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Change the world & have a great time!

HIYAH! You are aware of a suboptimal state of the world, and of youth doing awesome things for people and planet, outperforming adultsNow is your time to 

  • follow
  • contribute a little bit
  • rock full-time
  • make it your sport

Choose your favorite!

Youth quote
Maybe Adora

Do you know why there’s so many hero and adventure stories around? Because evolution wants you to live that hero*ine for real. There’s only you to take on the Boss Battles of our era, and today’s mages, noble knights and  weapon masters help you succeed.

Eric commits to connect today’s youth at school with the world’s most genius and badass changemakers, so all youth learn to create a world of awesome and lead rich and merry lives. How’s that?

Learn more about Eric here (link)

When I speaks HP, LOTR and LoL

… it’s not for pepping up my talk for youth. that would be sooo lame, wouldn’t it? No, I see this stuff going on in this world, just in a different “look”, and I do not tweak or dilute my talk ad text to young people, like many do, producing embarassingly childish texts in “youth magazines.” Not with me. I look at you as complete, epic, powerful and responsible. I hang out with badass teen hero*ines, and why would you be any different. You’re not. You just have grown up in an environment that treated you as a dumb marionette. Ai-ti-tai-ti-tai-ti. Unbearable. Native people, true humans, never do this. And that’s where I got my education.

The Story You are Born into

Hey, it’s super exciting what’s going on in the world.

Yes, there’s crisis, for good reason, but falter not, like in any good tale, there’s hero*ines, and we help you shift from victim to hero*ine, and scared to sacred.

Sacred, as when Harry at the lake, when he meets his Patronus. Sacred, as the soils of Lothlorien. You get it?

Not long ago, Europe shifted from centralized religion, monarchy and fascism to today’s democracy that allows us to live in dignity, liberty, creativity and self-development.

Other regions are not this lucky, but all are waking up to their upgrade.

Now we are shifting away from dirty industry that’s destroying our planet and health to the next level GOOD collaborative society. And that’s might cool! Celebration! Join in!

This process, of course, requires that we as inhabitants of this society make an upgrade. 

  • moron minions of monarchy
  • informed voters

is no longer enough!

Now, we have to become able, active, caring citizens – kowledgible of humanity’s finest solutions, and taking responsibility for implementing them in our regions.

This already tells you that this is not about revolution. That’s outdated BS that only causes new hell, loudmouths and problems. It is about evolution!

This is our step for reclaiming the sovereignity that we seek as persons, and as communities, to lead lives in peace, joy and abundance, to protect what we love and restore Paradise. Because that’s what this planet is. Yep!


You never change things by criticizing the existing reality.

To change things, create a new model that makes the current model obsolete.

Bucky Fuller

Humanity is in its final exam whether it qualifies for continuation in the Universe.

Bucky Fuller

Yes, and worse, ego is tearing down millions of species into hell. Extinction. And this, little one, I will not accept. 

And that is why I ask all honorable people, of any age, color or creed, to join in with full force and valor. I ask you to connect!


Here is Cody's account on seeing Paradise vanish ...

I know it’s a long read, but this is the truth of the world you are born into. Thisis what it means when the world’s scientists say that two out of three ecosystems are on the edge of collapse.


But you need not just see a few figures. 


You need to get a first-hand account from an experienced professional to understand those that have walked The Dark Night Of The Soul – and re-emerged as knights – because THEY ARE YOUR TRAINERS to make it in  this Century and to protect and achieve your heart’s dreams, which are far bigger than what the adults around you yet imagine.


And I tell you – the solutions exist, the hero*ines and support networks exist. but we need you to know of them, meet them and start learning and acting with them. Now read what your older brother is saying. so that you don’t have to suffer that:

For the first time in 15 years, I sat down in my car the other day and broke down sobbing. On the side of a dirt road, surrounded by mountains. Waves of sadness, frustration, rage, and despair welling up.

I’d spent the day planting and watering seedlings, which I’ve done for half a decade now. We have 300 acres on the north slope of Volcan Mountain, between Julian and Warner Springs. The property got hit by the Pines Fire in 2002, which killed two-thirds of the conifers. I grew up hiking in Cuyamaca, before the fires, and I got it in my mind to restore the conifer forest on the property. It took months to figure out what was what, heading up to the mountain once a week, taking pictures, coming home and trying to identify all the species, reading late into the night about botany, and forestry, and silviculture. I collected thousands of cones. I learned how to get seeds out of them and to stratify, germinate, and pot the seeds. I started growing seedlings in the backyard. I put together a working group with US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife, CALFIRE, and the US Natural Resource Conservation Service. We collected and sent 30 bushels of fresh cones up to the USFS nursery in Placerville, and I eventually got a thousand seedlings from those seeds.

