Do you care for people and planet, for your future and dreams?

You have good reason to, since this is a very special time. We tell you you shall upgrade to a new skill and action level, but other than most media and inhabitants of the Unsustainable Society, we tell you that the solutions exist and the next level GOOD Society is emerging – you just need to look at the finest changemakers of today, many of them kids and teens – which means that you can do what they do – and #bemoreawesome by doing like them, and also with them, since many are part of the YL Community! 

Caring kid – trust us when we say : 

The new good civilization’s OPERATING SYSTEM is already in you. As a human born in this era you are synched with it. All that’s needed is that you ACTIVATE IT. We have designed YL for that purpose.

WE GIVE YOU enabling resources, community and environment to make life and the world awesome – in every respect – for others near and far.

With YL, there’s no blabla, protest and waiting … there’s only projects with rapid results on lives and land with much reason to celebrate, many skills learned, friends and headlines made, and perfectly fit for use at school (our daily hangout), building epic cvs and walking the path of teen and twen hero*ines.

With YL you get to GROW UP LEARNING & TAKING ACTION WITH TODAY’S GANDHIS AND GRYFFINDORES … changing lives and land like they do and unfolding their mindset, for a life without fear, bullies or drama but full of bold dreaming, creative solutions, surprise, silliness, manifestation and true friends. You act at your own pace. You pick your causes, challenges, activities and hero*ines – like in gaming.

On your path, you naturally meet benevolent adult allies, ace professionals, kind and honest people that LOVE what you do and will help you in their ways, since it also enriches their lives. By living your most noble self you can live your values and cruise through society.

You open your path to scoring good grades, to lead meaningful professional lives doing good for people and planet with friendly open doors all over the planet… meanwhile co-creating uplifting companionships, blissful families, vibrant neighborhoods, the next level GOOD society and a future of peace, joy and abundance aka paradise.

This IS how today’s HEROINES live,

and that’s why you can, too, by DOING WHAT YOU LOVE doing in their company.

Because 80% of human behavior is shaped by ROLE MODELS, much of it subconsciously, copy-paste. True.

We offer you humanity’s finest role models to grow up with – badass genius huggable hero*ines.

Here’s how that builds up step by step – for newbies to unfold their Inner Hero*ine. Just follow these steps for a few weeks and months and you will see how life, lives and the world change … FOR REAL.

0. Connect with us

so you get news to discover YL on the go. There’s so much exciting stuff … the accumulated gold from 100+ hero*ines, plus genius new programs, freebies, action calls and opportunities from genius YL Staff … for use at home, school, parents’ workplaces … sign up and we’re at peace that you don’t miss out. Thanx!

1. Discover Youth Leadership.

Expect the wildest discovery about your generation, your powers and your future as a generation. We have made it a Harry Potter movie length multi-media experience. Get your fav’ drink, snacks, turn up the volume and dive in!

Take high impact starter actions

Exhibit and Crash Course offer immediate action opportunities. They are popular, build team, make impact, generate presence at school and in media; for max impact take the Crash Course with HISAs in Phase 5; however, don’t hesitate to take quick actions now. Swift & simple & fun & exciting!

Form a Team

You can act alone – but for more fun, talent, relations, reach and impact, the goal should be to get friends on board – and peers in the near future as you get active. Start with best buddies. Being yourself is key to success #1!

for all personality types

Silent or loud, shy or flamboyant – this is for everybody! Have a look around YL hero*ines, view their stories, faces and videos – you will see all types and they all move mountains!

Warrior, healer, planter, wonder, builder, siren, party wizard, artist, animal angel, storyteller, adventurer, secret agent

To imagine your life as a changemaker, check these 3 forms of teams. They differ in pace and intensity.

Which one fits you best?

Friends Crew

Take action on favorite causes.

Student Club

Unite fired up students across classes and years for plenty of year-round action involving the entire school community.

Warrior Clan

Commit to 3 monthly missions. Make changemaking your sport like an athlete, in 24/7 cooperation with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores.

Live Changemaking as your Sport.

We suggest that you view doing good for people and planet like a sport. You play it occasionally or full-on – aligned with your passion and lifestyle.

