The Big Picture Story of Our Era


A Game Changer for Humanity.

My most important read ever. I am floored by the potentials.

Stepping Stone to a Sustainable Civilization.


Youth Leadership is the most beautiful new chapter in the unfolding history of humanity, and a signal of something much greater.

“Hi. My name is Eric. I am the founder of YL. Your visit to this page tells me that you care for people and planet, and cherish success stories of young and adult heroInes. That’s great. Hi5. I am going to unveil something exciting and profundly important for humanity that few are yet aware of and less have understood how it works – or they would be boosting it at full steam. Get your favorite drink and sit back. We’re lifting a treasure!”

“I have spent the past 16 years on the global tidal wave of positive change, among hundreds of humanity’s finest changemakers and teenage heroInes. This extraordinary journey is no co-incidence, nor does it come without responsibility.

My vision of the magnificent potentials for people and planet define my role as a messenger and bridge builder between the Gandhis and Einsteins of our time and humanity. So we can all experience it and achieve our common aim of a good world for all.

In a short time, you will know that it is in reach, right here, despite all the distractive nonsense that’s shoveled on you in the news each day. In fact, all that is just reports from the toilet bowl of history. As the old, hurtful, unsustainable civilization is breaking apart, something new, fresh and exciting is waking up, and it’s for all of us to use, communicate, develop and to enjoy!


“In my position of knowing, investigating, understanding, inter-acting with hundreds of wildly successful initiatives, as well as merging and upgrading them, I have discovered some KEY factors, energies and secrets of success so far apparently unseen, overlooked and ignored – both at big picture level and detail – on HOW positive change solutions can now rapidly be taken to planetary scale – without waiting for wealthholders, degrees or decision-makers.

Like every other true innovation, it is necessarily completely different from the current model. This means, that it appears from a place that you considered impossible. The world never saw it coming. Also, you’ll take it for real when you see others do it, when you see masses do it, when you see it in the big news, with ordinary people and even in schools. When you can feel it, when you can hold it in your hands and experience it yourself.

That’s what we are up to right now! Just follow along. You can dig deeper later.”

“Everybody knows that our societies, government, media, education, economy are bad, but continues to put up with it, because they don’t know of better ways. Everything changes when we know that the solutions exist!”

The Solutions Exist


These groundbreaking solutions are powered by ordinary people (hence replicable by people everywhere), showered with awards, celebrated as role models in media and in high demand at schools – especially those age 5-19. Look, how many do you need for your city and region? A handful of websites alone features 4,000 proven, well documented high impact model solutions, far more important that protests and elections.

“You never change things by criticizing reality. To change something, create a new model making the existing model obsolete.”

It is important that everybody realizes the power, indispensability and urgency to learn and implement them. The time is now.

Eco-Tipping Points 100 success stories

Ashoka 3,000 fellows

Skoll Foundation Awardees

Buckminster Fuller Award Finalists

“Even more important and little noticed by a adult generations lost in ego the young generation has begun to make history.”

Youth Leadership


has been part of civic education in North America for fifty years. In today’s context of global, project-oriented service-learning, social media and escalating crisis the youth leadership phenomenon is taking on sensational dimensions: teen heroInes are popping up everywhere, changing lives, laws, industries at unprecedented scale.

They volunteer in record numbers, have made creating a good world for all part of learning culture at more than twelve thousand schools and their gatherings are school field trips scoring six hours live on main television. Clearly, an entire global generation to grow up with this spirit, skills and memes is a game changer for humanity.

“To change something, create a new (human) model, making the existing (incompetent, apathic, unsustainable human) model obsolete.”

This is the true game changer. Few people are aware of the energies behind this phenomenon. We are.

“All of this can of course happen everywhere. Just look at is as a new sport, like basketball was thirty years ago. Feel the passion, learn the tricks, and you’ll soon play at the same level. This doesn’t take thirty years. You’ll generate instant headlines, demand and support. Why? Well, just observe the feelings that the videos evoke in you. It does the same in everybody else. In this regard, we are all the same!”