I planted every which way I could, learning something new each time, year after year. The first year I planted in the open. The seedlings baked. Next in the shade. They baked. I learned to water every two or three weeks, which isn’t easy across 300 acres of steeply sloped terrain. The pocket gophers ate them from below. I caged the bottoms. Rabbits severed them at the base. I caged them above ground. Rodents climbed up and down into the cages and defoliated the needles. I caged the tops. The rodents ate the needles on all the branches that protruded from the cage, and the hardware cloth cages heated up in the sun and the metal killed all the branches and needles that were in contact with it.

And all the time, the relentless heat and dryness killed any seedling left without watering for more than two or three weeks. Winter rains are good, but there’s no snow-melt anymore, and a winter rain doesn’t help a seedling survive in October when there hasn’t been a drop of rain in 8 months (the second half of 2017 was the driest on record here). In spite of thousands of hours of thought, and worry, and work, and care, I’ve lost probably 650 out of the 700 seedlings I’ve raised from seed and planted with my own hands over the last 5 years.

That day, after a long, dirty, hot day of planting, I walked to one of my favorite spots, a ring of granite boulders sheltered by a huge, gnarled Canyon Live Oak. There, lying shattered and rotting in the middle of the ring, was half the 60 foot tall tree. The other half was still standing, but covered in the telltale, tiny D-shaped holes of Gold-spotted Oak Borer (GSOB), a beetle that gets into the phloem, xylem, and cambium of our native oaks and kills them rapidly. GSOB arrived in San Diego on firewood from southeast Arizona fifteen years ago and has been slowly advancing north, laying waste to our native oaks. It’s killed maybe 80,000 so far. I wandered around to a dozen nearby trees, all big, ancient oaks. The trunks of every one were spotted with GSOB holes. I stood there stunned. The whole millenia-old forest was dying, as far as the eye could see. I wandered back to my truck, numb.

I sat down in the driver’s seat, staring out the window. At the oaks, dying in mass. At the stately, hundred-foot-tall Bigcone Douglas Fir, towering above the oak canopy. Each Bigcone drops maybe two hundred to a thousand cones, depending on size, every three to five years. Each cone has around 100 viable seeds in it. Maybe 40,000 seeds on average per tree, every few years. Times a few hundred trees. An average of somewhere around a million seeds a year fall on our stretch of mountain. And yet there’s not more than a dozen saplings growing naturally on the entire property, 300 acres. I sat there thinking about what that meant, year after year, a million seeds dropped and maybe one or two survive, and those only on the dampest, darkest parts of the mountain. It meant the days of the Bigcone are done.

I sat thinking about those thousands of oaks on all those slopes, and ridges, and hills. Dying. I thought of the Shot Hole Borer, working its way up through our canyons, killing all San Diego’s Coast Live Oak, and willow, and sycamore, and cottonwood. I thought of the Bigcone pushing their way up through the oak canopy. Last of their kind. I thought of all my seedlings. The hundreds I’ve planted over the years and the hundreds filling my patio and yard. I’ve lost too many to count, but I can somehow remember the moment I first saw each one had dried out, or been pulled under by gophers, or stripped bare by rodents, or gnawed by rabbits, or trampled by cattle from the neighboring reservation.

I’d thought about it all a thousand times. I’ve lain in bed so many nights trying to wrestle with it. I don’t know why, but that afternoon something in my mind buckled under the weight of it. I thought, ‘How do I tell my kids?’ and I started to cry. They’ve grown up with me storing seeds and acorns in the refrigerator, germinating seeds, potting seedlings, watering them, five hundred at any given time in the backyard, working in the greenhouses, unloading all my dusty tools and empty water bottles from the truck when I get back in the evening from the mountain. Their dad working in any spare moment on reforesting is all they’ve ever known. I thought of this photo we took a couple of years ago, sitting in front of all our hundreds of seedlings. So happy. How do I tell them that I don’t know what to do with the six hundred seedlings in the backyard? That if I keep them potted in the yard, they’ll get root-bound and slowly die, and if I try to outplant them on the mountain, they’ll die even faster? That there’s no place left in the world for these trees they’ve grown up with?

