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You can go bigger.

We always say the best way to start is to take the #bemoreawesome Crash Course

to discover youth leadership in all its forms, amazing videos, the new music, and your many new opportunities that you get with YL.

It’s your entry class to today’s Hogwarts. 

Without it, you really know nothing. So, snatch some cookies, take some hours time and discover your new world.

The Crash Course

slide by slide designed to give you a real view of what youth do today, what you can do, the many supporters you can activate, to pump you up with grand vision, steel-hard confidence, with action opportunities for a lifetime, and to get you started with flying banners

  • discover youth leadership
  • get to know YL partners, support and resources available for you
  • take swift first actions
  • observe how others respond
  • report on your experience

to gain huge knowledge, inspiration, vision, and more stories, resources, ideas and opportunities than anyone you know; the perfect foundation to build on.

With YL, you have all this at your disposal.

Amazing Videos

Change Generation Music

50 Teen Hero*ines

all sorts of causes
and activities


Hero*ine Action Guides

200+ actions, simple to advanced for bigger impact



on High Impact Youth Leadership

Social Media

to share your activities + connect with others

Video Meetings

with coaches and changemakers

YL Magazine

to co-create with us

Tips & Tricks

for FUNdraising, art, music, media work, forming clubs … 

You can use all this for your own ideas and interests. There’s more to discover.

To help you get rolling

with big fun, impact, hero community and flair of adventure like you love it,
and to know where to start with this abundance of options, we bundle everything we have in a very special changemaer training program for youth age 8 to 18, and Adult Allies.



You can pick your favorite causes and pace your activity as you like

For online and home activities we have


online, home

You can do a lot by yourself. After all, many hero*ines in our line-up act as individuals. However, as you get people you like involved in your quest, you score more reach, fun, impact for the people and planet you love. Our tools help you.

You can go bigger.

The next natural step is to get friends involved. This can already during your Crash Course, as you share stories and organize first activities.

Friends Crew

As you take action, your reach and community grow.


Outreach Media





to help you realize your ideas


of like-hearted youth and Adult Allies

400 Actions

fundraisers, charity, outdoors and in the community 

Adult Allies

many locally

Global Tribe Ocean etc

maybe link view YL at School

Global Tribe Video Meets

with red brigade screen

You can go bigger.

We all spend time at school. This is where we find hundreds of youth, every day, for years.

With YL, you can build a big crew with highly diverse talent, skills, resources and relations + evoke year-round multi-faceted activities, involving a huge supportive community of peers, parents and partners of your school. Ace, aye?

Why school?

Think about life at school as you know it.

Imagine yourself a Gryffindore crew. What would your fav’ school days be like? 

Could it be filled with more friendship, excitement, interesting learning, respect, cooperation, doing beyond text and talking, international actions and more?

All this becomes true by making youth leadership part of life at school.

School is where

you spend all your days

you can unfold tremendous impact

you can build huge community

you can activate the school community

+ school days filled with


great friends

sense of adventure

extending beyond school

+ you can tap into superpowers

free resources

free spaces

free support

good standing with the city

good standing with media

good standing with donors

+ further benefits

respect by teachers

you can shape your learning journey

badges and credits

+ school-organized and -funded

partnership with hero*nes’ projects and development programs

partnership with schools abroad

school study trips and work visits

youth exchange programs

+ huge reasons explained in the toggle below “Why School Matters”

Changemaker Student Club

x fired up students per class = number

ability to regularly organize activities year-round

all characters: charity, foodies, singers, techies …

permanent presence with stands

club headquarter, view below

serves as learnspace for the entire school community

collaborate with teachers for presentations, projects, workshops

x number of students; example 1 book per student, dollars, sponsor run

x number of parents

Make School Awesome

maybe link view YL at School

YL Coach

maybe link 


Headquarter + maybe link 

UN Days Action Calendar

maybe link 

Global SDG School Challenge

Headquarter + maybe link 

Why school matters

Some students we like, most we don’t even know. There’s folks who care for people and planet in all classes, all age groups, and also among teachers. Activating them unlocks several goals that are dear to all of us: more allies, making school days awesome, educating and involving our entire young generation on youth action to create a good world for all.

