Turn your passion into action, backed by a global tribe.


We offer youth on fire to do good for people and planet humanity’s top notch best

  • proven high impact solutions
  • badass pure spirit changemakers
  • 24/7 action and support
  • with a fun flair of adventure
  • co-created and -shaped by youth
  • vibrant, like-hearted global community
  • favorite causes and activities for everybody
  • tools, tricks to make school awesome – their daily common hangout
  • self-paced, self-organized – like street basketballers, skateboarders
  • many benefits for their personal, idealist, professional paths

aligned with their focus, talent, personality, passion and lifestyle.

Make Changemaking Your “Sport”

this means stop behaving like a lame fan liking stuff on insta, waiting for someone to act, or being told what (not) to do.

Instead, like in sports or music – learn the basic rules and tunes, start with basic moves, do like your hero*ines, mix in freestyle and go epic. Rock hard, score goals, like an athlete! That’s how impact happens, community builds and fun skyrockets!

Your level of involvement is most defined by your pace of action.

Choose your Pace





Full time


Then you’ll know your path

Epic scope of Causes

Each hero*ine featured in YL represents

  • a powerful youth initiative = you can do it, too
  • a level 1-4 Action Guide, easy to advanced for greater impact

Our core line-up of 100 teen and adult hero*ines offers you 400+ actions, each with its own magic. This enormous scope helps you stay inspired, create multi-faceted activities, vivid media coverage, inspire others, win members and supporters.

Enormous scope of Activities

We do everything. This reaches everybody. gallery


Youth leaders and teams can gain badges for completed missions. Warrior also gain credits for impact and headlines made, and level up. We’ll try to make the same possible for clubs and crews. Check back for updates. 

These badges, their impact, and vivid documentation of their activities generating presence in social, news and YL media add up to a CV of Awesome!

Badges can also be used to set goals, track progress and achievements in school projects. Ask your kind teachers.

The Superpowers of Young People at School

Why school? It is where you/th spend a big part of each day, so why get bored and sit idle? Next, it’s where we can reach all youth, daily, for their 10+ forming years. This is the only space and time phase, that this young generation can learn the mind-, feel- and skillset to create the next level good society.

And then, youth at school have tremendous superpowers that youth outside school do not have. Also, adults don’t have that, even if they wanted to. We work with you to unfold these powers to the max. Check them out below. 

View your superpowers

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The idea of education

is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been.

Adora Svitak

The Purpose of Schooling

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Changemaker Student Clubs

are your superpower tool to

  • make school awesome
  • make great friends
  • evoke incredible changes
  • help teachers understand and collaborate
  • spark and ally with clubs at all schools in town
  • influence your entire generation
  • win many allies in society

and grow up as a new warrior species

Life at Dragonheart School

 Imagine that 1 student per class at your school join the club. That’s how many members? What if 2 join? At an ordinary school, this makes 50 to 100 students. As they form focus teams on favorite causes, they can easily make youth leadership omni-present.

Meet Hero*ines LIVE

Organize encounters with YL Speakers

  • via skype, at school or events
  • for presentations, workshops, crash courses

to inspire positive vision, actions, as highlight of programs, as kick-off for follow-up projects. Youth teams co-organize sessions as part of their campaigns.

Team Up with Field Partners

Establish long-term partnerships with teen & twen hero*ines

  • to take their high impact initiatives to inter/national scale
  • to inspire exciting youth-powered activities
  • to involve your community

You will swiftly see success unfold, change lives, generate media presence, feel your agency, develop community, meet “live”, celebrate achievements – you can even go visit!

It’s also a golden opportunity to add meaning to international  course travel – as initiation, highlight, project, opportunity to document, report back, and boost reach and impact.

Activate your local Education Landscape

Education is no longer limited to the classroom. Across the school fence, you have many partners. Museums, music schools, sports clubs. But there are many, many more!

Connect with organizations, organic farmers, parks, news media, social entrepreneurs – that have knowledge, spaces and services to share. With win-win benefits for all! Tip : involve the city, too!

Year-round Calendar of Action

our global community and media channels sustain a year-round drumbeat of actions, aligned with 50+ UNITED NATIONS theme days, like water, forests, youth, soil, food, peace etc.

This calendar provides you an excellent framework to structure your abundance of causes and options. It also provides ideas, resources, purpose and opportunity to connect with partners in media, civil society, public libraries, city and citizenry to grow community, reach and impact. It’s genius, use it!


to activate your group or class





Come to Camp!

Seize the chance to shape life-time memories, epic friends, discover the planet, share stories, learn from one another, form bonds and forge alliances with badass warriors across the continent to take on ever greater boss battles and accomplish what we have come to Earth for.

We want caring youth to thrive!

We commit with all that we have, and all that we are, to empower caring youth to rapidly and fully unfold their changemaking powers – with humanity’s greatest geniuses, best thinking, tools, tactics, relations, support … 

  • to unfold the greatest possible impact, skills, image of self, have a great time

AND to build references, certificates and relations for a CV of Awesome

  • to open their professional path in society
  • to move into positions of influence
  • to make a living doing what they love
  • to lead rich, magical lives


Because this benefits society best + they deserve it + it grows their experience + it nurtures their strength to fulfill their mission.

Have a look around our website, view our tools, approach and partners, how to make school awesome, how young changemakers become visible at school, in media and public, what happens when teens turn twens. Check out how Change Generation Rising helps you achieve the goals and benefits listed above.

Now let us live our dreams, wield our magic, and do what we have come to do on Earth at this special time. We have a planet to save, and we haven’t come here to fail. Now let’s do this. All species and generations to come are watching us, and sending their power. All honorable people belong to the same tribe.