“As exciting as these solutions and youth is the enthusiastic support from all sides – citizens, parents, teachers, donors, journalists, entrepreneurs. And this unfolds new, spectacular possibilities.”

Everybody Loves It


For the first time in history, a youth phenomenon is universally embraced by adult generations and institutions – as the high end of virtuous active citizenship in schools, media and awards. Virtually unknown outside North America, people everywhere instantly catch on when seeing the powerful inspirational solution stories, videos and action opportunities.

“The most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen.”

“It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.”

“The most energized lesson ever.”

“Students are asking how they can get involved.”

“What energies are behind these success stories? First of all, what inspires us so much? It is not just the solutions. It is the experience of seeing and feeling the changemakers in action.”

The Power of Role Models


copy-paste. Role models are our greatest asset in Transformational Learning (such as parenthood or new business ventures), hence at the heart of everything “learning to be the change” to upgrade ourselves to qualify as co-creator, inhabitant and steward of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable civilization.

The big ignored problem of unsustainable societies is that no such heroIne changemakers exist in our family, peers and teachers. So, there is no chance for change! This is why fifty years of eco-social advocacy and calls for living ethical values have failed – never have we seen, felt and experienced what active citizens look, feel, think and act like.

Our lucky straw is that role models also function via media; that’s how the Paris Hilton epidemic could happen; and how destructive behavior is being programmed into societies daily via media), and fortunately, the pure heroIne role models resonate with our true core and thereby override the impure ones.

Inspired by Emma and Julia, Victoria did a book drive at her school, scoring 1,000 good books worth $10,000 in a whiffy.

Inspired by Craig, 250,000 kids in clubs at 12,000 schools take year-round action, with impact beyond words.

“Our task is clear : make high end heroInes omni-present with positive news media, online and in print, from early age, in our homes, workplace, media, in public – and most of all : in our young generation’s only daily hangout : SCHOOLS – so they grow up together, with positive worldview on youth, the power of one, people and planet, experiencing agency on shaping our lives and futures, agreeing on what future they want, unite, pledge and take robust action in creating it. Every day, for their ten forming years at school. Then everything will be fine, with tangible success from day 1!”

Make HeroIne Role Models Omni-Present


at school, home, online, media and public – told in authentic, vivid, memorable form, with instant action opportunities for joining, contributing, replicating the initiative. Grab our books, calendars for kitchens, bathrooms, workplace, make exhibits for long-term presence, make the most awesome birthday and Christmas gifts, start conversations, seed media to libraries, cafes, waiting rooms and schools, give presentations using our Kit. Experience clearly shows – it works. Everywhere.

A Fascinating Note on Ethical Values

Hiya, ethical values are something rather vague, even though we feel they might be important, really important. Those of us aware of their importance and working in fields of education, spirituality etc often experience in limit and frustrations in raising awareness in our students, colleagues, employees, volunteers, children…

We have discovered something precious:

Once upon a time, Eric sat pondering

“HeroInes inspire us. There is a spirit transfer. It makes us feel, cry, feel on fire, dream, take action. But this is sort of vague. Can we uncover a few more concrete details what’s happening inside us? I think that this will help mobilize people, by supporting their sudden short-term feeling with a long-term cognitive angle of understanding what’s going on. And be better able to understand, evaluate and situate this in their personal context, values, goals, ideals and expectations for life, as well as their self-image.”

Soon after, Eric met renowned Austrian artist Nikolaus Eberstaller. Niki was preparing a follow-up to his wildly popular HONEYS Currency – “Home Made Money” banknotes illustrated with the 7 Deadly Sins, their ghastly medieval depictions and a logo of a corporation embodying this Sin through their harmful behavior to people and planet.

Now, he was preparing a follow-up, on the 7 Cardinal Virtues : Love, Justice, Temperance, Faith, Hope, Fortitude (courage over a long-time), Wisdom/Knowledge. When I asked “what logos or faces he was going to put on the banknotes to represent the Cardinal Virtues”, he responded. “No doubt, the only people who qualify are these youth in your program. You know them best. You select Seven for the Seven Virtues.” That was a magical moment.

