USE THESE to empower the Change Generation – and you cannot fail.

If you don’t use them, you’re missing out on your potentials.

That shouldn’t be an option.




FOCUS: Learn all abou youth leadership, how caring people can spark and cultivate it, at school, the workplace, in media and public

RESULTS: Magnificent, uplifting vision on what’s really going on, and where to focus one’s energy, strong can-do feeling, hands full of tools, simple, common sense ripple-effect actions to reach thousands and evoke considerable changes.

For 20 years, when I speak, show stories, videos, music people feel inspired with hope, power, they cry, start actions. I can’t be there in person for all of you for hours. I need you to do this at home, en masse, dive in deep, fill up, equip yourself with the spirit and know-how to “be Eric” for 100s around you, every day, in your way. This does it. Take this trip!



FOCUS: Inspire groups for youth leadership, introduce to wide scope of heroInes, with favorite causes and activities for everybody, instant action opportunities

Frontal or interactive or student-powered; prepare with homework, incl videos, music; harvest and visualize feedback; one, two or three part session, instant action opportunities 

RESULTS: Uplifting worldview on youth, experience of shared passion for youth leadership, agreement that it is important for their generation, should be part of life at school, willingness to get involved, form a team, spread the news #Huge

Instant impact, spark student club, follow-up actions reaching the whole school community and beyond; photos with inspired youth for news media

You’re inspired to them brim, but you need stories, tools, to inspire others. Not frontal but interactive, with absolutely super highlight stories, heros, videos, music, a few vital extras, and simple guidance for a group process. Here you go. You can re-arrange modules according to group’s experience etc. You’ll see.




FOCUS: Create long-term presence in highly frequented spaces, such as schools, public libraries, museums, events, town fests, public space

Use interactive elements (flip cards summary / full story, and explorer guide, even prizes) to make it fun; add video, music

Bring it alive with an info stand, fundraisers for specific heroInes, offers for presentations etc

RESULTS: Reach 100s over long period of time; spark conversations, build community, inspire follow-up actions

Visibility. It makes a big difference if it’s only you with a stand, or you have a “space” with ambience, offering exploration and interaction – be it at a farmer’s market, a school. We use it for YL Team HQs, UN Day HeroInes Of The Month micro-exhibits in class etc. 

You cannot be every all the time. Also, you want to let people explore and discover at their own time and pace. Use it for omni-presence, in cafes, on construction fences… every band room or sports arena has posters of their “stars”. Boost ambience, interaction, photoshoots, and remember : YOU, your spirit, is a message. Combine it all.



FOCUS: Start with flying banners. Take action on popular, efficient high impact causes that are great for use with schools, workplace community, the public; the must-do for and with newbies!

RESULTS: Wonderful and quick experience of one’s agency for many, friendly community, considerable on the lives of many people, and inspirational photos on social and news media for greater reach, impact and follow-up.

Super important for newbies – give a surprising, big, vivid experience how efforts make a relevant impact on people, with positive feedback from friends, family, teachers, news media. These heroInes score 100,000s … this means you can do 100s, 1000s easy. Rock it!



FOCUS: Go Pro. Follow the footsteps of wildly successful teenage changemakers from tiny start to national news presence, countless awards and global impact. Develop own roadmaps built on this experience, vision and with 108 magic tricks used by heroInes   

RESULTS: Bridges the enormous gap between “getting inspired” and “taking action / doing a project or campaign” in incredibly simple manner; equips participants to turn their visions into instant action   

From Europe to India, kids and teens are super inspired by hero stories, videos, presentations, BUT there is a void, zero experience how to set out, raise funds, make a campaign, smile, speak with passion, get news coverage. This solves it. That’s big! Simple, but unprecedented. Super precious. Must-do! 



FOCUS: Put the FUN into fundraising for much greater impact, reach, building supportive community and making it part of daily life throughout the year – modeled on the tactics and philosophy of master wizard Lulu Cerone.

RESULTS: New worldview on style and scope of fundraising and Philanthro-Parties, during lunch break at school, work, access to countless tips, occasions, vivid documentation for greater reach and impact.

We’ll add a playful exercise. Dreaming up where to use these dozens of options in one’s daily life, and mapping them in spaces, parks, parents’ workplaces, school fests etc. Feels like fireworks! Then – do it! Yay!

Yeah, it’s horrible to stand in the wind, people too shy. But that’s a matter of spirit, story, occasion, presentation, too. FUNdraising raises big cash moving mountains for heros in poor regions. It’s way underrated by activist NGOs, since it vastly builds media presence, community, so we combine strikes, cookies, vegan delights, petitions, posters, books, flyers etc. all in 1 stand!



FOCUS: Document vividly in positive news media style, like the heroInes, connect with adult allies all around you for win-win benefits, to make positive change omni-present in our daily lives, inspiring and empowering citizens to get involved

RESULTS: Knowledge of positive news media culture; understanding where conventional media fail and how to do it properly for a peaceful, sustainable society; how to vividly document one’s actions, be the story, team up with journalists, teachers, citizens, companies etc

Study by yourself.

Make it a group activity in class, or as a workshop

Yo! Taking action, exhibits, FUNdraising are great. How can you forget taking casual photos in action, from prep and discussion to water fights and celebration – and share with 3 dozen social streams, regional newspapers, radio … reaching 10,000 people … but please with a call for action! This will sharpen your eyes to see opportunities, and also train journalists and team up as allies for what’s next.



FOCUS: Understand how to make your region resilient in holistic manner

Place 70+ cards (feat. existing people-powered Good Practice model solutions) on the city / regional map to detect crisis issues, to-do’s, solutions, partners, dream up actions; incl. solid ecosystems rich in animal, food and energy sovereignity, healthy and vibrant community, co-creative decision-making (“politics) and awesome schools 

RESULTS: empowers youth, students, citizens, farmers, teachers, councillors etc to take robust, tangible actions that need doing anyway (whether climate change or not), but so far have been ignored by people lacking vision. Now that climate crisis begins, also non-visionaries wish to protect what they have and understand the need for these actions. 

Refusing their implementation would mean disallowing people to save their region, lives and kids from catastrophe. That won’t go well with populations. Hence, this pack expands big picture vision, empowers with good practices, concret tools, support, changes the narrative and power levers on climate crisis and stewardship of the Local Commons, and facilitates the needed shift to youth leadership at schools, and distributed democracy by able, active, caring citizens.

Oh, and implementation of the good practices reduces carbon emissions in many ways, incl dropping addiction to comfort and consumption. #Mighty


Yeah. This one is magic. You have to see it. It helps get big picture worldview, manage interconnected action. It’s perfect for use with citizens during public #climatestrike sit-ins, at school. It changes the horrible counting of CO2 bubbles to once again see what really needs doing: caretaking for Earth and her kids. This may turn out to be a super game changer for humanity. We’ll have to see in how far people are ready. Just do it.