Hiyah, we are YOUTH-LEADER (YL).

We tell hero*ines stories to daily life in our homes, schools, workplaces, public and media with the aim to empower readers to become users and unfold their changemaker skills as sovereign crews and part of global changemaker community uniting global experts, badass changemakers, newbies, teachers, professionals and caring citizens from all walks of life.

Our keywords : high impact youth leadership, changemaker student clubs, #bemoreawesome, #makeschoolawesome, #speedrun to Paradise – inside and outside.

We enable youth to unfold their changemaker skills

by growing up learning with today’s Einsteins

and taking action with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores 

shaping the next level good society

evolving into able, active, caring citizens

inhabitants of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization

with fun, a sense of wonder and flair of adventure 

We pay particular attention

to our young generation at school

to their life outside school

to LearnSpaces to create a good world for all

to adult allies – to be part at work, home and on holidays

to key professionals sharing the core purpose to active able, active, caring citizens

to empower citizens to act as YL Coaches

to provide benefits for personal, professional and idealist paths

We boost teen and adult changemakers' initiatives

to take their model solutions with high impact for people and planet to inter/national scale

also in real-time collaboration them

also with video-meets and visits

and give them options to take passive or active roles in our programs

Here's impressions

of our stories + what we do + what you can do with us.


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Make Change your SPORT

Open spaces for people to create a good world together

We live the SDGs – in Action! 

For Adult Allies

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