Nothing less than our heart’s purest, virtuous, wildest dreams of GOOD.

We have goals at different levels

At personal level

we want to do good for people and planet, and this is a very precise and concrete goal of taking robust efficient action on our favorite causes using what has proven to work, with verve and fast to get things done. 

This may be considered the dominant view and goal of our warriors, youth teams, users. 

We follow our heart, do what needs doing and do not care about opinions or matters of society.

At strategic level

we want to see model solutions replicated all over Earth. If this works in one place, it works elsewhere. If it is celebrated in one place, it’s needed everywhere, and right now! We don’t just do what we care for most or like best or wait for our own glorious genius idea, but we do what needs doing. also, we do not want to see some lukewarm copy-pasted version by some administrators and assistants producing a diluted, insufficient replica that does not achieve the required qualityand benefits, but we learn from the original heartcore experts, and act in their original spirit.

We want to support today’s hero*ines. This aligns with the above, but adds important personal dimensions that 99.9% of people ignore. It means that we support their initiatives with robust financial and in-kind contributions, which means that we give back to them. We also make them gifts to uplift their days and open their path beyond their current core initiative’s activities, to grow, learn, enjoy, thrive. Because we are Givers not Takers. Also, we team up for projects and collaborate, always in a spirit of how can we help you go much bigger towards achieving your wildest dreams?

We want youth leadership to thrive everywhere, and in its proper high end spirit. We respect the original form of youth leadership and we respect youth-led projects of all sorts, hence we call what we do High Impact Youth Leadership, because this is what sets it apart in aims, vision, results, experience and benefits for people, planet and for societies, and this is what makes it spectacular, new and needed.

We want young warriors to benefit and thrive, to be rewarded for their efforts, kindness, giving their most precious, their lifetime, often in face of an ocean of apathy, even mobbing and attacks on their hearts and lives. Hence, we give them the best quality company (by keeping mediocre spirits out), community (world stars), tips, tricks, tools galore, opportunity to bring in own project ideas and dreams, media presence, personal coaching, as well as Benefits for their worldly personal, idealist and professional paths : certificates issued by YOUTH-LEADER and partners (UNESCO status), badges by international education standards stored in their personal electronic backpack, rich profiles chronicling their activities incl impacts made, media presence, celebrity encounters etc, short a CV of Awesome.

We want adult volunteer members, supporters and members to benefit and thrive, as YL Coaches, as LearnSpace and more, well qualified, certified by YOUTH-LEADER and partners (UNESCO status), part of a global network, with countless opportunities to contribute in YL core activities, but also to create offspring regional ventures as part of the global network.

We want donors to benefit by

We want adult citizens to experience upliftment in their daily lives, at home and in the family and at work

We want key professionals to benefit, who

A note on proper, undiluted spirit

The 60s HIPs

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Business

We don’t want Youth Leadership to be misunderstood as

  • “participation”
  • “voice”
  • “empowerment”
  • “protest”

At societal level

We aim to create a world of awesome for all, a world of peace, bliss (embodied joy that includes sensuality) and abundance for all, inside and outside – because this is the proper aim.

We aim to upgrade schools and Key Professions sharing our core purpose of activating able, active, caring citizens (teachers, journalists, city councils, public librarians, civil society) to do so and thereby enable the shift to the next-level collaborative GOOD society.

We use this when addressing school, the right to proper learning culture aligned with ESD and SDGs (the “Vatican” of education and the “Commandments” of good governance city administration).

Here's why we don't talk much about this Societal dimension

We leave this out when living our adventurous life of awesome as sacred warriors for Life. Why? Because our proper sacred engine is the Heart and not the overly mental administrative stuff brought upon by truly good visionaries, but formulated, flattened by lukewarm administrators.

In this collapsing, dysfunctional civilization the call for ESD and SDGs could hardly be ignored (in order to keep face, while doing really little to nothing, like in the climate domain), but many prescribers and deliverers are incompetent, lack changemaker spirit, and create all sorts of harmful experiences in children and youth.

Besides, they are ignorant of youth leadership to the point that they leave it to us to declare Active Citizenship as SDG #18.

Also, and even worse, the vast majority of the world’s societies’ populations don’t really give a damn at all to make relevant changes, to drop hurtful habits, to ban and end hurtful behavior, to let go off dirty industries, dark digital industries and war, but want to keep living as a idiotic consumer and impotent voter, as inhabitant of the Unsustainable Society – making this a society not worth connecting with.

Setting this goal “to change society”, creates a sort of energetic bond, of paying attention to the not-doers, of wanting to convince them, which never works, and this would create multiple layers of effort, from school to home and talkshows with countless frustrating reactions by morons!!! that it would create tension and frustration in noble hearts hoping, waiting for uncaring people running on outdated operating programs of minions, morons and voters to act.


Also, it would mean TALKING about ideals as a form of “advocacy” instead of DOING TANGIBLE THINGS. YL on purpose does NO advocacy but only tangible things. 

At the same time, spiritually, it would mean living in a state of expectations and pushing opinions on others, which is 100% depreciated and actually sabotages oneself, the action as well as positive perception by others. One shall ONLY focus on oneself.

In our case, FOCUS ON OURSELVES & FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE means living to 100% in our magical, ultimate high energy, love and genius … which, as global positive response to teenage changemakers doing projects (not protests!!) proves is the most successful way of role modelling and evoking support and involvement by others, across generations. 

It is also the MOST FUN!

Hence, in our action program Change Generation RISING, we leave out this societal dimension, except for a magic scroll to be used when activating allies in school boards, city councils, and an occasional memedrop in media.

A Bright New World is happening.

All we need to do is learn, upgrade ourselves and make it happen everywhere. #BeMoreAwesome #SpeedrunToParadise

As we shed all nightmares and bad habits copy-pasted from gloomy generations we liberate ourselves to live our dreams to living Paradise – inside and outside.

If you have eyes and ears to feel you can tell that Ocean is a teacher straight from Lothlorien. Follow her fins on instagram, facebook, twitter