Also, unfold superpowers …


… collab with teachers, respect, badges, define your learning journey, projects

… shape the learning culture of future students, that’s 10,000s of youth over the next years

… win awards, set an example, activate other schools

This is about more than specific projects. We change worldview and learning culture. We shape society and the world, the future. 

When it’s well done, the example and message can ripple nationwide – via media, conferences, trainings …

Keep in mind : Craig started as 1 kid, then 12 friends, and now he has teams at 22,000 schools.

We are activating YL changemaker student clubs at schools all over the country and planet! They all work towards this grand change by simply being #awesome 

You have the tools to activate many through #bemoreawesome Crash Courses and forming Changemaker Student Clubs wielding our crazy lot of tools for year-round fireworks of action changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale.

That is THE BIG VISION to change people and the world fast. Let’s do it #speedrun style!

If student clubs are illegal, school super outdated strict and formal and teachers boring, failing their legal professional duty, societal purpose, moral obligation to youth, and sacred service to Life on Earth  …

… one can also act informally, among students, or via parents, teachers, and outside school to make first activation contact with your fellow youth … and then communicate informally at school during breaks and recess … even in places where student clubs are illegal.

Keep in mind : A great part of changemaking happens beyond school hours anyway, like sports and music, in afternoons, evenings, on week-ends and holidays. We have solutions like LearnSpaces and tactics for all of that that you can explore on YL FOR SCHOOL, YL FOR CITIES and LEARNSPACES pages

Still, a school that embraces and supports changemaker Student Clubs is the ultimate training ground – so take the challenge to make it happen.

Once again, we are here to help.


Crash Courses work wonders

Our Group Crash Course works wonders to inspire school classes, spark first actions and unite fired up youth in a team – the Changemaker Student Club.

Your own Crash Course experience with stories and videos tells you why 95% of students agree that High Impact
Youth  Leadership

  • is new to them
  • is highly inspiring
  • is important for their generation
  • should be present at school

and 10+% are willing to get involved in a club, and 70+% willing to support on occasion for causes and activities they like.

That’s good reason to be confident that the course will go well in class, huh? 

You can guide this Crash Course.

Your personal Crash Course asks you to organize one – it can be with friends or family – to make the experience of going through the steps and observe people’s reaction and ideas.

We believe that with that experience, you will know that you can guide this Crash Course yourself in your class. If you are unsure, try with another friendly group.

For school, here’s 5 options:

  1. If you feel good and have fun in your class, do it there.
  2. If you don’t feel so easy, but wish it to be run in your class, and trust a teacher, ask this teacher to organize one (without mentioning you). You can volunteer to assist in its preparation.
  3. If you don’t feel at ease in your class, organize one for a younger class of your trusted teacher. Peers 2+ years younger usually respect older students as competent badasses and role models. They don’t know you’re new to this + your short but rich experience with your personal Crash Course gives you a massive advantage + own stories to tell + the focus of attention are the powerful stories, videos, music and exercises, and they naturally inspire.
  4. Organize one at a School Fest, Project Day or Project Week. In a Project Week, students will expect to, and want to take action from day 2 or 3 … you can do it as newbie, but experience comes in handy 
  5. Call in a YL Coach to organize a Crash Course

If you can’t organize a Crash Course, you can take the steps used by successfull teen changemakers

  • a presentation
  • LemonAID stand
  • FUNdraiser, Philanthro-Party
  • use an occasion like school fest, UN Day …

If you’re on fire, but still insecure, or your school totally sucks, or you feel you need a letter of support etc. do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are here to help.


Teachers + more Allies


YL Coaches

to guide Crash Courses, Project Days and Weeks



Hero*ines and experts to inspire school classes

Project Partners


Work Visits


Use in Class

pic in class

You can go bigger.

This is for full-time athletes

  • who also make changemaking their sport beyond school hours
  • who work very close with YL and hero*ines, take on boss battles, special quests and secret missions
  • who commit to 3 Missions per month

and text


YL Warrior Clan

3 missions

priority access to yl staff, coaches and hero*ines


Project Partners

maybe link view YL at School

Grand Campaigns

maybe link view YL at School

Summer Camps

+ meet hero*ines JOHN D LIU maybe link view YL at School

Badges, Buttons, Flags

Family Holiday

Volunteer Stays

+ Support

for your ideas and ventures

Getting Started

Crash Course.

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