And then the question that was probably there the whole time, waiting to surface: How do I tell myself? I think of all the love I’ve put into saving that forest. All the years. All the thousands of hours. All the thought, and worry, and hope, and faith. How do I tell myself that it’s all gonna die? I’ve spent so long among those trees. It’s not like trees in a park you visit. I don’t go to a different trail or campground or mountain every week. I go to the same mountain, every time. I know every corner of those three hundred acres. I can see the whole forest when I close my eyes. Those trees are like friends to me. I know their peculiarities, their personalities. I can identify some of those trees by their acorns alone. It’s honestly too much. To know they’re all doomed. And if my forest is dying, the same thing is happening everywhere on earth. My mind leapt back 20 years to when I was doing fieldwork up in Kenai, Alaska. I remembered driving past hundreds of miles of conifers dying from Spruce Bark Beetle, which had exploded without the cold winters to keep its population in check. I must have blocked it out for twenty years. But it was right there, just below the surface of my consciousness, foreshadowing.

The sadness, the fear, the despair comes over me in waves when I think about it. The whole biosphere, sixty-six million years of adaptation and speciation, is dying. I took personal responsibility for repairing, conserving, stewarding my half-mile square of it, and it finally hit me–what I’d been wrestling with unconsciously for a long time–that I can’t save it. No amount of wisdom, or sacrifice, or heroism is going to change the outcome. It’s been wearing on me for years, but when you’re raised on Star Wars and unconditional positive regard, you think that no matter how long the odds, you’re somehow gonna pull off the impossible. It’s been years of working, day-in, day-out, against odds that were unimaginably long. Only, they weren’t long. They were impossible.

And at the crescendo of sobbing and loss, the saddest thought I’ve ever had came to me: I wish I didn’t know. What else can you say, when faced with a catastrophe of such vastness, with the unravelling of the entire fabric of life on earth? I mean, we need to fight to save what we can, but the web of life as we know it is done. All the beautiful things we saw as kids on the Discovery Channel. The forests I grew up in. The mountain lions, and the horned owls, and the scat and the tracks in the washes. We’re so early in this curve, and the changes that are already baked in will be so profound. I don’t think humans are headed for extinction. We’ll survive, though many of us will suffer and many die. But all this life with which we’ve shared the planet, much of it won’t make it. I wish I didn’t know. I wish I didn’t know those ancient trees dying up there on the mountain. I wish I’d never hiked through Cuyamaca before the fires. Wish I’d never looked beneath rocks for lizards in the canyons before the bulldozers came. Or heard the frogs singing.

Some of us have seen what’s coming. Some of us feel, deeply, the oneness of all life, feel its fabric fraying. On the first of April, 2019, just after 3 o’clock, some faith–some fantasy inside me–died, and I felt despair for the world I’ve known and loved. We will not save what was. The world, the systems, the interrelationships, the densely woven tapestry, the totality we were raised to love will collapse.

My responsibility now is to my children–to all our children–and the world that will remain to them.

To rescue as much as we can from that global conflagration, from the catastrophes of famine, and flood, and fire, and conflict, and exodus, and extinctions that await.

To end our dependence on fossil fuels, immediately.

To dramatically change our food production, our transportation, our land use. Our way of life.

To defeat anyone and anything that opposes or hampers that work.

If there were ever a truly holy war, this struggle — to save the whole of life from ourselves — is it.

There can be no compromise. No increments. No quarter.

There is nothing left, but to go forth — with the grief, and desperation, and granite-hard determination– and transform the world. Utterly. Immediately.

Earth Day, 2019.

Here comes the challenge:

99% of adults run on outdated operating programs and are bugged. They didn’t grow up with project action. And they have a ton of hang-ups.

It's your challenge

… because this is about your next seventy years on Earth, your conscience towards the next generations in line to be born on scorched robot planet or Paradise.

You can create either. Which do you choose? Robot Hell. Sit idle, zombie. Paradise requires effort. It requires being fully ALIVE.

But a new species of youth have appeared from the seven corners of the Universe, and they sure run on a super flash OS that’s fit for the next society of awesome. 

