Our multi-faceted approach serves user groups across the societal spectrum for a mix of their personal, idealist and professional paths.

To begin with, our members, affiliates and featured initiatives benefit…


scale reach, community and impact around the planet by participating in our media, speakers platform, webcasts, leadership and partner programs.

Online Volunteers

are part of a global changemaker community adding meaning to their daily lives. They develop skills, friendships, relations and vision that shape their path in life. They benefit from certificates, but more important, many have changed their field of study, profession, local and purpose in life.

Partner Organizations

scale their campaigns through our global network, and / or use our resources and strategies at regional level to equip and train their members. They greatly benefit from model solutions in their fields, connecting into regional schools, using positive news approaches for media presence, our intersectorial strategic approach, as well as building inter/national relations with avantgarde changemakers and schools.

YL Ground Crews, Chapters ...

are equipped and empowered to turn their values and passion into action by giving presentations, building like-hearted community, even mentoring inspired youth crews, raising funds, developing campaigns, responding to local needs and launching projects for their priority causes.

These user groups benefit most for their personal and professional priorities.

Active Youth

join our tribe, form a team and use our resources to upgrade units, inspire peers and get their social networks and family involved in spreading them to their workplace and relations. As teams, they take monthly actions on favorite causes. As student clubs, they benefit tremendously from our wide range of media, methods and services for making youth leadership part of daily life and learning culture. They join their favorite youth organizations, find strength, vision, inspiration and support. The most committed make changemaking their full-time sport as a YL Warrior.

YL Warriors

score the jackpot. As core crew of the our Change Generation Rising leadership program, they grow up in daily inter/action with the finest changemakers of their generation, implementing humanity’s finest sustainability solutions, meeting like-hearted peers across classes, grades, schools, the city and the planet. Taking 3 Missions per month with the “hero/ines” of CG RISING, they develop world-class knowledge, meet local adults at eye-level (in fact, they soon surpass them), build relations in media, admonistration, school boards, civil society and progressive business, make massive impact, mentor youth, gain media presence, develop tremendous skills and a rich CV of real, well documented actions. Can you imagine meeting a YL Warrior Level 10, 30, 50, even 100 by the time they graduate? No such youth have walked the planet yet, and we can only say congratulate those walking this path and hail them as the great coming changemakers of our era. Pure awesomeness.

Progressive Teachers

use our tools as add-ons in units to bring global issues to life with solutions, role models and action opportunities. Inspired youth forming student clubs and taking responsible, self-organized action for creating the good world they wish to see, acting as role models and mentors for their peers at and beyond schools are a good educator’s dream come true – and on top, they are the best imaginable assistant teachers through giving presentations, sharing quality media, organizing extracurricular activities and managing a public ISLE (Informal Sustainability Learning Environment = multimedia exhibit with tables, bake sales, activities etc) serving the entire school community. In partnership with YL Youth Crews, they advance learning culture as a whole by implementing the Informal YL Curriculum across subjects and grades for this and future student generations. This is a whole lot, and for a good reason – since teachers are our generation’s most important allies and we love making them this gift of living their professional dream to the fullest and even re-connecting schools to school’s purpose!

Caring Citizens

add positive momentum to their life by following our news and their own flow of … sharing solution stories, passing on information, contributing to online campaigns and fundraisers, organizing small and big activities, sharing our beautiful media with kids and public libraries and using our tools at their workplace for exhibits, fundraisers and more.

Activist Parents

are at last equipped with an unlimited scope of resources for their little ones – from bedtime stories to videos, music, musical, role models, activities, voluntourism, vision for a good future – as well as for their children at school – for adding meaning and 21st Century learning to their school days, as well as contributing and getting involved through presentations, projects and mentoring of inspired students, teachers and fellow parents. We cannot think of a more beautiful asset to caring parents!


Good journalists have been looking for this throughout their career, since their professional vision is to serve the betterment of society, communicate solutions and empower the citizenry. This, in fact, is the essential purpose of “meaningful communication” and mass media as our societies’ macro communication tool (view The Science and Positive Change Media Culture). In the bigger picture, journalists find connection to the world’s leading “positive change media” visionaries and pioneers to expand their vision, evolve their professional scope and transform their professional environment. They use our stories, create columns, on solutions and youth leadership, aligned with United Nations Days of the week, make calls for submitting regional and national hero/ines to YL, partner in cross-promoting them, involve their citizenry, organize conferences etc. – and they collaborate with local YL Teams, adult chapters, educators and partner organizations – who are their natural protagonists and distributors. We love it! Of course, this is true for online, print, radio and television. Let’s work together!

These user groups benefit greatly … since our tools and programs

(a) cultivate a changemaking climate, nurture an active citizenry,

(b) unlock access to schools and the young generation,

(c) equip them with massive model solutions in their field,

(d) educate and equip their members for an enormous lot of things.


School Boards


Unions, esp. Teacher Unions

But really everybody can benefit from our media and offers, since everybody shares the priorities, potentials and aspirations of some of these…



City Councils






Theater Folks

… as well as all sorts of variations of the above.

Global Learning Educators

(Adult) Language Teachers

Youth Workers

Life Skill Trainers

… so make sure to share the good news in your family, community, workplace and media – and always expect the best positive response!

Because you can be sure that many hearts will be warmed, minds inspired and some people will have waited for this for all their life – and get fully involved in our quest of implementing grand solutions and empowering the Change Generation.


Getting started is easy

We especially recommend the Presentation Kit with its fascinating insights into youth leadership, inspirational videos, portraits, the music, solutions, grand vision, action opportunities, tools etc.

Select your favorites for your “home cinema show”, consider including instant action opportunities for your favorite hero/ine(s) and you are set for a memorable experience for everyone that is “to be continued”. Power to you!

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