“The most important are the children.” – Lakota saying

AGE 8-18


Would you love to do good for people and planet?

Are you on fire, worried for life on Earth, tired of #boringpeople, want school to #bemoreawesome?

Then here is your dream come true.

400+ Actions

Fresh, fun, high impact with favorites for every-body! View below

Form a Team

You can act by yourself, as Friends Crew, Student Club or Warrior Clan

Live Meets

with amazing hero*ines – to learn, plan, celebrate achievements


for a missions-based flair of epic adventure + as gold for your CV + use at school

Student Clubs

to live change at school and organize year-round action

Set up HQs

at school, libraries, centres – to build a tribe for action across town

Project Partners

Team up with fascinating changemakers to take their work to next levels


to summer camps, visit hero*ines, volunteer, discover the planet 

It works in 1,000s of schools and towns – so all this will work for you, too.

The scale of what we offer is new for you and your country

This page is an intro for complete newbies from a kid perspective to give you

a solid feel of I CAN DO THIS

and how this adds fun and value to your life.

((( add link to A VERY GOOD INTRODUCTION FROM A YOUTH PERSPECTIVE page))) or 2 buttons: i first time visitor more info from a youth perspective. worth readong
1 button go take the crash course
1 button maybe go to bemoreawesome

Do you feel like ...
you would love to get closer to realizing your dreams for people and planet?

That you would like to be better respected by adults, also by teachers?

That days at school and in town could use a good dose of inspiration, magic and adventure?

Do you sometimes feel, or can you well imagine others to feel isolated in their class, school, town?

Does your heart warm when thinking of leading your life with really lovely friends united by living their love, passion, creativity, courage and going out there – like crews in Harry Potter and the likes?

What if you could really change people’s lives, the land, how children learn at school, also laws, and even industries?

Does your face light up at the idea of working with real hero*ines? At going to visit?

Would you even love to activate your entire generation … because (only) then, it’ll really change things a beautiful lot!?

And would it feel like bday and Christmas combined if this could pave the way to an uplifting professional future?

Well, we have designed YOUTH LEADER’s programs, tools, offers, support and badges with all that in mind.

So, how about putting on your fav’ music and checking this out for a bit.

Please – use a computer, not a phone. Our stuff is so rich in pics and info, it’s really not made for the small screen.

Well then, we look forward to see you rise as a galactic warrior and join the ranks of your phenomemal tribe.

Then you’re in the right place.

YOUTH-LEADER provides you only humanity’s finest

and you will quickly notice that this is not the common overclaim that advertizers use. We have a heartcore benchmark, and very few people you see in media meet it.

What is in for you?

First of all, you experience at spectacular scale and intensity what youth are rocking today, and this will open up your mind and vision for your life, youth and the future. We can create a world of awesome – now! – with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis – and youth have by far the greatest power to do so, and we show you why and how.

It’s not work. It’s not dangerous. It’s fun, embraced from all sides and gains tons of support!

Next, you get to see how youth crews make school days awesome, how – like them – you can take joyful action with friends, take on grand challenges, make changemaking your full-time sport, live your life’s purpose and (later) make your passion your profession. Together with hero*ines and people you love. Teens do it, you can. We help. And there’s tons of caring allies in your region that we help you detect, find and activate. For certain.

In fact, you’ll swiftly turn into a hero*ine yourself!

It usually takes 4-12 weeks for youth using our approach that someone will call them “hero*ine”. 
For good reason. Imagine what happens in their next 10+ years … pure epic.

You can live it at your own pace using our resources and backed by our global network. Go!

By yourself

using our resources, interacting with cool youth organizations or even joining them

Friends Crews

use our resources, do projects and participate in global campaigns

Changemaker Student Clubs

activate their school, organize year-round fireworks of action

Warrior Clans

make changemaking their sport, set historic milestones and interact closely with our core crews, programs and hero*ines
Do as you please. Registered crews, clubs, clans and warriors are featured on our tribal world map and interact with our global community.

