WE ARE VERY EXCITED to announce or New Zealand-wide campaign for igniting and cultivating youth leadership among our young generation! NEW ZEALAND is a world leader in outdoor education, and many aspects of environment, peace, sustainability and cross-cultural collaboration. However, there is much need for more, as we can not only tell from littered beaches, but also from unnecessary poverty, violence and environmental degradation.

IT ALL BEGINS with inspiration, concrete solutions, role models and action opportunities, – and that’s precisely what we have to offer from around the planet, with exciting support, partnerships, and one of New Zealands best known YOUNG ACTIVISTS – Taylor Finderup. TAYLOR has been the leading youth voice in the successful campaign for banning shark finning from New Zealand waters, alongside prominent shark conservationists and scientists Riley Elliot and Ocean Ramsey (see videos).

THE EXPERIENCE of the power of education, of raising one’s voice and succeeding in saving entire species and ecosystems from extinction, positive feedback by schools, media and citizens, enthusiastic participation by children and teens – eager for more – Taylor is now determined to take it to the next step:

1. Her favorite cause being the Ocean, she just founded Ocean Defenders

2. Expand her scope of activism to the full spectrum of environmental, humanitarian and sustainability causes

3. Inspire and empower her generation across New Zealand and Australia to learn and implement model solutions on protecting and creating the world they love.

Taylor is a powerful inspirational speaker, with a focus on empowering her audience, giving space to ideas and initiatives, projects and campaigns.


We cordially invite you to get involved as

— donors, sponsors and investors

— school boards

— organizations

— schools, teachers and student leaders


>> financing and distributing YL educational Starter Packs

>> connecting with our YouthLeadeRs via skype, to join, support and replicate their initiatives

>> using our media and methods

>> founding YL Student Clubs and Chapters



1. in our Brochure for New Zealand Sponsors

2. in latest links from our Youth-LeadeRs in Toronto and Kingston below


LET US MAKE THE MOST of this extraordinary opportunity that we are blessed with. Let’s make it a gift to our Young Generation, to Canada, to Humanity, to this Magnificient Planet, and ourselves.

– Contact us to get involved, or

– Donate to the YL Flow Fund, indicating that your contribution is for New Zealand




1. An Illustrated Introduction to Youth-LeadeR; view ONLINE, download PDF

2. Our Info Brochure for Donors & Sponsors with infos on who we are and various options for investment; view online, download PDF

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