That is the new ‘human model’. The able, active, caring citizen. Got it? It comes with great friends, true adventure, magical moments, epic win – and true love. You want that!

You see that at work in the stories and videos of young changemakers today.

How about making such vibes part of your daily life at school, in the streets of your city, at the workplace of your next 70 years on Earth. Yay, that’s way better than the dull stuff today, huh?

However, most youth yet have to activate this OS in themselves, and that’s what we help you do! 

In this new world where nobody knows anything – everybody’s needed!

This is for everybody.

Everybody’s needed. Everybody’s precious. 
Everybody has a role to play. 


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in camouflage. Extremely powerful and dangerous.

Everything’s lined up for you. Amazing hero*ines are ready to help you. Millions of youth are moving. Now you just have to do it.

So, young warriors, now is the time to get practical. Follow a tour into this world… it’s like a first visit to Hogwarts or Middle Earth. You’ll be meeting amazing hero*ines, grand mages, beautiful beasts, real mermaids, swim with sharks* – and soon enough you’ll be able to flick magic. *optional

Come along! We’ll show you the sensational stuff your fellow youth are doing, and how YOU can evoke the same, using simple, strategic steps. 

We give you tools and magic wands to wield. There’s magic lessons, too.

Time to play!

The Game is on.

We have planet to save.

The boss battles are on, and your hero peers need your help.

You have powers in you.

Every . Stroke . Matters !

Get moving. Help. 


1. Anybody – Connect!

The solutions for a good world exist, so, putting up with today’s unnecessary suffering of people and planet (view some of it here) would be plain stoopid. 

Even if you simply choose to observe, please do connect, so you can observe and learn what’s truly going on with the grand movements working to upgrade today’s broken hurtful civilization, and the next GOOD collaborative society that you want to come into existence, so that your future is one of peace, joy and abundance. 

2. Discover Youth Leadership – The Exhibit / Tutorial

Stroll through the exhibit, or better – choose the “guided walk” : the Tutorial, which is like a training workshop on how to spark youth leadership in your region, and detect lots of potential allies.

After this, you’ll know why you want to learn more.

3. Take first steps – Crash Course

Spread the spirit and make first impact – easy!

We help you start with flying banners by doing all the essentials that make youth-led ventures so wildly successful. We show you popular actions, fun activities that work everywhere, and who to team up with for win-win benefits.

That’s how changemaking is real fun.

4. Activate Your School

It’s already part of the Crash Course, but never stops.

Why school? It’s your entire generation’s daily hangout, it can be way more fun and adventurous, it can evoke tremendous impact, superfast, and it’s where hundreds of other youth will learn how to create a good world for all – or not, and fail like today’s adult generations. 

The ones to make that enormous difference are you and your (new) friends across classes and grades born to be small or high impact changemakers; the choice is yours – but, be part. Super small, simple steps have big effects here. 

5. Form a Team

This can have happened during the Crash Course, and at school, as a student club. Still, we have to list it here on this page – so newbies to our site know what’s ahead.

We have an enormous scope of options for you, and no matter whether you choose to simply observe, get involved a little bit, on occasion, on demand, or want to rock full time and take on today’s boss battles – BE PART!

From then on

you’re going to lead a life of awesome, with an enormous scope of actions, surprise and encounters.


Go here


Go here

If you cannot take the tutorial and crash course today, come back when is the perfect time for you, and right now : 


Go here


some interesting links with your friends, parents, teachers

Like these



Kickstarting youth-led initiatives with exciting impact, presence at school, media, a growing community is new to many. But it can be simple. 

We have put together a Crash Course using the tools of wildly successful badass changemakers to help you gain rapid results and experience the sweet taste of success! Changing lives, making new friends, and likely getting on the media. Do you chicken out? #ThisMeansImpact

Take it on as a new sport or music, and practice the basic steps. Use free resources, follow the steps for online and local activities. You pace it yourself. It takes about 4 weeks, with constant discoveries, progress, growth, small and big success and celebration.

This broad scope of experiences gives you a great idea of what’s ahead, and equips you for greater missions. Now get going, and enjoy. We look forward to hear from you!



Have you completed your Crash Course? Hi5! So, is this what you want to live, for your life, for people and planet? Then let’s unleash y/our ultra powers 100-fold more!

Now buckle up, walk the path of the warrior, and rise to a legend in record time!





