YOUTH-LEADERs have been selected to lead 6 of the 12 official workshops at IYONS.

1. Eric on Youth Leadership and Youth-LeadeR
2. Rhiannon Tomtishen of Project Orangs about the Roots & Shoots Community Mapping Model
3. Usha and The Red Brigade Lucknow on Self-Defense Against Sexual Assault
4. Oasis Game

Since we didn’t get finance for flying in Avalon and Cassandra, we had to improvize side sessions for
5. The Cowspiracy Secret movie about the meat industry causing 55% of climate change, most of ecosystem destruction and species loss
6. Turning used Restaurant Grease into Biofuel
> and guess what, our conversations have sparked collaboration on each matter in Nepal and India!


** Roots & Shoots Community Mapping Model ** WORKSHOP

Rhiannon Tomtishen known for her wildly successful work of making Girl Scouts, Kellogg’s, ABC Bakers and Cargill shift to NO-DEFORESTATION & NON-CONFLICT PALM OIL and transparency mechanisms (with Madi Vorva, of leads a workshop on COMMUNITY MAPPING, a simple, POWERFUL TOOL for detecting problems and potentials in your community in visible context for quick analysis, starting conversations and connecting stakeholders across age groups and societal strata for collaboration – and observing changes along time-scales.

Rhiannon_Tomtishen-R&S-MappingWorkshop at IYONS Summit1-800w Rhiannon_Tomtishen-R&S-MappingWorkshop at IYONS Summit2-800w Rhiannon_Tomtishen-R&S-MappingWorkshop at IYONS Summit3-800w

Thx, Rhiannon, for sharing this gem after sleepless nights and cataclysmic conditions around IYONS World Summit in the drenching tropical heat of Southern India. This is DEFINITELY a core tool for YL Teams!!

Visit the rich website with lively infos, tools and more of this simple and freely available tool used by R&S Teams in 140 countries. And share!!