IMAGINE 1,000s of crews, clubs and clans wielding 400+ high impact solutions. With YL Clubs and Clans at all schools, the future will be fine. Is that reason enough to play this sport in ways you enjoy?

The big Advantages

Look, we have a planet to save! And our dreams for life.

An x-mas cookie sale doesn’t cut it, and we must sustain momentum, also on rainy days, during test periods and when we have new crush. We all know a model that does this; Sports Clubs keep us going with weekly training, learning new moves, teaming up to go beyond limits, weekly boss battles, celebration, coaches.

It need not be a closed, formal club. It can be open, non-formal like with skateboarding, learning inspired from pro’s on youtube. That’s precisely what we do! We connect you with today’s greatest changemakers to join, boost and wield their solutions in your home region, also together with them!

Plus, by living it as Student Club at school, sporting YL’s UNESCO and UN University status, we can align it with education, collab with teachers, unite students across years in huge Changemaker Student Clubs and organize year-round fireworks of action involving the whole school community – so our entire generation grows up with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores. THAT is impact. THAT is change. 

So stop being boring, go worlds beyond protesting and waiting for national dirty industry dependent government to pay someone to fix things, and start being awesome #fulltimeforfuture. Wham!

We do this adventure game style
  • with 100+ hero*ines
  • with 400+ missions
  • with badges, buttons, flags, honor shirts
  • with hall of fame

for more fun, impact, a sense of epic, goal orientation, use at school (the badges!!). It won’t take you long to realize why many call this The Real Hogwarts and some of you may one day walk on the sacred soils of Lothlorien, FOR REAL, like some of us do.

View what's in it

It begins at bottom left. Behind each pic are dozens of experiences.

Is this awesome or what? Join in and lead a life of adventure for all your years on Earth! This is FOR REAL.

Here is a QUICKSTART for newbies

It begins at bottom left.

Keep calm and see : it is all common sense.

Kids and students are doing such things at 1,000s of schools.

We combine these activities with HIGH IMPACT SOLUTIONS. This changes everything.


These posters and much more cool stuff is available in our RESOURCES section.

Let’s create a world of awesome and HAVE A GREAT TIME TOGETHER. We are here to help.


Pick from 400 Missions

pioneered by badass changemakers on 6 continents.

If teens can do this in one place, youth everywhere can do it.

They started from scratch, alone, empty-handed. You start equipped with their story, tools, support and expert community like no one before. Now break barries and set new records #speedrun style!

Check our lead hero*ine line-up

Like in LoL or Harry Potter, YOU can EMBODY them and WIELD their magic wands.

Each hero*ine has an Action Guide with 4 level actions – easy to advanced for greater impact. That’s over 400 actions to choose from, with favorites for everybody … planting, FUNdraising, 3D-printing, teaching kids, media production and loads more.

My friend – you won’t find this anywhere else. We live LOTR and HP for real.
We can create a world of awesome – if many of us choose to.


Gain Badges for completed missions

stored in your personal digital backpack 

  • of value for CVs
  • great for target-oriented learning use at school

ascend warrior ranks

per 3 completed missions

  1. a FUNdraiser
  2. a lifestyle challenge or social experiment
  3. a project

and create your CV of Awesome

Activate your School

Bring global issues to life with win-win benefits for learning culture

  • IN CLASS – with stories, films, role models …
  • IN CLUBS – fireworks of action
  • IN PROJECTS – your teachers love Gryffindore crews
  • AT SCHOOL FESTS – involving parents
  • IN SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS – with epic inter/national partners
  • WITH YOUTH EXCHANGES – 1- and 2-way with hero*ines

and become good teachers’ best friends and allies!



Activate adult allies.

There’s countless caring adults in town that’ll love to help you, donate, support on-demand and they have awesome skills, resources and relations to boost your work. We help them do so with our platform for Adult Allies, the YL Boost Club and several YL programs.

These KEY PROFESSIONALS have superpowers and share our core purpose “to enable Able Active Caring Citizens” 

  • teachers, journalists, public librarians, city councillors, civil society

Rocking youth leadership in town helps them better achieve their professional aspirations and have a richer life. Activate them!