As youth age 8-18, you mostly take all sorts of exciting hands-on action in your local community. But you are part of a global tribe, also adults, who do all sorts of things backing you. Think of #FridaysForFuture

  • inspired and connected via social media 
  • coming alive in local action
  • strongly backed and carried by the internet, with constant drumbeats of inspiration and action

with a much bigger range of causes, members, tools, methods and interaction – with stuff for everybody. This is extremely powerful! 

We have only 1 passion and that’s Change Generation Rising. We love seeing you enjoy wild success! So, connect, involve and challenge us to help you turn your love and passion into action and get things rolling in your region! 



for Q&A, orientation, tools, needs, help, translations, to write about you, coach, connect, equip you …


to inspire groups, classes, events, spark action, team up, celebrate achievements


telling our common unfolding adventures online and in print 


to conquer hearts, homes, schools and public space


It’s not just us out there on the internet. 

As you get active, you will also quickly build local community of rocking youth and adult allies. 


Here is a common sense sequence of getting active. You’ll speedrun through each. Depending on opportunities, you may change the order. For optimal success – know your tools well & observe our tips and guidance & practice.


This is daily. Here is also a source of silent or fiery allies, right now and in the future. It’s important that they can relate to your new knowledge and interest, so they back your enthusiasm, schedule, need for moving around, resources and company. Kids and parents can be dream teams.

Attention: Adults shall not force their “better world” convictions on youth. Youth shall not force their “better world” convictions on adults. #ActWithLove  


Take your folks on stroll through the online exhibit, an immersion in the tutorial. You can run the Crash Course session#1 with them, as a gameful exercise. If they enjoy it, you can even play phase #2, 3, 4.


SHOW PICS of emma julia, adora, lulu, avalon, greta …


Space for your stuff and inviting crew. For preparing, building stuff, nightovers, Philanthro-Parties …


Social media, youtube … you are using them meaningfully. They shall know this.


Tools, travel, permissions, resources, skills, time, try new things, also vegan delights


You can make big use of their support.


Day and night, skype meetings, in evenings, on week-ends, spontaneous

Life of a changemaker.


are beyond school hours




to changemakers


Books, calendars, …


are a great source of common action, forming bonds in the family, too


Easy to activate with info flyers, and more


in the community, also as YL Volunteer, organizing stands on markets, at fests…


whatever this is at the beginning. Friends crew, student club or warrior clan.

Grow it with robust steps taking our steps for outreach at your and other schools, in the community, in media, to organizations, and also online, including our partners.


to Student Club page

Choose one of three options. They differ by pace of action.

VISIT THE STUDENT CLUBS page for impressions and to decide which one is best suited for you right now. 





Practice with a set of straightforward popular causes and activities that rapidly mobilize people. These are proven initiatives run by teenage changemakers at grand scale. What works for them is most likely to work for you also. We want you to start by scoring “easy goals”, make people happy and get rolling fast!

  • change lives
  • generate vivid images
  • generate media presence
  • build community

Bam, bam, bam! Celebration! #TryThisAtHome



to the page






OK, as a newbie, this is voluntary, but we can only say – do it.

It’s fun, builds reach, community and impact, like Greta and others do.

If she can do it, shy, silent, serious, you can.


to the page


There’s tons of exciting discoveries, support, tricks and experiences ahead that are too early to mention here. One of them: wielding Master Magic of badass changemakers that ar admired by millions. This magic skills is what makes them so ultra successful. Some of your mob will unlock the same talent in themselves, to mobilize crowds. Ayyyyy. Exciiiiitiiiing. Here are just a few examples.




to the page






So many options, where to begin?

We have something really cool that helps everybody

  • keep focus, pace, scope, surprise, fun and momentum high
  • plan ahead, unite with others
  • keep up a drumbeat of action

by aligning action with UNITED NATIONS Theme Days.


You have tons of tools sourced from changemakers. 

This shall not keep you from designing your own!

Share yours with us!



You have several priority spaces that you want to activate to grow your impact and movement.

It’s all common sense. Teens do it. We help you with tools, methods and partners for each.



The potentials are beyond huge and zero tapped. Even if you got stuff going on, it’s like 1 or 2% of what’s possible. 1 or 2 is close to 0. We are talking real stuff, Change Generation!















Isn’t that awesome? What an amazing life ahead! Let’s take back the planet, together!

Just get started, and follow your love. – Eric


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