Before you select your level of involvement, let’s have a good overview of what YL has to offer you.


Here's what your global peers are doing

Age 5

Alicia asks Girl Scouts to stop using GMOs for their cookies.

25,000 signatures later GS publishes the first GMO-free variety.

Age 7

Coral produces videos on yukky, unhealthy ingredients in popular foods.

Age 9

Neha raises a monthly average of $15,000 to give orphans a life in peace, with friendship, health, friends, play, learning, vocational training – to make a life.

Age 11

Olivia has auctioned off 500 bird drawings to raise $200,000 for the restoration of coastal ecosystems.

Age 12

Gabrielle has raised the flow of free, fresh foods for the hungry 10-fold.

Age 12

Emma and Julia have raised 500,000 books for First Nations community schools that had no books at all … improving academic perfornance and lowering suicide rates.

Age 12

Mayerly’s campaign has mobilized 2.9 million children to create peace zones in drug, gang and civil wars.

Age 13

Xiuhtezcatl, his brother Itzcuauthli (10) and friends have published the first album of Change Generation music : Generation RYSE.

Age 13

Sophie has built edible gardens at 27 kindergartens and pre-schools.

Age 13

Rachel is Monsanto’s nightmare, informs on GMO hazards, her videos have 13 million views.

Age 13

Taylor and her allies have achieved a ban on shark finning for all New Zealand.

Age 13

Chloe set records as student club

  • solar panels on school roofs
  • state-wide reusable bag campaigns
  • nationwide tv presence

Age 19

Next, Chloe activated a global public via news media, talkshows, universities, state funds, churches and cities to divest their money from dirty and dangerous coal, oil and gas.

Age 22

Then, Chloe got elected as state representative with 80% of the votes, and for the first time in U.S. history won this rural district for the Democratic Party.

Age 22 1/2

A few months later, Chloe co-formulated – and soon celebrated – the first Green New Deal, adapted for the working population of rural Maine. Now, she runs for Senate.

Will you experience how her adventures continue to unfold?

There is so much more

You will truly understand the scope of this phenomenon when you experience it in its full splendor, with films and music of this … new human species.

Browse this page first … then explore the exhibit and take the Crash Course!

One can do + be part of all this

and of 100 more initiatives, and it’s constantly becoming more.

Favorite causes for everybody
kids, bees, education, development, orphans, water, Orang Utans, sharks …
Favorite activities for everybody
FUNdraising, book, game and LEGO-drives, 3D-printing, video production, art, gardening, changing laws, hiking and exploring natural cultural heritage …
We #MakeSchoolAwesome!
We bring global issues to life in class, form changemaker student clubs uniting fine, fired up kids across classes and grades, do projects, use school fests, coach younger peers …
Projects, a life of adventure
Great goals, helping children, kindly hacking society, setting milestones and achieving them, paying visit to hero*ines … on foot in the Serengeti, diving with sharks, training in self-defense … truly changing lives. For real.
Great people, new friends
No bullies. Only honorable peers with a heart for people and planet. And such adults.
Great adult allies
Caring citizens, teachers, activists, changemakers, coaches … onsite and all over Earth.
Plenty of personal win-win benefits
  • great friends – also at other schools, in other cities and all over Earth
  • growing up with humanity’s finest changemakers
  • awesome school days, for 10 years
  • killer skills of value for an entire life
  • at eye level with adults – teachers, journalists, mayors, media professionals, UNESCO
  • presence in media and public, plus badges, YL Status, a CV of awesome
  • contacts all over the planet
  • and true love. Yep.

2. All characters are part!








Unsuspicious but part

This means,

it’s for You.

If my generation is to face the great challenges we are about to inherit, service needs to be a bigger part of our education.

It’s a challenge to get schools and larger institutions to step it up and make service and volunteerism a bigger priority.

