Usually, you think of an organization’s staff as “the Team”.

But in YL, sooo many people are in/directly involved, and each are precious part. So are you.
Appreciative observer, learner and sharer, occasional contributor or full-time Hall Of Fame Warrior.

“No matter what color or creed, all honorable people belong to the same tribe.” – Uncle Tubulls¬†

YL’s Creative Core
selects + packages YL offers, resources, partners, support – so we can all take action with ease, fun and benefits.

PapaMama Divine

Our Boss Master #alwayswinning

Celestial Council

dreams up stuff


coordinates the planetary fleet

Online Volunteers

do this and that

Content Partners

do this and that

The Living Legends we owe everything in YL to … their solutions, spirit, tips, tricks and presence in our lives at this time on Earth


do this and that

Grand Changemakers

do this and that

Visionary Creatives

do this and that

Genius Experts

do this and that

Those CONNECTING our offers with our global Action & User Community

YL Coaches

connect Creative Core & Action Community

YL Master Coaches

guide Activate Your City Campaigns and accompany your grand projects 

Those conveying Changemaker Spirit to the max to help our global Action & User Community unfold their innate superpowers and #bemoreawesome


Hero*ine Speakers

inspire + empower for action

Magical Coaches

empower with knowledge + DIY know-how

Project Partners

involve in high impact projects shaping a region’s future

Tribal Travel Destinations

offer to live dreams, meet hero*ines, participate and do youth exchanges

The ones Taking Action on boosting solutions and youth leadership to change lives, land, learning, laws and industries.

Adult Donors + In-kind Supporters

from all walks of life

Youth Teams

organizing fireworks of actions like no generation in human history

Parents / Adult Allies

supporting youth on-demand

Local YL Coaches

busy bees inspiring, networking, coaching, supporting on-demand

LearnSpace Hosts

deserve special mention for this extraordinary work

Local Magical Coaches

bringing LearnSpaces to life and upgrading Youth Teams’ skills

Watch these ones with superpowers. Key Professionals sharing our core purpose to enable able, active, caring citizens.

Key Pro 1

do this and that

Key Pro 1

do this and that

Key Pro 1

do this and that

Key Pro 1

do this and that

Key Pro 1

do this and that

Our very diverse User Community; a few examples

Business owners

do this and that


do this and that

DJs + Bands

do this and that


do this and that

English for Adults

do this and that

Amplifiers of our reach and relations


do this and that

' Priviledged '

Wealth, status, resources, relations, *access*, *talent*

e.g. music + sports stars, show hosts, actors, ‘royals’

Freestyle Contributors

Artists, Fashion Designers

do this and that

Mermaids, Fairies ...

do this and that

You can tell that


in connecting today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores
with our global Young Generation and their Adult Allies*

for implementing humanity’s finest solutions for inner and outer
Peace, Joy Bliss and Abundance for all.

You see that YOU can take important roles.
Each is enjoyable and rewarding.


If you appreciate this structure

and prefer that it comes into existence everywhere

at record speed instead of full spectrum extinction