Eric has been testing our media in RELIGION class and feedback has been outstanding. The kids have little experience with global issues and none with changemaking. But after an hour of guided exploration of a handful of youth leaders

  • they were on fire to support BABAR ALI’s school and came up with hot questions and ideas for organizing Philanthro Parties among friends and at school, fundraisers on public markets
  • inviting the mayor and journalists, presenting at other schools and building a local movement, just like Free The Children!
  • They have understood the importance of simple, casual photo documentation for social media like Emma and Jack are doing for Books With No Bounds.
  • And they got outraged about environmental destruction “being no crime at all”, and wish Ecocide Law to come true as soon as possible.
  • Their teacher is delighted and is organizing further activities at schools she teaches at.

Here is how Eric experienced the session:

  • I am usually very worried by the experience of a low state of spirit, knowledge, awareness, urge, passion and experience for creating sustainable societies among all too often complacent german youth, and European youth in general. 
  • This session and the resulting passion of the 11 year olds, their phone calls asking for posters and flyers to print and use the next day have been very, very encouraging, that we can spark the spirit and momentum that our young generation dearly needs to upgrade themselves into inhabitants, co-creators, shapers and stewards of proper, good societies.