Youth Leadership


This Young Generation

is rising to protect people and planet, unlike any before them. Teens today change lives, laws and industries, they volunteer in record numbers, have made ‘creating a good world for all’ integral part of learning culture at ten thousand schools, their events score six hours live on MTV and inspire millions.

Together with you, we can make this happen everywhere!


Is this awesome, or what? 

This generation is our dream come true. All we have to do is inform, equip and support young people and their allies (teachers, parents, …) everywhere to follow these examples and grant them liberty and support to become entirely different from adult generations and create a world of awesome for all.

Why can we do this everywhere?

These are humanity’s most highly decorated and celebrated youth. How could one deny their shining example to be present at schools? How could anyone deny all our young to be like them? (in their own ways)

The huge scale success, embraced across age groups and cultures, by institutions, schools, media, foundations, … proves that this works everywhere. Reasons include that

  • this is the embodiment of role models
  • of life skills, global learning, interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork
  • of active, responsible and creative citizenship
  • of human goodness and applied sacred and ethical values

and these aspirations are shared by people everywhere. Also important is that youth leadership is

  • non-partisan, non-political, non-denominational
  • simply doing what needs doing, and everybody agrees on this
  • it has no centre, it is not a movement but a phenomenon of the times