And Eric instantly detected the Seven who perfectly embody the 7 Virtues in their personality and work.

Eric noticed that this is precisely what the teen heroInes are living, what touches us to much, inspires us like the heroInes in our favorite adventure novels : Emma and Julia’s sense of justice for Aboriginal kids in need, Babar’s caring love for underpriviledged kids, Rachel’s fortitude in face of the gargantuan GMO industry and dark ocean of ignorance.

And heroInes they are, because it takes darn courage to dare follow one’s heart and vision against all odds of an apathic environment, to stand up, be in the spotlight of attention… you know that … if you do… or don’t do it. The world needs us to live this now. WE need it, to live our convictions, virtues, protect what we love and create a world of peace and abundance we want to see.

“You never change something by criticizing reality. To change something, create a new model making the current model obsolete.”

The solutions exist. But now we also need the “human model” solution. You see it in action. This is what it means to Be The Change. Be a HeroIne. Live your truth, and rid the world of injustices, dare seeing Voldemort and Mordor, purge yourself of orkish habits and live the values of chivalry, Krishna, God, Mother Earth, your heart, whatever you’ve grown up to call it – to the max – in the context of this time, of this world, of this Matrix, of this Middle Earth. YL is your Hogwarts school of magic, these teens your elder students.

These TEENS have unique value for everybody caring about or working with ethical values and spirituality … for themselves, in faith groups, in education… they help us

  • see concrete application cases of the Virtue in today’s broken world
  • recognize what living this Virtue means in practice
  • feel the passion pertaining to the Virtue
  • hear what inner mood, vibe, sound, pitch expresses this Virtue

ergo : What does it feel, live and act like to be a HERO.

FOR US AT YL, this revelation about the 7 Cardinal Virtues comes as a great gift. It enables us to raise this awarenes, connect with ethics, faiths, spirituality, novels, people’s and young people’s values, convictions, ideals, idols, truth, strength, sense of what’s GOOD and PROPER and the right thing to do … and to AFFIRM THEM in their views in ways they have never been affirmed by corrupt, impure, backbroken society. Yes, that’s how it is.

We’ve got a dedicated collection of 7 Cardinal Virtues media that we suggest to explore.

P.S.: We can talk in detail what keeps people from living the Virtues. That’s an ugly can of worms.


A Note on Culture that will Surprise You


The global culture we all share is “(CREATING) A WORLD OF PEACE, JOY AND ABUNDANCE* FOR ALL”. It is per definition our globally shared set of “values + rituals / acts + heroInes + symbols” = culture.

Read on for some fascinating findings. Think about how culture is instrumentalized, called upon, stigmatized in today’s multiple crisis. It has become a source of confusion, division, fear, ego and war, instead of celebration and upliftment. We can now change this, as ditch the remnants of obsolete kingdoms and unsustainable societies, their rituals and superficialities that we are all sick of, and upgrade to what we all really like, we really care, for really matters – to us and our planet – and for the first time re-connects with the core of us, of culture – our values. Because our culture, that’s US!

“Tradition means passing on the fire, not adoration of the ashes.”

This makes it today’s most significant, maybe the only unifying thread among all our societies and citizens, across age groups, cultures and professions, and it is so positive that it overrides the differences in symbols, memes, dress and ritual causing so much confusion.

A note on Abundance: Abundance is not about accumulating obscene wealth. On the contrary. Inner and Outer Abundance aligns with the findings of Gross National Happiness, that wealth is four-fold, and when ecological, cultural and spiritual wealth are high, there is only tiny need for material wealth. And industrial nations are poor in ecological, cultural and spiritual aspects, making people miserable, fearful, depressed, aggressive, despite having their basic needs covered, living in fame and wealth.


Cultural differences manifest themselves in different ways and differing levels of depth.

Symbols represent the most superficial and values the deepest manifestations of culture, with heroes and rituals in between.