I wish there were more opportunities to support the next generation of compassionate leaders.

While we are the future, we need to start acting now, rather than waiting until it is too late.

Madi, 10

That’s where we all spend 10+ years of our lives. Here’s what teens make of that.

This could be your classmates

Age 7

Lulu puts the FUN into fundraising, activates hundreds of teams to do like her and today has raised $150.000€ and many goods.

Age 15

Lulu has made Philanthro-Parties part of daily life and school days with

  • bakesales
  • FUNdraising
  • drives
  • visits of organizations
  • contributions to subjects
  • holiday projects
  • international visits

and published a book with tips and tricks for Philanthro-Parties

Age 10

Cassandra’s student club changes laws, has teamed up with 150 restaurants to recycle their used oils to bio-fuel and has donated $180,000 to families in need.

Age 12

Craig activates teams at 22,000 schools to liberate children worldaround from poverty. every week, they build new schools, micro-clinics, water projects …


Craig unites teams from 22,000 schools to unite at WE Days in every major city of Canada to celebrate their achievements, launch new campaigns, and gain momentum for a new year of action. One cannot buy a ticket for WE Day. You earn it through 1 local + 1 global action!

Age 13

Ana’s biology class team has restored a watershed and now teaches 7th graders at several schools to follow their example

Age 13

Alicia sets up seed libraries at 100 schools and public libraries

Age 14

Student company Namaste Nepal supports the development of Gati a mountain village in Nepal – they build schools, libraries, afforest, add new crops, do health camps, annual work visits … worth more than $700.000€ … and they keep going


annual 48 hour sponsor run scores $40,000€.

Students in other towns and countries join in – score $10,000, $20,000 in their first years. Are you joining?

Age 16

Meghana activates schools to use STEM, Fablabs and Maker-clubs to 3D-print protheses for children in poor rural villages of India – for just $30 a piece – and change a child’s life!

Will you be such a classmate?

And inspire 100s of peers daily for their personality-forming years?
And activate 1,000s at other schools?

Can you imagine the impact if just 1 student per class joins a Changemaker Student Club? That’ll make 20 to 100 at a school, equipped with 100s of action opportunities! What if this happens at every school in the world? Can you imagine how this will change things fast, and how we will build an awesome new, good civilization together?

How can one not do this, considering all the fun that comes with it?

Don’t you sometimes feel like teaming up with friends …

to plan actions for positive change?

to go public on streets and squares

to support project partners

to activate classmates?

to conquer the media

to experience that you are changing lives

to celebrate success?

Many are unsure whether they can do this,

for lack of experience, or because of bad experiences with school, adults and peers. No worries, we know the difficulties and help overcome them.

“Adults have way too many hangups.” – Robyn Hamlyn.

Robyn has made 30 towns a “Blue Community”: water stays public, is a human right and water in plastic bottles is banned.

3. Just get started!

You have dozens of options to get started with flying banners on your fav topics and best fun activities, with small or big challenges.

“Working in a team gives you courage. Alone by yourself everything is scary.”
We help solve questions like “How can I …

... find solutions?

Our line-up of 100 hero*ines offers high impact solutions. Further, we offer access to

  • 100s of youth-led /-powered initiatives
  • 1,000s of adult geniuses
  • and more are appearing through Youth-Leader Magazine, and our community

Everyone stands for a successful solution implemented by individuals or small groups – which means that everybody can replicate them

... inspire others?

You have experienced yourself the power of stories, films, music, action opportunities, … and you have seen how others react in stories and join in :

  • stories via social media
  • the Online-Crash-Course activates individuals
  • the group Crash Course activates groups
  • the training activates adults
  • exhibits reach 100s onsite

These experiences naturally spark first activities

... form a team?

At school, one forms a Changemaker Student Club.

One formulates goals, shares tasks (by talent, interest, passion, time) and roles (president, media crew…) for communication with the school board and public.

