The International Day of Peace!

What in these times is better suited than a fundraiser for the courageous young women and rape survivors risking their lives by standing up against pervasive rape culture in an extremely macho society of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India?

We are preparing our fundraiser materials FOR USE AT SCHOOL and AT OFFICES and SELF-DEFENSE SCHOOLS, at PEACE and WOMEN’S EVENTS. You can find out more about our inspirational friends with videos on our Field Partners page, and on facebook, and MOST UNREAL – also on India’s version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?!!!” on 4 September 2015, where she scored part of the required funds to purchase the piece of land for the self-defense academy.

Now, we are starting the quest to raise for the building!


YOU HAVE UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to join a groundbreaking venture that will make a beautiful mark on history, through

– fundraising 

– a field-partnership with them


As insiders and even state ministers tell us, India is simply in mental shackles to invest in such an initiativem even when they receive awards. The help from outside is dearly needed.

As you can see, their message is spreading to unimaginable strata already after such short time of existence, and is going to make a huge(!) impact on women throughout India, including of course our 200 million girls and boys at school, since that’s where we have to invest invest invest all our love, energy and healing influence to

– strengthen both GIRLS AND BOYS to make them

– resilient against the hurtful passed onto them via ADULT generations and the MEDIA

– and enable them to devlop UPLIFTING GENDER RELATIONS


We are combining all our networks around Emily Lindin, Holly Kearl and others to make it happen.


FIRST OF ALL, let us create their solid, safe HAVEN & REALM & TRAINING ACADEMY.


Our international funds make a particular difference, since dollars count more than double in rural India.

We can MOVE MOUNTAINS HERE!! JOIN THE MOVEMENT and witness their journy unfold over time on facebook.