband. That’s in response to the hard turf of Uttar Pradesh where many people behave hard and cruel to children and girls. It draws pools of blood, literally, and dead early teenage girls.

“Who else has experienced sexual abuse,” one asked into the round. All raised their hand. No more, they decided.

They trained themselves in martial arts, patrolled streets, and when men ridiculed them red brigade, they decided that’s a good name and adopted it. They changed laws, ended the taboo on women to use force, even in self-defense, and have since trained 30,000+ girls, also at schools, been on the country’s most popular talkshow and have launched various educational campaigns and programs on Good Touch Bad Touch, acid attack survivor run cafes, trailor training and more.

All this on one 100% volunteer energy.

During the pandemic, they used their meanwhile good status with authorities to activate their ecosystem of relations incl. Orange Café to defend their hard hit poor urban community by creating and handing out masks, passing out information, providing food packs to 100s of vulnerable families, to stranded workers passing through on their long way home. 

Their dream is to build the Red Brigade Trust Academy with

  • training centre
  • de-traumatization room
  • dormitories
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • tailor training studio
  • youth leadership learning centre

and more, as well as

  • a Tour of Europe, to help girls and young women empower themselves, reduce street harassment, rape, domestic violence and child abuse
  • school partnershipos
  • exchange visits
  • volunteer visits
  • guided tours for travellers

and what else the world needs.