Outside school, you form a team, or your own “organization”. Done.

  • as member of the YOUTH-LEADER network

You learn more in manuals by teens for teens in our Resources

... combine action + school?

Role models, solution stories in class, presentations, pro-jects, student club, school fest, UN Days fit in everywhere.

Start with 3 kind teachers. Show them your favorite hero*ines, explain your goals. Organize a Crash course in class. This lead to the formation of a Changemaker Student Club and first actions. Then, it’s off to all classes. The club can grow to 20, 50, 100 Warriors. Then, off into the city …

Ponder the Law Of Education §1: The Purpose of Schooling is to educate able, active, caring citizens of a peaceful, libertarian-democratic, sustainable society. You  help school at last begin to fulfill its purpose. Go!

... convince my parents?

    You don’t really need to. Involve them.
  1. show them the Online-/Exhibit
  2. show how changemaking develops excellent friendships, skills, relations, a rich CV
  3. keep them informed on progress, revelations, success, partners
  4. activate them as adults

... become present?

Use tools and methods for exhibits, LearnZones, club Headquarter, lemonaid- bakesale stands, for all sorts of  actions – year-round!

  • of ace quality
  • that surprise and are fun
  • at school, in libraries, on farmers markets
  • 50 UNITED NATIONS theme days like water, forest, girls, peace, family, also sharks, Orang Utans …

Your life long.

... raise money for projects?

You’ll become FUNdraising Champs and once you are present with your successes people will begin to invest in you. You’ll see.

... raise large amounts of money?

This is not a problem either.

You have seen the examples in our stories. The methods. The spirit. The value of good stories and lively photos in action. One just has to do it.

... get into media?

With high impact actions, lively photos, shining, honest feelings, love, determination and good mood. 

And to make sure it begins well we have designed the Crash Course, High Impact Starter Actions and various tips – for presence in YL, social, news media and on newsletters. This will happen by itself, with fun.

... find partners?

We offer true hero*ines, with countless options for simple, advanced and creative collaboration.

  • it makes dreams and adventures come true
  • their stories inspire others to get involved
  • it helps to get into media and schools

You will also find partners in your region. Our methods help you to find them.

... find support?

Our tutorial, crash course, manual, media, methods, magazine, website offer plenty of information that would fill several workshops. Further, there are

  • YL Coaches day and night, on week-ends via video, discord, social media, email (whatsapp makes insane) #fulltimeforfuture
  • YL Speakers, hero*ines
  • other YL Teams

+ You’ll get to know good people in your region.

... change my city, region, country?

With YL Warrior Clans at all schools that live the full scope of YL programs. That’ll make it simple and enormous!

You can also do specific campaigns, launch new ones, and pitch some to our global tribe, depending on your region’s crisis and potentials. We look forward to it!

... combine worldchange with my future paths in life?

  • Personally with super friends and rewarding experiences
  • At School with strong presence, recognition, cooperation with teachers, as role model and mentor, with projects, badges, credits
  • Professionally with rich experience, skills, CV, public recognition, visibility, contacts to many professionals and partners around the planet

Our experience is that Changemaker Teens and Twens shape their own professional future

Sounds feasible, doesn’t it?

If other 7 and 10-year-olds can do this, then you can, too !!!

“To see our influence, and that we can bring to the world is truly inspiring, it truly changes you, and I think that it will just continue from here.” Mari, 8

What does a Changemaker Student Club do?

That’s up to you. You’ve seen some examples above. But there’s so much more … and we intentionally offer loads of activities to make it easy for you to organize year-round fireworks of action.

Here is few impressions of the abundance available to you – and they are growing.

400 Actions

Action Guides of 100 Hero*ines with level 1 to 4 actions, easy to advanced, provide loads of ideas to join and replicate their solutions.

You see many examples in the Online Exhibit! YOUTH LEADERSHIP XXL and our YL MANUAL FOR EVERYBODY


for inspired teams, teachers etc.

