After IYONS World Summit, we had a full day workshop presentation on YOUTH LEADERSHIP FOR A SUSTAINABLE PLANET at Loyola College, Chennai, a wonderful Jesuit institution with a strong commitment to ECO-SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS, KINDNESS AND COLLABORATION with messages embedded into every sphere of life on campus, incl the official street signs. Hats off! This is exciting!

It is even more exciting, because Loyola Colleges around the globe

– decided 10 years ago, that sustainability and spirituality necessarily go hand in hand.

– held an unconference on Spirituality and Sustainability in February 2015

– have developed the HEALING EARTH online textbook for Jesuit High Schools

In this context, we have been invited by core members of the textbook development group, Dr. Lazar, to

– meet Loyola Eco Club students at IYONS World Summit

– present on the powers of Youth Leadership and sustainability solutions for every imaginable global and local topic

– incl Skype sessions with YOUTH-LEADERs and a live workshop on self-defense against sexual assault with our hero/ines of the Red Brigade Lucknow


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The long day – held on the first day after the passing of India’s grand icon DR. ABDUL KALAM – known as the Missile Man and People’s President – included inspirational videos of Dr. Kalam, YL Videos, presentations, Q&A and conversations with students, a Live on Skype session with Holley Somerville Knott – 11 year old singing activist sensation from Australia (her anthem CSG NO WAY was a major part of the successful BENTLEY BLOCKADE, stopping fracking in their beloved county).

Holley delivered a powerful speech about youth and citizen activism, love, proper responsible good governance and an amazing performance of POWER TO THE PEOPLE, which got the audience fired up for the next stage:


Usha and team involved the students in action, and it was amazing to see how the girls’ shyness turned into wild strong combat, and the major male audience cheered in genuine, enthusiastic support as the girls battered away on the mock attackers.

Holley cheered via video, and announced that she dedicated her POWER TO THE PEOPLE song to the courageous girls and women making the world a safer, more welcoming and more beautiful place for all of us. We envision Holley and The Red Brigade to meet on skype at girls workshops to have a common performance of POWER TO THE PEOPLE – maybe with some Hindi lyrics included? Stay tuned!

The day kept students glued to their seats way beyond conventional class hours, and by 18h00, the day had sparked 15 youth teams for 15 causes, to evolve along a special class on the Healing Earth Curriculum, developed for hundreds of Jesuit high schools around the globe (exciting video impressions upcoming!).

What a day!

Thank you to the excellent, committed professors who co-organized this special day for 300 students and ourselves, and the wonderful hospitality of hosting us on campus for the night. Eric got a gift from the Red Brigade, and you see he’s all smiles about his new uniform, determined for new deeds in the future!

ERIC in Red Brigade Lucknow Shirt at IYONS

ERIC in Red Brigade Lucknow Shirt with USHA VISHWAKARMA at LOYOLA COLLEGE