Take action on favorite causes with our epic, self-paced changemaker training program in 24/7 real-time cooperation with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores.

Pick from 400 actions, complete missions, gain badges, ascend ranks, boss battle #bemoreawesome 


“How can we make creating a good world for all part of learning culture and daily life at school, involving the whole community, powered by youth and caring teachers?”

We help you achieve it.


Boost global young hero*ines and local youth leadership in a million swift, simple, fresh, fun ways – aligned with your lifestyle – through donations, in-kind, by activating your workplace, as partner. You choose.

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“Where can youth and citizens meet to learn to create a good world, to plan and do projects for people and planet?”

To-date, nowhere. Now, they can, with enormous ripple effects in town.


Please, stop re-iterating problem data and doing nothing. Take the challenge:

A tangible action on all 17 SDGs, based on 100 hero*ines’ model solution, plus extras

Score bronze, silver, gold status, badges, a banner, and – if God will – the Trophy!


we have important programs that contribute to the above

Meet global experts

to kickstart youth action, activate your city, learn on global issues and take robust tangible action

Know youth leadership in all its facets, wield all our resources to activate youth + adult allies with our global community.


Meet today’s hero*ines live for inspiration

in case of schools + to celebrate achievements and plan what’s next
* bec we involve you! *

Team up with genius changemakers

to take their high impact initiatives to next inter/national levels

Meet like-hearted badass youth

in epic setting, majestic nature, learn magic, bond, plan campaigns + implement them when back home, together

Visit YL Tribe members

as holiday, learning journey, work visit, youth exchange, volunteer stay, coach, trainer …

The unique positive change magazine

for intergenerational action for people and planet

Stay uplifted 24/7

collaborate in real-time with the world’s finest changemakers to evoke change at record speed

Co-create YL

as writer, editor, trans-lator, artist, social media community crew. We certify your involvement

We team up

with changemakers, cities, schools, companies, individuals … to do good for people and planet tailored for your focus causes and regions