We help start – for quick self-organization
We help long-term – when it’s about details and big dreams
We help individually also beyond school
We help spontaneously – also at night via video

Live Meets

with global experts, hero*ines and project partners. An absolute highlight!

With preparation, opportunity to be part, personally, at eye-level – learning of anecdotes, with fun, making plans, celebrating success …

Cooperation with living legends

known worldaround, geniuses with own biopic on Netflix, tv series, at the UNITED NATIONS etc.

Planetary Campaigns

Participation in world-leading campaigns, using their knowhow, resources, status and support.

Visit Project Partners

as friends, to cooperate, for adventure.

It creates more inspiring stories, bigger reach and more support.

Activate Schools with the Global SDG School Challenge

  • Take action on each of the 17 SDGs
  • based on high impact initiatives of 50 young + 50 adult hero*ines
  • + bonus challenges

for Bronze, Silver, Gold Status and the Global Trophy! It activates the entire school for a common goal, in class, club, projects, with parents … anything goes!

Summer Camps

Encounters with Warriors from other cities and countries.
Epic time in nature. Friendships, learning, planning projects.
And then, once back home – implement the campaigns.

A cool life, and cool life at school, huh?!

You choose what, how much and how often!

What do teens say about it?

Here is feedback to our LEVEL UP! Crash Course.

Feedback after 90 Min

of Session #1. 95% say, that this scale and scope of Youth Leadership

  • is entirely new to them
  • is super inspirational
  • is important for their generation
  • should be present at their school

5-15% are willing to form a team rightaway
60-90% are willing to contribute occasionally
5-15% say that’s not for them

You can guide this Course, too

and activate many youth.

If 1 student per class joins a Changemaker Club, that’s 20-100 per school, respected by 90% of their peers and equipped with 100s of solutions, tools and tricks and global network. HUGE!

Imagine this at all schools around you

or that 2-3 students join the Club. And that 50 to 80% of students occasionally participate in actions, buy lemonAID, cake, donate. Wow!

This means you have potential for many teams, many projects at the same time, people help one another – and one makes many new friends.

Our methods are simple and tested on 7 continents

yes, even Antarctica – with various user groups, at schools, workshops, conferecnes, on ships. It works!

The materials: you can download them, order sets, have schools and partners finance them. Tip: there’s funding for SDG activities

The time of boring is officially over!

Now it is entirely up to you which life you choose to live, which future you choose to form. Frankly, society’s current trend is awful, into Oblivion. But with Changemaker Teams at all schools, we can restore Paradise on Earth for real.

How can one package all of that?

And where to begin?

To make this work and succeed

we want sovereign self-organization, self-responsibility, FUN, magic, power, no orders or bureaucracy – and only wonderful people!

To control quality and structure, we choose a model that we all know and enjoy …

from sport

from online gaming

is our Action-Program for youth from Age 8-18

in 2018 and 2019, the world has experienced how easily teens can organize themselves via internet.

With CGR, it is equally easy, with far greater and more exciting scope, FUN and IMPACT!

We live it with Fun and Adventure

in a mix of “open community and sports club” with epic flair

  • Badges for completed missions
  • Credits for impact and media presence
  • Level up with Experience
  • Gatherings & Honors at “Seasons End”
  • Hall of Fame

and more

Start with Flying Banners!

Our FREE Online / Crash Course

  • for Individuals
  • for Groups

offers packed inspiration and action with impact, community, presence at school, in public, in media.

You can take it yourself, and also guide it for others Everyting you need is in the tutorial.

400 Missions

Successfully implemented model solutions.

With favorite causes and activities for everybody.

Document vividly

“Good photos” – everybody knows how to take them now. Phone photos, nicely in action, serve YL, social and news media and newsletters.

For greater fun, reach and impact. Bingo!

Super Coaches + Partners

Learn and act with the best!

It opens indescribable inspiration, power and horizons.

