“The best learnspace for school, girls and kids are youth-powered Gardens with a Purpose. You can set them up in a whiffy!”

City girls and plant colors? That clicks when you say “you can make your own cosmetics, for free, and with a far greater scope of colors.”

Dyeing, sensory and edible gardens – a big deal to set it up? Not when you know the essential tricks and trust yourself with muscle, hammer and drill in hand like Zeynep does. She has a knack for hands-on DIY work.

Zeynep helps you inspire youth and set up gardens with ease and fun, involves youth in planning, design and creations which also makes them active stewards and developers.

She also is an artist and (soon) holds a PhD in Oriental Studies (view the gallery below on a European Union art exchange program with ancient Trabzon, Turkey).

Kids and teens love Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Avatar and traditional culture. Add a touch of magic, fairy tale and adventure! It adds a lot to spaces’ ambience, acceptance and appreciation. Zeynep is your perfect companion to realize them. 


colors from plants

DIY natural cosmetics

dyeing gardens

sensory gardens


girl builders

traditional arts and culture



Think about where you use colors in your life.

Do some research where they come from. Who digs them from the ground with what consequences?

Where can you get natural colors? What’s the cost?

Research dyeing gardens. What are common plants?


Research natural colors, cosmetics and costs.

Research ingredients. What can you create yourself?

Will you experiment on creations?

Would you like to experiment with colors and a dyeing garden? Sketch a garden design. Think of colors and different seasons. Also, make this space more than just “useful”. Make it beautiful to the eye and natural.



Create a dyeing garden. 

Create colors, cosmetics, experiment with a wide scope of colors.

Train others.

Share your results with us.

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