  • Symbols are words, gestures, pictures, or objects that carry a particular meaning which is only recognized by those who share a particular culture. New symbols easily develop, old ones disappear. Symbols from one particular group are regularly copied by others. This is why symbols represent the outermost layer of a culture.
  • Heroes are persons, past or present, real or fictitious, who possess characteristics that are highly prized in a culture. They also serve as models for behavior.
  • Rituals are collective activities, sometimes superfluous in reaching desired objectives, but are considered as socially essential. They are therefore carried out most of the times for their own sake (ways of greetings, paying respect to others, religious and social ceremonies, etc.).
  • The core of a culture is formed by values. They are broad tendencies for preferences of certain state of affairs to others (good-evil, right-wrong, natural-unnatural). Many values remain unconscious to those who hold them. Therefore they often cannot be discussed, nor they can be directly observed by others. Values can only be inferred from the way people act under different circumstances.
  • Symbols, heroes, and rituals are the tangible or visual aspects of the practices of a culture. The true cultural meaning of the practices is intangible; this is revealed only when the practices are interpreted by the insiders.


People even within the same culture carry several layers of mental programming within themselves. Different layers of culture exist at the following levels:

  • The national level: Associated with the nation as a whole.
  • The regional level: Associated with ethnic, linguistic, or religious differences that exist within a nation.
  • The gender level: Associated with gender differences (female vs. male)
  • The generation level: Associated with the differences between grandparents and parents, parents and children.
  • The social class level: Associated with educational opportunities and differences in occupation.
  • The corporate level: Associated with the particular culture of an organization. Applicable to those who are employed.

Not surprisingly, the analysis leaves out the Global Level – a level that people and humanity have trouble getting a grip on.


Globalization, the natural phenomenon of our time, forces our societies to transform, causing turbulences, especially at cultural levels focussed on the superficial symbols and rituals, but also highlighting where our words and actions are incongruent with the values that our cultures are meant to be based on, to purify our ways, habits and traditions from “adoring or fighting over ashes” to “passing on the fire” in celebration and wild, uplifting creativity. It forces us to upgrade to our finest heroIne selves. And this overcomes all challenges.

IT SEEMS that we have found the definition of our global culture that unites us all. Not surprisingly, our unity in diversity is reflected in our universal ethical values. The new realization is that these values manifest in acts of “creating a good world, of peace, joy and abundance for all”, and are embodied by changemakers – this culture’s shining HeroInes, that we all share.

Now it is on all of us to LIVE OUR CULTURE, by what Charles Eisenstein calls creating “the beautiful world that our hearts know is possible, but our minds don’t yet understand how to do”. What Charles ignores are the myriads of solutions available and the groundbreaking possibilities of establishing high impact youth leadership in all schools.

For those of us not tuned to spirituality and culture, it means living our favorite adventure novels – Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings – living League of Legends – for real. It means keeping our eyes and hearts open when we close the book, switch off the screen – to see Voldemort and Mordor polluting, eating and shredding the world around us – learn to wield the magic wands of today – and ally with the angles, elves and beautiful beasts around us – for The Liberation Of Paradise.

Choose your favorite way of perceiving the world – a game, an adventure, the sacred, humane values. But hey, at last start living it. Let that heroIne entity of yours take place in you, and touch and transfrom the world through you. Do like the changemaker heroInes. Follow intuition, passion and serve.


This is the time to add the virtuous examples of young heroInes to all spaces of faith, values, culture and inter-cultural exchange and education. Make all youth globally unify in action on favorite causes with their heroInes, for years, and they become one global family – used to work miracles together.

Imagine them as a global adult generation. Done!

We’re going to create a Tool-Kit on this. If you wish to boost its realization, invest in us!

Now let’s go to work.

“Schools are more than ready. They seek it, live it, thrive on it!”

“Another crucially important thing that I need you to realize is that schools today have embraced global learning, sustainability, youth action, and welcome quality contributions from parents, citizens and organizations, especially on solutions, role models and youth leadership. Teachers are y/our best friend and ally!”

