WE ARE EXCITED! We are beginning the launch of Youth-LeadeR in Education in our epi-centre of presence, Toronto and the GTA, with some of the brightest young changemakers on Earth, all in one spot, well known in schools, and media, and fired up to take the role of speakers, workshop leaders, friends and mentors to inspire and empower their generation to step up to the next level of becoming the CHANGE GENERATION.

THROUGH THE WORK of excellent curriculum developers, caring educators, and children’s rights champions like Craig and Marc Kielburger (Free The Children, Me To We, We Day) “youth taking action for a better world” has become a lifestyle for tens of thousands, and become basic part of service learning, learning culture for global citizenship, and education for sustainable development. In fact, Toronto is the world leader in all of this! We know, since we operate globally. But we all know there is more to do, more youth to involve, and raise the benchmark from service-learning to social entrepreneruship, from bandaids for problems to installing solutions creating abundance for all.

WE INVITE YOU to join our initiative for taking Learning for Sustainability to an entirely new level – powered by student clubs, working in partnership with hundreds of the world’s finest changemakers on the planet, and weaving a non-formal youth-powered curriculum into our schools.



FIND OUT what makes TORONTO and the GTA special & IMPORTANT!

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LET US MAKE THE MOST of this extraordinary opportunity that we are blessed with. Let’s make it a gift to our Young Generation, to Canada, to Humanity, to this Magnificient Planet, and ourselves.

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