Meet Your Global Tribe online

You are not alone … you can now meet true hero*ines, magical coaches and YL staff

  • changing lives and land at record speed
  • teaching stuff that makes life more awesome
  • never selling out values, becoming boring, kissing up to a boss
  • leading magical, adventurous lives

What will you make with your next 70 years?

Meet with Hero*ines


  • Prepare with their stories, videos, social media
  • study their action guides > are you ready to take action?
  • will you surprise them with a gift and make their day?

Meet at eye level – ask burning questions, gain inside views, enjoy fun anecdotes, report on your activities, celebrate achievements, plan next steps and follow-up action. Pure epic!

and Work Together


Form Project Partnerships

with true hero*ines and help them take their high impact initiatives to next inter/national levels.

successful initiatives !

you need not carry responsibility
your contributions are a jackpot bonus

reach exciting milestones

impacting thousands of lives

Take on grand ventures

We have crazy awesome projects for fired up warriors ready to do what no one tried before. The skills, reach, crew, support gained with YL activities enable you to take on these grand ventures very soon. Sense the magic below!  


SDG Challenge

Ecosystem Restoration

YL Magazine

Planetary Campaigns

Pan-European School Partnerships

+ Your Ideas

Set up HQs

with flair of heroism, solutions, fun and adventure at and beyond school.

Set up LearnSpaces 

as add-on to existing spaces at intersections with the public, like public libraries, community centres – to reach the greater public and as outer school HQ uniting warriors from your district’s schools.

learnspace bundle box

with exhibit, ambience posters, workshop resources, activate your city map … over 1,000 pieces!


as Inter/National Youth Leadership Learning Centre
Isn’t this another awesome adventure to live?

Meet fellow warriors at Summer Camps

in majestic nature for epic summers. Make friends, heal, bond, learn, discover, plan campaigns and realize them together once back home with youth like you

  • a big heart for people and planet
  • honost, honorable dreamers
  • seasoned with dozens of activities year-round

the best friends and workmates imaginable for a Life of Awesome!

start being awesome

and qualify for taking part. We look forward to seeing you on the next big holidays!

Live Dreams

and meet hero*ines as friends.

Ocean also takes you DIVING WITH SHARKS.

Live like a legend!


Our scope of regions, causes, hero*ines and activities is growing. Will you add epic destinations to it?

Well equipped

100+ Hero*ines


Action Guides

Amazing Videos

Change Generation Music

Teaching Tools

Social Media

YL Magazine



Video Meetings


Outreach Media





Badges, Buttons, Flags


Family Holiday

Project Partners

Work Visits

Volunteer Stays


Take this info home

  • Flyers : YL for Youth + YL Speakers & Project Partners
  • Posters : YL for You, BeMoreAwesome, Quickstart
  • Brochures : YL Programs, YL Youth Leadership 101 booklet

Print and keep well visible in order to start dreaming and keep up momentum and step up to first actions.

to START with flying banners, we strongly encourage you to take the #bemoreawesome CRASH COURSE 

It’s a veritable discovery tour of Hogwarts with its hero*ines, beautiful beasts, vistas and secrets – with Magic lesson 101 and crazy good outcomes.

View what it does

You experience

  • youth leadership in glorious dimensions
  • the hero*ine’s journey in 190 steps with 150 magic trick actions
  • YL for You in 35 program elements
  • positive change music and media
  • Activate Your City exercise with 100s of allies, spaces, actions to localize
  • making immediate impact
  • vivid documentation

literally awakening to a new worldview, changing lives and land, creating presence in school and media, building team and supporte community in record time taking ridiculously simple steps using genius tools and tricks with lots of fun on the way, and backed and cheered on by YL Master Coaches!

creating a massive advantage of knowhow over anyone in your state!, common bottom line with YL Tribe staff, coaches and warriors

In short, a true UPGRADE to a different kind of human.


We need Youth-Leader at all of Canada’s schools


World's Children's Prize MC

We have so much to give. Let our generation be a Generation of Generosity


L'Oreal Woman Of Worth

If my generation is to face the challenges we are about to inherit service needs to have a much bigger priority in education


LemonAID Warriors

Youth leadership en masse is a game changer for society


Divest Harvard