What a day! Babar is celebrating laying the first stones of his 2nd HOME OF JOYFUL LEARNING.

View his article with videos here.


In Paris, NightScience conference!




With www.AdoraSvitak.com




With Babar’s upsized YL CARD GAME playing card in front of the City of Sciences, where we had our NightScience Camp.







We’d like to invite you to INSPIRE YOUR SCHOOL AND OFFICE COMMUNITY FOR a FUNDRAISER for Babar’s new school, so we can build a library of great chidlren’s and teen books, from dinosaurs and Harry Potter to science. This is in the deep countryside, without internet, so it is going to change lives!

We also want to buy a laptop / projector, for viewing the 100 awesome YL videos on young and adult changemakers, AND children’s films … the students will thus be able to organize CHILDREN MOVIE THEATRE SESSIONS in villages and make their school a youth-led cultural epi-centre of learning – for fun AND changemaking!

Are you joining?

You will be able to see the fruits online, as we plan to establish internet also!!! for global webcasts.