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Youth Leadership

“Kids and teens as agents of change in their communities”
change lives, laws, industries and learning culture, score 6 hours live on tv, volunteer in record numbers

You have to see and feel it. The Change Generation is rising!

Youth Leadership & You

The world calls on you, and you’ll love it!

Teens today achieve were adults have failed for decades. As kid and teen heroInes pop up everywhere, on fire with love, vision and com|passion, responding to challenges as activists, social entrepreneurs, policy shapers, mentors and teachers, the phenomenon is taking on sensational dimensions!

The best news is, everybody loves it : schools, parents, media, donors, organizations, entrepreneurs and cities recognize the value that it ads to their lives and professions.

This teen generation can change everything. No one’s seen it coming, but everybody can help! Will you?

From today, the future depends on whether YOU WANT to see the rise of the Change Generation.


for fresh news & stuff

Speak Out

Add your voice on global issues


HeroInes and Solutions

Tell Your Success Story

for YL Magazine

Here, you find all you need to be part
as a friend, supporter or full time heroIne!

sourced from ace changemakers

It begins with inspiration : success stories told in powerful authentic images and videos – awakening y/our Inner HeroIne!

It continues with year-round inspiration and multi-faceted action.

Backed by a global tribe.

First Visit?

“Our generation can change everything. What an exciting time to be alive.” Xiuhtezcatl

“You are powerful. And you matter.” Lulu

Check out amazing folks you'll meet in our program


“YL gives you the tools and help to implement massive solutions for creating a world of awesome at record speed, together with the Einsteins and Gandhis of today. It’s the best we can do. Now, the question is whether youth care to do it!”

Meet our nutsy founder

To prepare for operation at the intersection of youth leadership, education, sustainability, change facilitation, social biz, positive change media, Aragorn and Dumbledore stuff, Eric has been formed in hard-boiled warrior traditions for ultimate responsibility, purity and honor; the job title : Planetary Guardian.

Eric’s zero compromise approach to “only the best for our young generation, Earth and all her children” has gained him recognition among teachers, changemakers, kids and Griffindores around the planet. He might be doing something right.

People at this altitude are rare to meet. Eric is on a mission to build the bridge for our global youth, and is involved in presentations, trainings, team-building, workshops, camps and the entire YL circus. He is dad to an awesome son, lives with two cats and has broken camp to be mobile and zip to wherever he’s needed to spread youth leadership on Earth. There’s lots to do. Do Your Part!


Oh! Eric wants you to know he grew up in the wild 90’s Berlin. with ultimate freedom and magic, and he won’t accept anything boring. He says, that’s good for you #bemoreawesome


Do you wish to discover youth leadership & get involved ?

Connect for skype, a presentation, a workshop, a project partnership
with our ambassadors, speakers, real heroInes – even jump right into action !

* superb prep & follow-up

“The idea (of education) is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been.”


The future of all species and generations to come depends on the people alive right now.

Kinari Webb

Media & Tool Packs

Boost your days, make youth action omni-present at school, work, cafes, libraries and public space – relish that can-do feel rise in your community!

Methods, Tools & Tricks

Epic Services

These help you create omni-presence of youth leadership at school, in media and public, as well as inspire, involve and build huge supportive community

Altogether, these boost your spirit, skills, scope, impact and generate unique benefits for your personal, idealist and professional paths.

Now, there’s YOU… the Epic YOU

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We have developed the perfect changemaking program – for You & everybody else

tuned to your lifestyle – as student, activist, parent, teacher, gamer, journalist, ngo, entrepreneur, public servant

self-guided – as youth leadership program, education module or adventure reality game

wielding your superpowers – be surprised, evoke positive changes the easy way

Here’s some of what’s included

There’s so much in it – explore it step by step

Discover CG RISING on-the-go, get involved and enjoy opportunities at school, at work, on social media – you’ll love it!

Connect & Be Part

Experience the rise of the Change Generation “LIVE”

  • Social Media
  • Magazine
  • Newsletters

Turn Passion into Action

  • Give back to heroInes
  • Scale Up! – Mobilize your community
  • Feel your agency, shape the world

Interviews and Articles

Xiuhtezcatl on the power of youth

Daughters of the Sun BOOK Launch


Finland's new phenomena-based learning


Chloe Maxmin meets young changemakers

Blog interview series

The Superpowers of Young People at School

youtube clip series


Interview with Robyn

on her Blue Communities Experience


This Young Generation

An introduction to youth leadership. Dig in, share widely!

Step Into Your Power

Take care for the Earth, and y/our Future

YL gives you opportunity to truly live your dream as a youth, educator, citizen and activist for social good.

Together, we are unstoppable.




Change Generation Rising

offers all we got in a self-organized, self-paced action program, with favorite causes for everybody; the core line-up of 49 youth heroInes has 196 actions of all sorts, uniting angels, heros, hobbits, geeks, even trolls, ghouls and beautiful beasts

Don’t know where to begin?

Start by boosting and imple-menting heroInes’ massive solutions; these proven models are needed everywhere and give you get a headstart – also as absolute beginner – build presence and community. As you progress, respond to local causes and freestyle, your actions unlock new tools

Make Changemaking your ‘Sport’

Sign up as Warrior for powerplay, premium sup-port, valuable badges, credits, levels and honors of real life value for school, your CV and paving your path into positions of influence in society. Within weeks, you’ll create waves across the city, then it gets epic.

Integrate at school

as high impact student club, as add-ons to subjects, for projects, as youth-powered ISLE (Informal Sustainability Learning Environment) serving the entire school community, as clan HQ and fav’ hangout for cool folks

Take The Pledge

I understand that today’s youth are the decisive factor for the future of humanity, the planet and my own life.

I pledge to do my part to empower the Change Generation, until harmony is achieved.

Take a test month – you’ll love it.
It’s all free!

Meet your Tribe – Come to Camp!

Spend the most awesome time with teen activists and adult allies in majestic scenery, mixing adventure, sharing, training and working on real campaigns for an epic experience.

I never knew young people can do this. This gives me so much HOPE.

This is sensational. I am floored by the POTENTIALS.

This should be in ALL SCHOOLS.

Dear Adults _ Help Us

create a world of peace and abundance for all of us; and heal the suffering in the world, created and sustained entirely by adults, to the point of blaming us. We need you to no longer permit this insanity!

This is Your Time to live your adult role

like a champ

to safeguard, restore and guarantee a world of peace, beauty and magnificence for all children, as well as to protect the vulnerable, soft and feminine from abuse, poison, sadness and fear. It’s your duty and responsibility, also in your profession

We help you do so – starting today.





Activate Your Region – it’s in your Hands Now

Seed Our Media

Give Presentations

Organize Exhibits

Ride Ripple Effects

It’s easy and evolves organically.

Just get started, observe reactions, build relations, co-organize, keep going, celebrate, report back, and be part of a global movement! Excitiiiiing!

Does this Make your Heart Sing?

Support our youth and the heroInes that lead by example

1/3 goes to heroInes 1/3 to seeding media 1/3 to leadership & learning programs


More Ways to Help

You can also support in-kind, as mentor, partner, via crowdfunding, investing… also for your city. We think you’ll like it! View more ways to support

Got Ideas, Questions?

We like to hear from you!