Benefits for Learning Culture & School Community


as add-ons, projects and extracurricular activities bring global issues to life, spark intrinsic motivation, create co-learning experiences, found student clubs and create ripple effects across grades, the school fence and entire cities. It actually re-enables schools to live up to the purpose of schooling : nurturing able, successful active citizens of democratic, libertarian societies, which today also have to be sustainable, in a peacefully collaborating global family of nations. This aim is only achieved through enabling youth leadership:

“Our most precious are “Our New Highly Gifted” taking self-organized action as student clubs. Well equipped and supported, they manage a year-round stream of action, practically evolving to assistant teachers.”

High Impact Student Clubs


are our greatest asset for achieving positive change : pure spirit, daily macro-community, free infrastructure, good public standing, positive media presence, support by funders, win-win benefits and – time : five to ten hours a day, sixteen on week-ends, like gifted musicians, gamers and athletes – making changemaking their sport, passion, lifestyle and purpose. They are a dream come true for good educators, giving presentations at UN Days, managing learning environments, exhibits, mentoring peers and making headlines.

“Our job (as adults) is to structure and provide the abundance of solutions, networking, communications and support.”

Media, Methods, Services + Educational & Leadership Programs


for peace, joy, sustainabilty and abundance, building on best practices and personal collaboration with the teen and adult Gandhis and Einsteins of today selected by a unique benchmark :

a powerfully implemented model solution + replicable by young people everywhere + well visually documented on the web (inspirational, memorable, comprehensible, applicable) + available for support by email and skype = this enables replication,

empowering our readers, fans and learners to turn into users evoking changes like their famous peers, rippling through their communities, shaping history.

“Growing up in real-time live collaboration with the Einsteins and Gandhis of our time.”

“This is what internet, social media and schools were invented for.”

Change Generation Rising


designed as adventure reality game, open to everybody, with favorite causes and heroInes for everybody, hundreds of media in 20 languages, exhibits, action guides, presentation kits, project roadmaps, games, music, musical …

… and a year-round stream of action aligned with UNITED NATIONS DAYS for greater impact and perfect occasion for connecting with teachers, journalists and organizations …

… offering high value badges for completed missions, and for youth age 8-18 committing to make changemaking their sport (with weekly fundraisers, lifestyle challenges and projects) with levels, credits, honors and a social media CV of awesome, vividly illustrated with documentation of their activities, news presence, awards …

… making CG RISING the crown jewel and high end brand of youth leadership, with rich benefits for personal, idealist and professional paths, nurturing a “NEW SPECIES” of youth by their time of graduation. Epicness!

“It’s like the real Hogwarts.”

“This is what internet, social media and schools were invented for.”

A Bright New World Is Happening

“With YL Warior Clans at every school on the planet, I know the future will be fine. Their’s, the planet’s, and also mine, since I know the thriving civilization they create will take good care of me when I am old. All we have to do now is make it happen everywhere.”

This is Our Story

The story of our time, that we are writing into human history.

This is YOUR Story

as we are all in this together. In this cataclysm of a collapsing world that we all shied away from seeing. But now you also know of solutions and the entryway to a world of awesome, equipped to bring bliss to hundreds, even millions.

The Choice is YOURS

Victim, powerless onlooker, lukewarm fan or HeroIne. It’s in your hands now. Happy Birthday!

With this magnificent opportunity … sitting idle, watching the abominations unfold would be plain stupid!

Time for a Speedrun!


Hence, we unite under the banner of YOUTH-LEADER the greatest heroInes of our era, kids, teens and their adult allies – caring parents, teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs, citizens… for a Speedrun to a Bright New World, learning, boosting and implementing humanity’s finest solutions.

Speedrun, definition [gaming]: “achieving a game’s goal in the shortest possible time” – without delay, distraction, collecting gold and gimmicks and staring at glimmering screens.

Write the New, Beautiful Story of Humanity!

Weave it into our lives. Change the narrative. Uplift your people.

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receive valuable free tools, amazing opportunities, interact, learn on the go and contribute

Spread Our Highlights

to friends, family, social networks, via company and NGO newsletters, to clients, journalists, public …


to spread youth leadership across the globe, as school, business, institution, donor … and to uplift your region

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