It is the perfect training for “Our New Highly Gifted”: kids whose priority #1 is to do GOOD.

Credits, Badges, Warrior Levels 1-100

for completed missions offer

  • a mirror for one’s own value and impact
  • comparison with others’ experience, talents
  • a flair of epic
  • recognition
  • richly illustrated profiles

of value for CVs

World Class

For the animals, plants, Earth, the kids of the future, for all those that love Life on Earth, only the best is good enough! After all:

It’s not about Badges. er just use that because it’s cool and useful. Truly important is that

we implement humanity’s finest solutions for a good world for all – and at record speed!

For all

We don’t care about identity issues at all. Everyone is great and *worth loving* as a birthright. Done.

We are united by the noble heart that self-lessly helps others : Kids, animals, the planet, the future.

We know

Mama Earth has perfectly prepared her new children for the challenges of this century. Tens of thousands of teens are born to become giants. Normal people, non-hero*ines cannot even recognize them.

We see you. With us, you learn to lead not just 1 initiative – like today’s hero*ines – but dozens – and to activate your whole generation at school.

Dare To Be Great! Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer

Cool, aye?!

And we continue to evolve these programs together, so that they work smoothly.

If you say “Yes! At last! I want this. This should exist everywhere!” then you are in the perfect place.

I am only 7 - can I join?

We offer this from age 8. Younger ones can apply.

What matters is your spirit, your will.

You can begin with one single activity!

It is like with sport or music – you do a little bit or a lot, like an athlete – for a short time or for a long time. Everything is fine.

I have no experience at all
That doesn’t matter. In the Crash Course, you’ll see stories of 5, 8, 12 year olds that had no prior knowledge and launched enormoulsy successful projects, also without support.

What matters is your passion and will.

Plus, you have resources, methods, support. Simply follow the guidance in the Crash Course. In a few hours your life will look different.

Can I do own projects and get support?
Yes. but first do the Crash Course. The achievements, knowhow, methods, presence at school, in public and media, the resulting team and supporters lay a foundation that you need to start own projects and campaigns. Also, then you

  • understand us, our work and offers
  • we know that you know YL
  • we see what you have already achieved
Can I do just a few things?
Sure. You choose what you want to do when and how often.

Everybody does what they enjoy doing and how it fits into one’s life.

I don't know ... I'm really a lazy bum
That’s okay. #SecretAgent

It’s not only about that what YOU do. Let us explain:

Please, please, simply take the Tutorial and continue to the Crash Course. It’s really entertaining! Then, you’ll know

  • about the Power of Kids and Teens
  • how one can use YL in the family, at school, at work
  • that we can shape the Now, and the Future

and THIS KNOWLEDGE you can shake out at any time when you meet people who can tremendously benefit from that specific knowledge. A few words and a link that guides them to us will open up those new views, hope, opportunities, partners for them … got it?

Simply take the Crash Course. It starts with a casual stroll through our online exhibit with a few questions. You can do it!

Can you help me with letters - for school etc?
Yes, in many cases. When it’s the right time and we know exactly what it is about.
And YOU at YL - what's important to you?
Look, a trainer first of all feels happy and rewarded when the kids are “on fire” and give everything. If they only turn up every 4 weeks to a match, drink 2 beers and fail miserably … that’s unbearable. then your heart is down and you feel bad about the lifetime that you gave to them… and to that. That’s called “throwing pearls before the pigs”. One doesn’t want to do that.

But those who throw themselves in with all their heart – we give ourselves fully, also in midnight chats! After all, helping scores of young warriors unfold their powers and save Life on Earth is our dream and life’s purpose! the world is dissolving and the majority are zombiesque, show no love for the beauty of this planet, for the animals, have no feeling for the enormity of the suffering, the importance of this time and the greatness that a human soul can grow to … even when they are shown and explained the suffering and what is possible. This is truly a betrayal of the children and all Life on Earth.

