Our first Bavarian YL Messenger Matthias has

  • been immersing himself in YL videos, poster sets and Presentation guidelines
  • easily inspired teachers to invite him for a session
  • and held 4 presentations in grade 7 and 8

Experiences were excellent!

  • students are profoundly inspired by what they’ve seen
  • have enjoyed Matthias’ outgoing personality
  • have enjoyed the interactive methods, exploring posters, selecting favorites
  • teachers agree that “this is what education should always be like”
  • students and teachers wish Matthias to come back for more

VIEW THE FEEDBACK GRAPHICS – click for full size

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Matthias got inspired for youth leadership at the Changemaker Jam in November 2015; and see how quickly he has reached far and wide beyond anything he would have imagined possible just a couple of months ago! He got self-initiated

  • to the amazing phenomenon of youth leadership
  • to the world fo YOUTH-LEADER and our immense community of action
  • to making innovative presentations embraced by teachers and students
  • to sparking group action and building links with youth-led campaigns

This is how a single session can spark CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS who inspire HUNDREDS OF YOUTH, simply by

  • viewing our videos, stories and
  • following a few simple guidelines
  • for step-by-step presentations
  • proposing instant action opportunities
  • encouraging the founding of a student club and
  • informing about the opportunities with the YL community

Matthias is benefitting from

  • worldview change about youth power and contemporary learning culture
  • the experience of presenting with great success at school
  • a demand for his own offers as wilderness coach
  • Hope! Big time hope for our young generation and the future!