Our beautiful young generation faces total destruction of nature, wealth, liberties and dreams … for no reason but adults’ lack of heart and wit.

YL enables youth and their adult allies to create a world of peace, bliss and abundance for all instead.

From today you can turn your love and rage into action with tools, tricks and partners to self-organize high impact projects like today’s hero*ines – and with them.


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High Impact Youth Leadership

For 2 decades, we have worked on all seven continents, with diverse groups in diverse settings. The outcome is a planetary like-hearted tribe equipped with unique tools and methodology to self-organize swift actions and grand collaborative projects, with presence in schools, media, public spaces and lots of fun. 

Our goal : Changemaker Student Clubs at every school, with adult allies all over town!

Activate yourself, your school, your business, get your city on the map …


Youth and Adults

can each wield their Superpowers

like never before with YL

Celebrated by youth, teachers, parents, experts and hero*ines of all ages and regions.

The most inspirational I’ve ever seen. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.

Youth and adults on 7 continents

The most energized lesson of my career. This is what school should always be like.

Teachers in Korea, Poland, Germany, India

Thank you for helping me realize my dream.

Babar Ali, world’s youngest headmaster, India

We need YL at all our schools.

Emma Mogus, World’s Children’s Prize MC, Canada

A complete toolset and ecosystem of partners to spark and successfully evolve projects and youth leadership all over your region.

for your favorite hero*ine

The #1 Speakers Bureau for High Impact Youth Leadership and Edu-Action

Meet Hero*ines !

Encounter outstanding changemakers and coaches as group, class, school, company, event – via video, onsite – with options for vivid preparation, swift impactful action and to join their adventures. THIS IS FOR REAL

Babar, the world's youngest headmaster

50 million Indian school students know his story. Meet him for real for open conversation, get inside views, fun anecdotes, hear what’s next – and shape his school’s future!

World Experts

like Peter Reichenbach, maybe the world’s #1 wisdom keeper on sourcing colors from plants for arts, dyes, education, business … with a sevengardens community of innovators Fair Fashion, cosmetics – available to you, also!


like Siarah, who crosses Germany on horseback with a goat at her side, lives barefoot and explores inner and outer Nature. Do Archaic Living experiments and share your discoveries with her!

YL's Eric himself

Learn of the global youth leadership phenomenon, what it means for our GOOD future, and how to wield YL tools, tricks and partners to boost local youth leadership, activate your school and #bemoreawesome

Team Up!

Support your favorite hero*ines to reach milestones. See success unfold. Help in-kind. Get creative. Pay visits. Organize youth exchanges. Shape the future of entire regions.

Realize world-premiere Pilot Projects !

Help community organizers (and Quidditch Teams!) set up Youth Leadership LearnSpaces to better lives – in refugee camps, Apartheid-, crime-, rape-, poverty-impacted areas … in Africa and India. Pure epic! #bemoreawesome

YL Magazine

The world-premiere action magazine for youth, citizens, education and Living SDGs in Action

Only things that uplift, enable and equip you to make life and the world awesome

YL Tour of Europe

YL Master Coaches tour Europe with a rich program to activate Youth Leadership and add your region for pan-European collaboration projects.

A Call to Artists

to gift existing or create artworks radiating spirit to #bemoreawesome for YL shirts, posters, patches, magazine …

RCE-Ruhr, UN University

We are honored to be Competence Partner of RCE-Ruhr, Germany, UNU-IAS Tokyo, centre of expertise in Education for Sustainable Development ESD and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals SDGs


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Train your skills

Everybody’s unique. Choose a self-paced online course, a guided 4-week course, a local workshop series or a group training tuned to your profession.

We also come into town. Free options available.

At School

We run workshop series, project days or weeks at schools, for students age 8 to 18.

Call in a YL Coach or guide the crash course yourself using our tool set.

We also offer 1-year training for selected student leaders.


Teachers, librarians, journalists, councillors, civil society, entrepreneurs, celebrities, wealthholders …

Group trainings aligned with your interests, local setting, potentials and priorities.

Option: Certification as YL Coach

Become YL Coach

Dive deep into the fascinating world of youth leadership, into YL’s treasure lair and understand why our Coaches are able to inspire and involve thousands of people from all walks of life.

You will experience a remarkable UPGRADE. In a few weeks, you can grow into the most powerful youth activator in your region, able to help people live their Inner Hero*ine, step into action and realize their GOOD dreams. Like we do.

As certified YL Coach you have membership with the global network of YOUTH-LEADER (UNESCO and UN University partner) and can team up with coaches and partners for more fun and impact.

We have a planet to save and we have not come here to fail

You can wield all our tools, methods and programs – all it takes is love for kids, people and planet

Books, posters, merch

DIY Home & Family Activities

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SDG Challenge

Caring Heart, unlock your access to humanity’s finest. 

You can work with today’s Gandalfs and Gryffindores. It helps make rapid genius big changes.

Enjoy glorious benefits 


School days become awesome.

You make true friends all over Earth, meet all cool people in town, learn ace skills, build an epic CV, lead a rich life of adventure and build the bright future of all species alive today and generations to come. 


Add Mission and Vocation to  daily and professional life.

Plus, you can step into your responsibility as an adult with a capital A (add link). With this comes joy, redemption and your Heart will soar.




This is why you have come 
to this planet at this special time.


YL Community

Live life in company of like-hearted supporters, professionals, coaches and hero*ines

  • YL Magazine + The Hero Show
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  • see progress, and celebrate success
  • get coached, and find project partners
  • collaborate, and co-create YL
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