So, it is our greatest bliss to so young elven warriors and magical beasts unfold their wings, heal and unite as noble knights under the sacred banner of light!

And of course we’re always there for them when they, or their adult allies – parents, teachers, YL Volunteers – ping us for a video chat to ask about resources and tricks, to ask for tips, when there is need to soothe wounds, when sudden opportunities open up.

That is HOW us changemakers live all the time. #fulltimeforfuture

That means – everybody passionate fits in here!

Natually, athletes receive more attention from our coaches, and more meetings with changemakers. This is natural, since we actively collaborate! It’s not meant to be nasty towards those not involved so much. Our lifetime is simply limited. and we invest it there where it generates the most positive impact for positive change for people and planet.

But : we have our social media, open video meet-ups etc to give everybody access to everything in YL, feel connected AND to grow together. As it fits into your life.

So, if you enjoy what you see on our pages … then you can be part.

That is why there’s the TUTORIAL and CRASH COURSE. Then you know Youth Leadership und YOUTH-LEADER. then you can decide how you wish to enrich your life and the lives of others.

We wish this from the bottom of our hearts, since every contribution is immeasurably precious, and we know that everything that uplifts you, that everything that you see, read, hear, experience here, will at some time in your life – when something happens that activates you – unfold its powers.

We are glad if you carry in you the knowledge of solutions, hero*ines and support like “the light of our beloved star, Earendil, and that it may be a light for you at dark places when all lights go out” … and you will know where to find them. 

Such an awakening, as you see in our hero*ines’ stories, also happens suddenly, in Patronus and Lothlorien style. It’s magic, and sacred. And that’s why, my dear, we protect this community from vampires, trolls, Deatheaters, orks and sorcerers.

Only those who pledge and live the oath have access. Only those with a lightful Heart. There are many of those among children and youth!

It can be a little elf, a storm giant, a rumbling bear, a samourai or gamer. Also those with wounded Hearts. Since it means they have one.

With all our life’s experience and knowledge of what’s importance to each and everyone of us, also you, for your next 70 years, we encourage you :

Open your door to the world of Youth Leadership, the solution for a world of peace, bliss and abundance for All!

Take a tour in the real Hogwarts in our Online Exhibition. One must have seen that! One must have experienced it! And then, you see what you’ll do with that.

Rock it!

Eric aka mani2, YL Captain



for you :

  • fascinating stories, films of true hero*ines
  • start with flying banners
  • with fun and action – from Day 1

You pick your pace.
It’s days or weeks.

You learn all the Essentials
… plus stories, methods, our project partners and services.

with this advantage of knowledge and stories you can inspire others, spread ideas, pitch projects and even report on first achievements.

High Impact Starter Actions
Popular topics, easy to contribute, big numbers, impressive results, good photos for sharing.
Presence at school, in media, public and YL

SDG LearnZone


Crash Course



photos + stories + experience reports = whuaaah!

You can build on this foundation
Wide scope of knowledge and tools




Presence at schools, in public and media

Respect, recognition and appreciation

The experience makes lust for more
Stronger self-confidence

It strengthens your group feeling

It wins more supporters

Finally : a Badge
Your first YL Badge testifies your successful completion, the your new knowledge and skills, by international education standards, in your personal digital backpack for use with applications, to show off and feel awesome. YOU and all those in touch with YL know that it stands for #BeMoreAwesome
and make Changemaking your “sport”.
A little bit – or 24/7 like athletes – as hero*ines do.

Foto : Rachel Parent, Kids Right To Know – YOUTH-LEADER Warrior Honor Shirt Bearer

Learn about Rachel’s work on the hazards of industrial agriculture based on genetically manipulated plants doused in the most dangerous poisons – epidemic birth defects among newborns, kidney failure among farmers leading to early death … and about better, peaceful, economically sound ways of generating healthy food abundance at kidsrighttoknow.com and her social channels.

A true unicorn.